Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth


This valuable Book was translated from Russian


that has finally arrived in this horrible world despite satanic-christian persecutions and uncensored by rabbis and mullahs



אני אצרך לברית עם ולאור גוים


An ancient mystery unraveled

This is how an EVERLASTING MAN named YEHOWAH prophesied my coming 700 years before HE came to this world in the human body:

"I shall raise up one in the North1), who is to come2) from the East3) and he will proclaim to all nations MY NAME and Universal Truth4) but he will do it the way5) that no one will hear6) him preaching a sermon nor breaking a bruised reed in the street. Therefore, I made him Salvation7) for the Jews and a Light for the Gentiles." Is.41:25; 42:1...6; 46:118).

Peace be with you!

Explanation of the Prophecy: 1) To the North.
4) Or theological and philosophical truths common to all people.
5) Surprisingly.
6) It means that I'm to send a book entitled "Universal Truth or Light for the Gentiles and Salvation for the Jews" worldwide, which has been sent by YEHOWAH, instead of preaching in the street.
7) Or a tie, connection or center but salvation is more relevant.
8) The excerpt was translated from the Hebrew Bible and not from the Christian one.

A word of caution

Despite being small this Book is so valuable to all mortal people that even a mountain of diamonds is nothing in comparison with it; since it proclaims life-giving Truth to this mortal world, and if a mortal person puts it into his heart he will be able to achieve physical immortality for never-ending eternity.

In other words this Book reports quite unexpected news that has come as a surprise not only to the whole world but also to Angels and to Satan himself. So, whether you are a mortal human, king, pope or a Rothschild you must read this book very carefully and reverently without smoking and drinking alcohol, otherwise you would do better to abandon the book! I warn you out of my love for people! Amen.

MANGOD's Prophecy

"For darkness shall cover the whole Earth and thick darkness all 9) peoples, and YEHOWAH10) will arise on you, Jerusalem, and HIS Glory shall be seen on you. Nations shall come to your Light, and their kings to the brightness of your rising." Is.60:2,3; B.H.16:1011).

9) Pay special attention to the italicized words.
10) This Hebrew Name YEHOWAH in Hebrew stands for the EVERLASTING MAN and HEAD or KING of the Immortals.
11) B.H. stands for Book from Heaven or the Apocalypse.

A cry in this mortal world

Brothers of different religions, nations and tribes, listen to the following unbelievable news: darkness has already covered the whole Earth and thick darkness all nations! So, the worldwide hour of testing has already come or woe to all who dwell on the earth and the sea12) resulting from traps set by the Tempter throughout the world under the guise of true religions and atonement leading to the lake of fire13). For this reason, the EVERLASTING MAN or the LIVING GOD of the Holy Prophets named in Hebrew "YEHOWAH" and in Greek "JESUS14)", who has not created death and who does not want people to die, decided to save from all satanic traps (religions) those who want to have faith according to knowledge 15) and who arrived at the following axiom16): "All numerous hostile and argumentative religions and especially 666 Christianities and Talmudic Judaism are not the works of GOD of Peace, Love and Unanimity or GOD of Immortality but the ones of YEHOWAH's old enemy named Satan or God of this mortal world, hatred, hostility, bloodshed, enslavement and sectarianism17)."

12) B.H.12:12; 3:10; 2:23; 16:10.
13) B.H.21:8; 22:15; 19:2.
14) Ex.6:1,3; 15:3; B.H.22:6,16; 1:17, 18.
15) Rom.10:2.
16) The obvious truth.
17) 2Cor.4:4; Luke 4:6,7; B.H.13.

As this horrible darkness resulting from various philosophical and theological misconceptions about God, nature and humans makes it impossible for such people to find the Universal Truth YEHOWAH made up HIS Mind to reveal the desired truth, help them out of all deadly satanic traps and guide them through achieving physical immortality like HE, HEBREW18) GOD named JESUS or YEHOWAH, HIMSELF did.

So, if you are thirsty for this life-giving Truth then get to this Source faster 19) and with extreme reverence to fill your heart with immortality for nothing. At that same time you should not tell people, who are not thirsty for this truth, especially priests, pastors, rabbis, mullahs and various holy monks that you are reading it; in short, keep the Creator of death or the old Exterminator of humankind with death from learning about this Invitation to become immortal20). That is, follow advice in Admonition at the end of the second book.

19) You would better hurry up because all the doors will be locked soon. Matt.25:10...12; Luke 19:25; Rom.11:25; B.H.6:11.
20) B.H.7:9, 13...15; 21:6; 22:17.


Listen, every educated person: "All of YEHOWAH's Wisdom comes from HIS Mouth21), and when inquisitive people put it into their pure souls they become HIS Friends and Messengers22)." That is why YEHOWAH loves those who study wisdom more than others23). All YEHOWAH's Messengers prove irrefutably that a religion is superstition if it is not according to knowledge. Rom.10:2.

Therefore, superstition (especially the one having seven heads and ten horns and the Talmudic one) always hated, persecuted and killed YEHOWAH's Messengers and YEHOWAH24) HIMSELF for this Divine Truth. It is true! Amen25).

"He who overcomes (superstition), I will give to him to sit down with ME on MY Throne, as I also overcame and sat down with MY FATHER on HIS Throne," YEHOWAH says in HIS B.H.3:21.

21) Sir.1:1; Prov.2:6; Jacob.1:17.
22) Prophets.
23) Wis.7:14, 27, 28. Those who study YEHOWAH's Wisdom and comprehend the infinity of the Universe and innumerable suns, planets and comets scattered and revolving at a distance of billion kilometers can be regarded as half enlightened. Those half enlightened people, who knew the Immortals, could be regarded as quite enlightened.
24) Zech.12:9...14; B.H.1:18.
25) Jer.7:25, 26; Ezek.2:3...6; Matt.23:34; B.H.13; 14:13; 18:24; 9:7,11; 1:9.

Questions from wise and devout people, who wish to have faith according to knowledge


1. As everyone knows and according to contemporary astronomers and mathematicians a journey from the Earth to the second sun will take more than 7,000 years at a velocity of a cannon shell, and a journey to the thousandth sun will take more than a billion years. Could God26), who had given astronomers HIS Divine wisdom27), order kings to torture them to death through the inhumane or christian inquisition and even burn them alive28) for losing faith in the absurd clerical dogma after realizing the Divine Truth? According to the dogma used by the clergy for cheating ignorant people29) the Moon and all innumerable suns, planets and comets in endless space were created in one day30).

26) What God? This is my question (M.Q.).
27) See the Epigraph.
28) The Orthodox Christian Church is known to have burnt alive Copernicus Nicolaus, an astronomer; Strigolniks from the cities of Novgorod and Pskov; Voznitzyn, a captain-lieutenant; a Jew named Leybov and a tatar named Taygilin in Saint Petersburg in 1738.
29) Isn't it used for cheating earthly kings? B.H.17:2; 18:3? M.Q.
30) Gen.1:14...19.

2. What kind of first day or evening and morning was it if all suns, planets and comets were created on the fourth day?

3. Gen.1:1 says, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth," so where did the MAN whose BODY is similar to jasper and sardonyx, HIS BODILY SON31) named YEHOWAH and the Servants: 7 Spirits, 4 Animals, 24 Musicians32) and the immortal King Melchizedek 33), who does not have beginning of days nor end of life, sit on their thrones before creating the Heavens and the Earth or when there was no space, ground and air?

4. If God created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning it suggests that HE had nothing to create during the rest of the days but below it says that God created the Earth on the third day, and not in the beginning ; in addition, it was incomplete. Then, is there any need to burn those astronomers or philosophers alive: Voltaire, Spinoza, Renan and Darwin, who found this nonsense in the clerical holy writ34)?

31) B.H.4:3; 3:20, 21; 22:6, 16; Gen.18:1...8; Dan.7:13, 14; Acts 7:55.
32) B.H.1:4, 5; 4:4; 5:8.
33) Heb. 7:3; Ps. 109:4.
34) In my opinion in Jezebel's holy writ.

5. Can one believe that God ordered earthly kings to burn alive all those wise botanists (Pliny, Cuvier, Lomonosov and Schleiden), who learnt about God, nature and humans, following God's command35), and found the truth inconsistent with the clerical scriptures (Gen.1:11, 12) that no plant can grow without sunlight and warmth, which agrees with Gen.2:5, 6?

35) See the Epigraph.

6. Is it fair to curse and brand those wise Frenchmen: Voltaire, Spinoza and Renan as heretics in the 19th century, the age of enlightenment, who wanted to have faith and devotion to the latter according to knowledge (Rom.10:2), but being unable to understand what time was meant in Gen.2:4...6 said with disappointment in the end, "Even the devil will be unable to understand what the clergy is yelling about?"

7. Can one believe that God blessed only sea creatures and birds ignoring animals of the Earth36) according to the clerical bible? Can one assume that God ordered the christian inquisition to torture all those, who believed in divine blessing on all living creatures made by God?

8. The second verse says that the Earth created (in the beginning, according to the first verse) was empty both outside and inside37). So, the Earth looked like a soap bubble, didn't it? But water cannot rest on a soap bubble while it says, " God's Spirit38) was hovering39) over the waters." Is it possible to understand this nonsense in order to have faith according to knowledge ? Rom.10:2.

36) Especially veal which GOD had for dinner at Abraham's and Pesach mutton.
37) The word תהו means external emptiness or wüste, and בהו means internal emptiness or leer.
38) What is this? This is my question.
39) In Hebrew.

9. What kept water from freezing without the Sun?

10. Is it fair or is it acceptable according to the Christian traditions to brand those educated chemists as heretics, who prove conclusively that "one cannot make something out of nothing?"

11. What did God make water out of? Or He did not make water because it existed in the Universe (according to Gen.2:6; 2Pet. 3:5) from the beginning of eternity40)? This point is vague or absurd as well.

12. Are christian inquisitions going to torture those wise people in the enlightened 19th century, who traveled the world to learn about God, nature and humans, and who learnt from books and monuments located in China, Japan, America, Africa and Australia and based on rock formations of the countries that these nations had originated 30,000 years before Adam and that Noah could not collect numerous41) animals of these countries in his small ark for 120 days?

13. Today every educated person knows that all ancient and contemporary religions on the Earth42) have come from two men: immortal Dalai Lama and mortal Abraham.

40) See a synodic book entitled "Pictures of the Universe."
41) Especially up to 1000 species of hummingbirds, parrots, griffins, rhinos, flying pigs, boas, people having three dog heads called сerberus, apises and a number of snakes and insects. My note (M.N.).
42) Boothites, Evangelists (Radstockites), Irvingites, Daurchens, Spiritualists, Jeremiah's children and especially Jesuits and Raskolniks and other councils, apostles and Christs that are to come. M.N.

The 1st one started 12,000 years before Adam43). Interpreted in many ways Dalai Lama's Divine 44) Law gave rise to such religions as: Buddhism, Brahmanism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism45), Shamanism and all non-biblical religions.

The 2nd one, Abraham's or the Biblical religion started 14,000 years after Dalai Lama's religion. It has given rise to such religions as Israelite one, Hagarianism and its divisions; Judaism that divided into Essenism, Sadduceeism, Phariseeism, Karaism, Pythagoreanism, Hektism, Sunnism, Mohammedanism, Persian one, Catholicism that divided into numerous denominations, Orthodoxy that divided into numerous denominations, Lutheranism, Calvinism, Herrnhutism, Quakerism, Saint-Simonianism, Mormonism, Molokanism, Duhoborcheskism, Mennonism, Bogumilovskism, Stundism, Anglicanism, Uniatism, Presbyterianism, Arianism, Nestorianism, Gregorianism, Abyssinianism, Radstockism, Spiritualism, Skopcheskism, Niconianism (master one), Niconianism (schismatic one), Okrujnism, Protivookrujnism, Rabinovskism, Khlystism, Phedoseevskism, Popovtsism and Bezpopovtsism and its numerous sects. If one counts all ancient and contemporary religions leaving out religious beliefs of unknown wild tribes he will get a great number of hostile 46) religions. Then try to answer God honestly: can a person, the smartest one and speaking all languages, consolidate all these hostile religions of God without coercion , namely without working wonders, blandishments and persecutions but voluntarily or according to knowledge of every person?

43) To be precise 30,000 years before Adam and not 12,000. M.N.
44) Since every nation believes it practices Divine Law while others do Satan's laws.
45) Worship of the light based on the idea that GOD is the Light. John 1:5; Ps. 104:2. (John 8:2).
46) Every religion regards its law as Word of God or the law given by One Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. My note and see chapter II.

14. Both Dalai Lama's Divine law and the Bible say, "God divided religions and hid the truth from people in order to forgive47) all people." Don't you see that he, who wants to bring all peoples and tribes into one religion or eradicate schisms, is preventing GOD from achieving this good goal set in HIS secret Plan for ruling the world? To be precise that person doesn't want God to forgive all those, who lost the truth or those, who failed to know God and HIS Will.

15. According to the book, which is a source of the 666 extremely argumentative Christianities, Apostle Paul said, "A faith is true if the dead rise48)." So, who keeps all Christians from hearing two questions?

47) Rom.11:32.
48) 1Cor. 15:29, 32, 15...17; which agrees with John 8:51; 5:21; Acts 26:8; 2Cor. 1:9; Rom.4:17; Matt.27:52,53; Luke 20:37, 38; Deut. 32:39(33:2,3); B.H.7:9, 13...15.

a) Where is the faith, whose followers rise from the dead? Maybe it's in Korea, Burma, Siam, China or the Karachay people have it; since there is no nation whose dead rise but priests herd their souls into a chimerical paradise.

b) If the body of Apostle Paul49) has lain in Rome for 1,800 years, clearly and according to our knowledge (Rom.10:2) that Apostle Paul himself practiced a non-resurrecting faith and according to him, "a useless and superstitious faith."

49) And bodies of the other Apostles.

16. Are modern Jews of the New Covenant wrong when they say, "the Devil is unpredictable: He deceives not only people into believing his Christian theologies or the Talmud but also lures HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH's Angels into different religions leading to death or orthodox ones?

17. Are ancient (since Thales) and contemporary philosophers, who have faith according to knowledge, wrong proving conclusively "A humanlike creature like HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH, 1.73 m tall, who had dinner at Abraham's, is incapable of managing innumerable suns, planets and comets scattered in space and revolving at a distance of billions of light years. Moreover, HE could not create and place them all in infinity in the 6 days much less in 6.6 octillion years. Therefore, only narrow-minded or ignorant 50) people like priests, pastors, rabbis and mullahs, who do not know infinity of the Universe, physical and chemical elements in it, can take GOD of the Universe as a creature or someone sitting on the throne51). Everyone who studied astronomy knows for sure that "Atoms have always been the basic units of everything in endless space, and with the lapse of time all things decompose into universal and incomprehensible elements."

According to knowledge and as one can see for himself, "humans like monkeys and other animals and plants are destined to be born, grow up and die or decompose into primordial elements52)."

50) B.H.4:2...11; 5:1...10; 15:2...8; 16:1,17; Is.6:1...11; Ex. 25:22; 24:10; 30:6, 36; Num. 7:89; 1Sam. (Kin.) 3:10.
51) Ignorant people are sillier and more cunning than savages. M.N.
52) Which are mistakenly called the soul. See "Physiology by Sechenov," 1870. M.N.

That is why no one has ever seen an immortal53). So, Melchizedek (who is Hutuh in Chinese), Enoch, Elijah, CHRIST, Jews raised during the Crucifixion of CHRIST54) and 144,000 Israelites of the New Covenant hidden in a desert and always accompanying the LAMB55) wherever HE goes are as fabulous as tales about self-denying people, who can stand on a column on one leg for forty years and about icons56) that float in the air, cry, prophesy and work wonders in the cities of Tikhvin, Moscow, Greece and Rome," aren't they?

53) Although they often walk among mortal people. Heb. 13:2; B.H.3:20; 22:9; Gen.18:1...8; 19:1...27; and the Book of Tobit. M.N.
54) Matt.27:52, 53.
55) YEHOWAH. B.H.14:1...4; 7:4...8.
56) B.H.13:15.

18. The holy scriptures used by all 666 Christianities or the terrible source of Christian sects says that CHRIST57) as the LAMB of GOD58) took away the sins of the world59); that is, HE cleansed all people of sins, curse and death (?) or "Christians shall live 60) solely via faith alone in CHRIST," so what for did you, satanic priests, invent different saving (from sins, curse61) and death) statutes, fasts, crosses, wonder-working or sin-forgiving icons, poles, stampers, anointing, pouring, bathing, herding souls into a paradise through eating sweet rice and pancakes and drinking alcohol and carrying heavy chains or according to CHRIST, "Shocking trade in human souls and corpses and 666 inhumane and argumentative or militarized Christianities?"

57) YEHOWAH. See chapter V.
58) Offered as a sacrifice to YEHOWAH for expiation of sins of Israel only or like a scapegoat according to YEHOWAH's Sinai Law, isn't HE? M.Q.
59) John 1:29.
60) That's how all liars such as priests and pastors interpret this statement indulgent of sins , contrary to Heb. 10:26, 27; 1Cor. 6:9...11; B.H.21:8, 27; 22:15; 19:2; 20:15; 3:2, 16; 9:20, 21; 1John 3:10, 15, 16; 2:9...11; Matt.5:22; Is.66:17; 65:4; Ezek.38 and 39; Har. 4:31...35. See chapter IX.
61) Put on you by CHRIST. Matt.25:41.

19. Are the three inhumane or inquisitional beasts62): Catholic beast or the one of the first Rome, Photian beast or the one of the second Rome and Moscow beast or the one of the third Rome those beasts predicted in the B.H.?

62) Especially against Yehowists and Jews.

20. If the B.H. tells about the future of Christianity then what mystery enshrouds the 7 councils, and what does it mean an eight is of the seven? B.H.17:11.

21. If God allowed different nations, peoples, languages, religions and the book that gave rise to the 666 confrontational Christianities, councils, the inquisition, enslavement, murders, explosions, arsons, wars and finally a terrible woe to all who dwell on the earth and the sea or the last worldwide testing hour63) to happen on this planet, so what should kings, priests and all people be blamed for if they follow their destiny?

22. If GOD commanded people to join HIS Brotherhood64) of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends in order to be saved from satanic religions and death , then who talks people, especially kings and priests out of fulfilling this saving or life-giving Command of GOD?

63) B.H.3:10, 9; 2:23...21; 16:10; Is.60:2.
64) B.H.22:9; 1:3. See chapter VIII.

23. What people does YEHOWAH regard as dogs to be thrown into the lake of fire? B.H.22:15; 19:2.

24. Isn't it trade in human souls and corpses65) when the clergy herd the rich, officials, inhumane enslavers (landlords), inquisitors, murderers and those, who died from syphilis, alcohol and pork66), into a paradise with full honors?

25. All the priests of the three Romes interpret the 7 Angels of the 7 Apocalyptic churches as 7 priests of those churches. So, where is the priest (of the church of Philadelphia), who is supposed to last till the end of the Worldwide Testing Hour (or till 1888) and to whom Jews67) are to bow? Where are these two worthless68) priests? B.H.3:1, 3, 15, 17.

65) B.H.18:23, 13.
66) Is.66:17; 65:4; B.H.17:5.
67) B.H.3:10, 15.
68) Or physically alive but internally dead ones.

26. If Enoch, Moses and Elijah (Matt.17:3) and Apostle John were taken to YEHOWAH's Throne alive , why don't you believe the B.H.7:9,13...15 that a lot of people from all nations and faiths are taken to HIS Throne alive as well ?

27. Your Gospel or Jezebel's one teaches you to preach to "all creatures (Mark 16:15)," why do you preach exclusively to people69), and not to hens, pigs and dogs?

28. CHRIST foretold that a lot of Christs would come after HIM soon , namely various Christian legislators70). A Christian bulletin of 1876, p. 355 proved that the first Antichrist or legislator, who had come after CHRIST, was Basil the Great, the bishop of Caesarea. Can one believe that there were no Christian legislators other than this Antichrist?

69) Lord Radstock preaches exclusively to high officials practicing eastern orthodoxy. M.N.
70) My GOD YEHOWAH, how many millions of people Satan has deceived through YOUR death on the Cross luring them to his vicious Christianity! I believe He deceived less people when YOU came to Egypt and Canaan.

29. When appointing bishops every pope of the new Rome (of the old one as well) teaches people the following, "All interpretations and commands (or orders) coming from my bishops accept as ones from the mouth of Christ ." Do you need more proof that all those Popes are those Christs, who are expected to come after CHRIST to this world, which agrees with the prophecy in Matt.24:5; B.H.2:2; 13:11...15; 18:13,23,24; 19:2?

30. Satan has recently given you (via his Christ named Macarius) his moral theology, why do you regard YEHOWAH's Theology as immoral?

31. A Christian bulletin of 1878, p. 706-742 proved that Satan had distorted the Jewish Holy Scriptures when translating it into different languages71), why do you spread the distorted or satanic scriptures to all peoples and tribes? B.H.17:1...5; 18:3.

32. Newspapers72) asked a question, "Will poor Russia have to put up with clerical darkness?" Don't you see that Satan has deceived Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and other nations through clerical darkness? So, he is going to use the same power in order to destroy Rome, Germany and Russia.

71) He has badly distorted the Slavonic Bible.
72) "Grajdanin."

33. Can one believe that the Man, who has neither the beginning of days nor end of life, did not take part in creating the Heavens, the Earth, Adam and Eve? Heb. 7:3. Is the immortal King Melchizedek still incapable of making other people immortal?

34. Didn't the wise men Jannes and Jambres, who were able to turn dry sticks into living snakes instantly, know how to achieve immortality?

35. Bishop Innocent73), worshiping icons and the dead like Angels Basil and Ephrem the Syrian, invented "The way to Heavenly Kingdom74)," why don't you like the Way to GOD's Throne shown in the B.H.?

73) Rather his son Ambrosius.
74) According to geography by Davydov it is located many kilometers away from the Earth M.N.

36. As there are a lot of different heavenly kingdoms in your satanic scriptures:

Kingdom of Heaven. Matt.10:6,7; 18:11,33,41,47; 8:11, 12.
Kingdom of God. Mark 1:14, 15; Acts 1:6; Luke 10:9,11; 9:60, 62; 16:16.
Kingdom of Christ. Matt.13:41, 43; John 1:49; Acts 2:30, 36; 3:20, 21.
Kingdom of Father. Matt.13:43; 16:28; Luke 11:2.
Heavenly kingdom of God's little flock. Luke 12:32; 22:29, 30.
Kingdom of His Sons (children). Matt.13:38, 39, 41.
Kingdom of the Gospel. Matt.24:14.
Zion kingdom of Christ. Matt.21:5.
Judaic kingdom of Christ. Matt.27:11, 29, 37, 42.

Which one is the heavenly kingdom?

37. Pope Leo XIII asked a question, "Every nation75) believes that heart of its king is in God's hand, so who holds the heart of the pastor of all kings in the world flock of Christ?" What would you reply to this question?

75) Except for the French.

38. Here are my counter-questions:

1. Whose hand made the heart of the Holy king David give an order, which resulted in death of 70 000 Israelites put to death by YEHOWAH's Angel? 2Sam. (Kin.) 24:2, 15.

2. Whose hand made the heart of the Holy king take the wife of Uriah and arrange for Uriah to be killed in battle? 2Sam. (Kings.) 11:14, 15.

3. Whose hand made the heart of the king Saul ignore the HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH's Commands?

4. Whose hand made the heart of the king Ahab abandon YEHOWAH's religion and join a chimerical Creator of all innumerable suns, planets and comets?

5. Whose hand made the heart of the king Herod slaughter 14 000 infants in Bethlehem?

6. Whose hand made the heart of the Judaic king condemn JESUS CHRIST to death via crucifixion and persecute all followers of CHRIST?

7. Whose hand made the heart of Ivan the Terrible (or a Russian Nero) burn alive all the Yehowists in Novgorod city?

8. Whose hand is making the heart of the queen of all queens or Christian Jezebel charm all earthly kings and all nations76) with her corrupting beauty?

9. Isn't he the one, who holds hearts of all earthly kings and popes of the three Romes in his hand, and who made the Russian king Alexander II lock me away in a prison cell for 20 years on Solovet Island inducing me to abandon YEHOWAH and stop helping HIM in the fight against Satan? B.H.2:1077).

39. Your satanic scriptures say: "All Christians are sons of God via faith in JESUS CHRIST 78)," why do you, sons of God, kill each other with field guns, shoot, hang, curse and torture each other?

76) B.H.17:1...5, 7, 8; 18:3, 23; 19:2; 2:20...23.
77) 1Par. 21:1.
78) Gal. 3:26.

40. Christians or sons of God of this world, blaspheming YEHOWAH79) you say, "YEHOWAH's Law80) is darkness (hint of the truth)81)," then will a savage take all 666 vicious Christian laws as YEHOWAH's Light or JESUS CHRIST's Light?

41. YEHOWAH's or JESUS CHRIST's Book from Heaven82) says, "All kings, nations and tribes83) are under a deadly delusion84)," so who talks people, especially kings and priests out of believing HIS Words.

79) B.H 13:5, 6.
80) Ex. 24:12; Ps. 1:2; Luke 2:23.
81) Col. 2:17.
82) B.H.18:3, 9, 23, 24; 19:2; 17:1, 2, 4...6, 15; 2:20...24; (6:9...11; 16:9...11; 9:20, 21).
83) The entire satanic or mortal world.
84) Practicing satanic religions or covered by darkness. See chapter X.

42. What people have the mark of the beast and what people have the seal of the Lamb ? B.H.13:16; 7:2, 3.

43. Acts 14:11...13 say that people yelled in the language of Lycaonia, "Gods Jupiter and Mercury have come down from Heaven in the likeness of men." How could the people of Lycaonia know that it was Jupiter and Mercury, who came down to them from Heaven , and not Apollo, Dagon, Melchizedek or other Gods? Why couldn't they believe that GOD of Gods 85) HIMSELF or YEHOWAH along with another God came down to them in the very likeness, in which HE had lunch at Abraham's, wrestled with Jacob and always came86) to other people87)?

85) Deut. 10:17.
86) B.H.3:20.

Discussing atheism or my response to half enlightened people proving irrefutably that a Creator of the Universe does not exist, and that all things in endless space are made up of atoms

An axiom:

"If there are doings then there is a doer." E.g.:
If there are boots then there is a bootmaker.
If there is a watch then there is a watchmaker.
If there are orders, then there is a leader.
If there are royal decrees then there is a king.
If there are Divine Laws then there exists God.

Catholics are firmly convinced that they practice the Divine law; Orthodox Christians or Russians do the Divine law; Anglicans do the Divine law; Lutherans do the Divine law; Calvinists do the Divine law; Uniates do the Divine law; Arians do the Divine law; Gregorians do the Divine law; Radstockites do the Divine law and so on; each of the 666 Christianities believes it practices the Divine law; Jews are firmly convinced that they practice the Divine law; Karaites do the Divine law; Ishmaelites or the Turkish do the Divine law; Samaritans or the 10 Israelite tribes do the Divine law; Zoroastrians do the Divine law; the Chinese do the Divine law; the Mari (formerly Cheremis) do the Divine law; Zulu do the Divine law and so on, each of the 2000 religions believes it practices the Divine law.

If there are so many various hostile Divine laws on our planet then there exists a creator of these laws or a God. Clearly, this God made all these Divine laws, hostile to each other, solely to constantly breed hatred, dispute, outbursts, councils, persecution, inquisition, curses, bloodshed and other woes to all who dwell on the earth and the sea as MANGOD YEHOWAH outlined in the Book from Heaven, which HE sent from Heaven and delivered by HIS Angel 12:12; 13:7, 8, 11...17; 14:13, 20; 16:10; 3:10; 2:20...24; 17:2...6; 18:2, 3, 23, 24; 19:2 and Is.60:2.

So, educated people know that:
1. There is a God; He arranges for people to be killed through his hostile Divine laws.

2. All the religions in which people learn the Divine law88) from priests, pastors, rabbis and mullahs without thinking for themselves are barbarian or inhumane and superstitious ones; since God the Destroyer persuades those interpreters of Divine laws of being sinless, which spawns clerical darkness and inhumane bigotry89).

3. Uneducated mortal people turn into horrible animals 90) while half enlightened people turn into well-dressed clowns .

4. He who does not see these obvious truths is a blind person, physically alive but internally dead. I advise such a person to use Eyesalve91) offered by the EVERLASTING HEBREW or HEAD of all immortal people named YEHOWAH in HIS B.H.3:18 that HE sent in order to save Jews dying in Satan's grip92).

88) Ps.1:2; B.H.1:3; 22:7, 9, 17; Joshua 1:8.
89) See Son of Motherland, #118, 1883, Clerical curse and Gatzuk, #26, Zadok's curse, p. 562.
90) Monstrous orangutans.
91) Remedy for treating blindness to the truth.
92) Jews came under control of Satan because they abandoned their GOD, Whom they saw , and joined a universal God or a chimerical One, whom no one has ever seen , and who is absolutely invisible. See the second Book.

Christian93) Jezebel's teaching about God

Jezebel: Here is my Christian bulletin94) for November, 1876. If you, Jews of the New Covenant (further referred to as JNC), read carefully from 505 to 554 you will see that you still do not know God.

JNC: There are so many 95) Gods that it is almost impossible to know all of them. In addition, our Hebrew GOD prohibited us from knowing other or foreign Gods96).

93) B.H.2:20; 17:1...5; 18:2, 3, 23, 24; 19:2.
94) He has this satanic nonsense published in Saint Petersburg.
95) Deut. 10:17; Ex. 15:11; 18:11; Gen.3:22; Ps. 135:2; 81:1,6; 85:8; Dan.2:47; Acts 14:11...13; 28:6; 1Cor. 8:5; 2Cor. 4:4; B.H.1:4, 5; 4:3, 4; 19:11...14; 2Par. 2:4(5).
96) Ex.3:15,18; 23:13; 20:3; Deut. 6:14; 7:16; Num. 15:41; Gen.17:7, 19, 21; Jer.13:10; 11:17; 7:9; 16:11, 13; 19:4, 13; 22:9; 25:6; 35:15; 44:3; Mich. 4:5.

Jezebel: Then, who are Gods?

JNC: Gods are immortal people, who know secrets of nature: sciences, music and different languages. In short, they are Immortal wisemen or magi97).

Jezebel: Who is your Hebrew GOD?

JNC: HE is one of Gods , Who led us out from Egypt and became our KING for never-ending eternity98).

97) Deut. 33:2,3; Hab. 3:3; Is.6:8; B.H.5:6, 8, 9; 17:14; 19:11...14.
98) Ex. 20:2,3; 23:13; 1King.(Sam.)8:7, 8; Ser. 17:14, 15; Is.44:6; 43:15; 24:23; 6:1...5; 2Par. 18:18; Mich. 4:7; Zeph. 3:15; Zech.9:9, 10; Mal. 1:14; Is.33:22; 41:21; 48:11(12); B.H.15:3; 1:5; Matt.5:35.

Jezebel: I guess you are mistaken believing that the Hebrew GOD is a MAN?

JNC: You think so because Satan persuaded you in Ahab's time not to believe the Word of our GOD, blaspheme and destroy his Holy Sinai Law99). Why don't you abandon Satan and try to believe YEHOWAH and among all Christian books read the one that was sent to this planet by our GOD delivered by HIS Angel after the Apostles and you will see that GOD of Gods is a Man; since, HE spoke FACE to face to our ancestors, walked and ate with them and even wrestled with Jacob and wrote Commandments with HIS finger . So, despite having all parts of the body HE has a soul. You will find irrefutable and detailed proof that it is true in the second Book.

99) B.H.13:5, 6; 2:24.

Jezebel: I know names of some Gods, for example Vil, Dagon, Amon, Rempfan, Baal, Jupiter, Mercury, Apollo, Melchizedek and those of Goddess: Astarte, Diana, what is the name of your GOD?

JNC: HIS Name is YEHOWAH (Blessed be this NAME for ever!).

Jezebel: What is the Russian for HIS Name?

JNC: It is the same in Russian, French and Chinese. That's how it is supposed to be pronounced in all languages because we are not allowed to change this Holiest and Saving 100) NAME of our GOD101).

100) Joel 3:5 (2:32).
101) Ex. 23:13: Josh. 23:7; Deut. 12:3; Hos. 2:19.

Jezebel: What does this NAME mean?

JNC: A supreme WISE MAN over all Wise men or HEAD of all Magi; so, this NAME means GOD of Gods.

Jezebel: I firmly believe in the Gospel of my beloved husband, which he strengthened through the beast with seven heads, that I will never fall nor my seven-head and ten-horn Christian teaching102). That is why I consider your GOD's Sayings and Comings to be Jewish fairy tales or nonsense. Read chapter I, paragraph 17 and try to disprove my God.

JNC: But first you tell me, who is God?

Jezebel: God is a spirit103), omnipresent104) and permeating everything in the endless universe.

102) B.H.18:7; 2:20...24.
103) He is air, gas or ether, isn't he? M.Q.
104) He exists in tobacco, alcohol and syphilis, doesn't he? M.Q.

JNC: Speaking about your God Moazim105), why do you say that "God is light106), God is a consuming fire107), God is the word108), God is the tongue of fire proceeding from Father (and Son)109); God is love110). The true God is a mediator111) between God and people - Man JESUS CHRIST112)." Can you answer honestly, what are you spreading this nonsense about God for?

Jezebel: I want to deceive all tribes and nations into the lake of fire through the 666 hostile Christianities, and more importantly ruin the Law of your YEHOWAH and prevent people from joining HIM for getting immortality ; since such Satan's teachings and vicious and argumentative Christianities were allowed to develop in this world. B.H.2:20...24; see chapter 17; 18; 19:2; 16:10; Is.60:2113).

JNC: So, keep on completing your iniquities and terrible superstition of your Christianity according to the B.H.6:10, 11; 18:5, 24.

105) Dan.11:38.
106) He is not omnipresent but dwells in unapproachable Light or God in God, is He? 1John 1:5; 1Tim. 6:16. M.Q.
107) The lake burning with brimstone for all people, who like and tell lies or oppose YEHOWAH's teaching, isn't it? Heb. 12:29; B.H.22:15; 21:8. M.Q.
108) The Heavens were established by Word of God and their power by the Breath of HIS Mouth .
109) It is likely to be electricity from the Throne of the Man, whose Body is similar to jasper and sardonyx, isn't it? Acts 2:2...4; 10:44; 17:15; B.H.4:3. M.Q.
110) 1John 4:8.
111) HE is a lawyer, isn't HE? M.Q.
112) 1John 5:20; 2:2; 1:7; Rom.9:5; 1Tim. 2:5; John 5:26, 27, 22; 14:20, 28; 10:29, 30; 17:3.
113) Which suggests that no one is to be blamed for being under a delusion as it is he, who has invented this destructive Christianity, is to be blamed. See chapter I, question 21.

A conversation between YEHOWAH and Abraham on their way to Sodom after four of them had had lunch at Abraham's

"There is a rumor that the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and their sin is very grievous; I will go down now MYSELF, and see whether their deeds are as bad as the reports which have come to me." Gen.18:20, 21.

Wonderful Words of the HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH when HE appeared to the Prophet Ezra

"I114) appeared to Moses in the burning bush and spoke to him when MY people were enslaved in Egypt, and I commanded him to lead MY people out from Egypt, and I called him to the top of Mount Sinai and he stayed with ME for a long time115). I revealed to him a lot of secrets and mysteries of time and how everything will end ; and I commanded him, "Make public these words but keep secret those words." I tell you (Ezra), "Make public the first books and let all educated and non-educated people read them, but keep the other 70 books116) secret and let your 117) wise people only read them because these Books contain a system118) for mind, a source of wisdom and river of all knowledge." 3(4) Ezra. 14:3...7, 36...48; 12:38.

114) HE even had lunch at Abraham's house and they went together to Sodom. Today HE visits HIS friends to have supper with them. B.H.3:20.
115) 2 times 40 days each. M.N.
116) The total number of the books is 204. M.N.
117) Jews exceptionally.
118) A core or a root.

The Prophet Daniel119) received a similar command for keeping the Plan of HIS Battle against Satan secret. The B.H.(10:4; 17:17) contains a Great Mystery as well. Readers, do you need more proof that the GOD of the Hebrews like all other Gods is a MAN or HEBREW GOD120)?

119) Dan.12:9, 4.
120) B.H.1:13...18; 3:20, 21; 22:16, 6. See chapter III.

Revealing an unbelievable event that it was YEHOWAH, HEAD of the immortals, who was crucified under the name of JESUS CHRIST


"On that day121) I will make my mind to defeat all those Gentiles, who will come against Jerusalem and against the house of David122). I will pour out the spirit of grace and prayer123) on all inhabitants of Jerusalem; since they will look124) on ME , whom they pierced, and they shall cry (about what they did to ME) and grieve (over their mistake). There shall be a great mourning in Jerusalem125) on that day, as the mourning of Hadad-Rimmon in the valley of Megiddo126). And the land shall mourn, every family apart: the family of the house of David apart and their wives apart, the family of the house of Nathan apart127) and their wives apart, the family of the house of Levi apart and their wives apart, the family of the house of Shimei apart; every family apart and their wives apart128). They will repent saying, "HE seemed worthless and undeserving because HE was a man of suffering and acquainted with disease. That is why we all despised and rejected HIM as the most worthless person129). Truly, despite coming in our painful and weak body HE did not open HIS Mouth as a lamb that was led to the slaughter or as a sheep that before its shearers is mute." Is.53:3, 4, 7.

P.S. Apart from being Crucified the following prophecies came true: HE rode a donkey to Jerusalem, was betrayed for 30 silver coins130), born in Bethlehem131) and really visited the second Temple. Mal. 3:1 and walked around Jerusalem. Is.60:13.

121) During HIS decisive battle against Satan or on the great and horrible Armageddon day. Ezek.38:18; 39:8; Hag. 2:7; Joel 2:1...11, 26, 27; 3:4, 5, 18; B.H.16:16;19:11...21. The word Armageddon means a defeat and extermination of armies or the last war before the 1000 year World of Peace.
122) Or against the dynasty of David.
123) A spirit (temperament) of devotion to YEHOWAH to be precise.
124) ME, Me in Hebrew, MICH, Satan replaced ME with Nan' in the Slavonic version.
125) In Palestine.
126) 2Chron.35:22.
127) The tribe of David is followed by the one of Nathan because YEHOWAH was embodied from the tribe of Nathan and not from the one of Solomon. Luke 3:31 and Matt.1:6. M.N.
128) Zech.12:9...14.
129) Namely, as an illegitimate infant, heretic and rebel. Luke 23:2, 5, 14; Acts 24:14, 22.
130) Zech.9:9; 11:12.
131) Mich. 5:1(2).


Now listen to me reverently: "Though Jews call themselves MY people they still do not know ME132). Truly, I have been found by those who have never heard about ME; I was found by those who have never sought for ME and to the Gentiles, who have never called on MY NAME133), I say , "Here I am! Here I am!134) I stretch out MY Hands to MY rebellious Jewish people every day but they keep denying ME!" Is.65-1, 2; Os. 11-2.

So, like the Prophet Isaiah, I say, hear, o heavens, and give ear, o earth135) that Christians and Jews still do not know their GOD!

132) Is.1-2, 3; 45-5; Jer.31-33; 24-7; Ezek.2-3.
133) HIS NAME is YEHOWAH (Ex.6-3; 15-3; Hos. 12-6); truly, Gentiles have never pronounced this NAME replacing it with God, Kyrios, Herr, Dominus, Pan, Lord, I'Eternel and others. See chapter XI.
134) As you can see, reader, there were Gentile Yehowists in ancient times, who joined YEHOWAH in order to get immortality. Yehowists lived even in Abraham's time Gen.16-13, 14; 14-18...21; Ex. 18-10...12; Num. 22-9, 18; 23-4 and Job.
135) Is.1-1.

Proving that YEHOWAH continues looking for friends among Jews, all Christians and non-Christians

I saw another Angel coming up from the East, having the seal of the LIVING GOD136). He cried out with a loud voice to the four Angels, to whom it was given to harm the earth and the sea, saying, "Do not harm the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of Our GOD137) on their foreheads!" And I heard the number of those who were sealed, 144,000 sealed from (12,000) every tribe of Israel . B.H.7-2...8.

136) MANGOD YEHOWAH. Deut. 32-40; Dan.12-7.
137) Seal of YEHOWAH, GOD of the Holy Prophets Ezek.9-4; Satan's servants do not have YEHOWAH's seal. B.H.9-4.

After these things I saw a great multitude , which no one could count (on his own), from every tribe , nation and tongue, standing before the throne of the LAMB138), clothed in white robes, and palm branches were in their hands139). They cried out in a loud voice, saying, "Hurrah (expressing gratitude) to the LAMB, our GOD, who sits on the Throne for our salvation (from death)!" Then one of the 24 elders asked me, "These who are clothed in white robes, who are they, and where have they come from?" I said to him, "My lord, you know." And he said to me, "These are the ones, who came out of the great suffering (persecution). They have washed their robes, and made them white in their lamb's blood (blood of suffering and innocence). For this reason , they are before the throne of God; they serve him day and night in HIS Heavenly Temple (tabernacle). They are never hungry, neither thirsty any more here ; neither the sun beats down on them, nor any heat; for the LAMB who Sits in the midst of the Throne shepherds them, and leads them to springs of the water of life140). And GOD wiped away every tear from their eyes." B.H.7-8,9,10,13,17; 19-1,2,6...9; 21-6; 22-17.

138) CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH. B.H.5-6, 9 and see chapter VI.
139) These palm branches symbolize that they are all winners, who abandoned satanic religions fearlessly.
140) It should be noted that all those springs and cascades rush down from high mountains. M.N.

An amazing story about a raskolnik, who knew YEHOWAH; moreover, she helped an orthodox priest convert to YEHOWAH's Religion

Priest: Well, SI (Ivanovna S.), have you thought about my words that one cannot be saved141) without the help of the clergy?

SI: Yes, I have but when I traced history of Christianity since 870 AD or since the time when Greeks installed the Pope of the new Rome142) I learnt that there were always people in Christianity143) authorized to forgive people their evil deeds and sins144); they used to be called popes, protopopes and supreme popes in Russia. Today they call themselves priests, archpriests and bishops. So, I have concluded that we can be saved 145) through the priesthood only - that is, no prayers, consecration, fasts, crosses, rituals, garments and sacrifices offered to God can forgive a person his sins but the priest.

141) Why don't you, a damned one, clarify, who or what people are supposed to be saved from or get rid of? M.Q.
142) If you are allowed to install new popes, why don't you install the newest popes in every city and village? M.Q.
143) However not in all Christianities. M.N.
144) According to a B.H. prophecy about sin-forgiving sorcery 18-3, 23; 17-5. Is he the one who has given the priesthood this sin-forgiving power, and who gives it to whomever he wishes. Luke 4-6, 7; B.H.13-2, 8; 12-9? M.Q.
145) Come to your senses and ask yourself the following questions: What is salvation? Who or what do you want to be saved from? M.Q.

Priest: You are dead right!

SI: Please, let me finish my thought! Having come to this conclusion, I decided to convert to eastern orthodoxy and not to one of the schisms; but before converting it occurred to me to ask our ONE TEACHER or the FIRST Christian Legislator. I begged HIM to tell me the saving truth personally . No sooner had I finished my prayer to GOD JESUS CHRIST than a man came in and passed me a book saying, "You will find the saving and irrefutable truth in this book." When I read the first pages I was dumbfounded by great news.

Priest: What happened to you?

SI: Your and our priests tried to persuade me that a person is born of God146) only through baptism; in other words, only those will be granted eternal or endless life, who believe in Christ and are baptized147)."

146) God of this world. M.N.
147) What form of baptism should be used: the Roman, Crimean, anticlockwise and clockwise or the Sinai form. Matt.3-5, 6; Is.1-16; Ex.19-10; Gen.35-2; John 2-6? M.Q.

Priest: Exactly!

SI: Please, be patient and listen to me carefully! The book says that, "All people are divided into two groups only: born of GOD and born of Devil. So, he who loves his brother is born of GOD while he, who is baptized but who doesn't love his brother, is born of Devil. He who is born of Devil or who doesn't love his brother will never get eternal life or immortality. So, he who believes he is in Light - that is, practices the true or the Orthodox religion, but who does not love his brother, is still in darkness, and wanders in darkness and doesn't know which way s/he goes148); since s/he is blinded by darkness 149)." I learnt from the book another thing: if a person becomes a wonderworker so he is able to move mountains, speak not only all human but also angelic languages but doesn't observe the New Commandment150) about brotherly equality and friendliness given by CHRIST he is like a sounding brass or a crashing cymbal. If someone has a gift of foretelling and penetrating all secrets and sciences (or wisdom) and performing great wonders in the name of Christ, but who does not observe the New Commandment, he means nothing151) to CHRIST. There is no use giving all your property to the poor152) or to brotherhood like the first Christians153) did, or expiating your evil deeds or sins dying on fire or suffering a burden of a monkish life if a person doesn't keep this Commandment. In short, he who doesn't observe the New Commandment given by CHRIST, and does not give all his property like Ananias and Sapphira, that one cannot be called CHRIST's disciple or a Christian154). So, Christ (or YEHOWAH) loves nothing 155) but brotherly equality in Christ156).

148) Being unaware that Satan leads him to the lake of fire under the guise of Christianity. M.N.
149) That is, by the World Theologian. B.H.12-9; 2-24; 13.
150) And Talmudic Jews - the Old Commandment. Mar. 12-30, 31; Lev. 19-17, 18; Deut. 6-5...7. M.N.
151) Or Catholic, Orthodox and Old believer wonderworkers or the ones from Satan's pristajnaya sect with all their wonder-working icons. M.N.
152) To those poor or the impoverished, who are born of Devil. Jacob.4-4.M.N.
153) Nazarene Jews and not Christians. See chapter XI.
154) A Jew of the New Covenant. See the second book, chapter X.
155) In YEHOWAH or under the New Covenant. M.N.
156) Do you hear satanic Christians of all his 666 religions? M.Q.

Priest: Truly, this is an amazing or unbelievable fact, especially at this time of avarice and barbarism . 2Tim.3-1...5.

SI: Interestingly I discovered another two facts yesterday:

1st: "No one will ask people on the Judgment Day what religion they practiced but they all will be divided into two groups before GOD157) irrespective of their religions and tongues: those to the right and those to the left158). Those from all religions, who did good for one of the least of brothers159) of CHRIST, would stand to the right and those, who caused them to suffer160), no matter what religions they practiced , would stand to the left. The righteous people from all faiths will be granted eternal life161) while those to the left from all faiths will be tortured in the eternal fire despite some of them were Christians and even wonderworkers ."

157) Before YEHOWAH in the valley of Jehoshaphat. Joel 4-1...21 (3-17...26).
158) What third group does YEHOWAH mean saying, " MY little brothers." Matt.25-40, 45? M.Q.
159) These are Crucified YEHOWAH's mothers , sisters and brothers, who follow HIS Commands. Luke 8-21; namely, HIS Commands in the B.H.1-3; 22-7, 9 (Heb. 2-11, 16...18).
160) Especially during riots. Baruch 4-30...35; Num.24-9.
161) Outside Jerusalem city. B.H.21-24, 26; 22-2.

2nd: " No Christian sinners will be saved through sin-forgiving sacrifice; conversely, they will be thrown into the lake of fire."

Priest: Can you show me this book?

SI: No, I cannot as these words seem sweeter than honeycomb; I am afraid that you might talk me again into believing one of your orthodox self-interested lies or other artful and satanic or sin-forgiving sacraments, while these words are so clear to me that even a savage will say, "If people cherished such CHRIST's equality in everything 162) the Earth would turn into paradise."

162) "You must be crazy if you mean equality with millionaires" that is what every rich man and official would say to you and CHRIST. M.N.

Priest: I cannot disprove these facts, and I am ready to fulfill these Commands given by CHRIST.

SI: If so, then I ask you in the NAME of CHRIST to do the following: go home and check if your orthodox books have these words, and if not, then find out if other Christian books have them, and why everybody ignores them?

Priest: brought the following references in 9 days: 1John 3-10,15,16,23; 2-9...11; 4-20; Rev. 21-8, 27; 22-15;19-2;2-4; John 13-34,35;15-12; 1Cor. 13-1...8; Heb. 10-26,27; Matt.5-22; Luke 14-33; Acts 2-44...47; 4-32...37; 5-1...11; 1Cor. 6-9...11; Matt.25-31...46; 23-8...10; 20-25,27, and told her that the New Testament used by every Christianity has these words. Orthodox Christians omit them because they believe that CHRIST can be pleased 163) through the priesthood only; that is the priest is the only person, who can cleanse you of your sins. So, the priest is the only one, who has the sin-forgiving power. Catholics believe that predominantly Pope of the first Rome164) has this power. It turns out that there is no need for such Christians to know CHRIST's or Apostles' Words: be it an illiterate person and even God's fool; since, no matter what evil, abomination or sins they made, a priest will forgive all their sins and give communion . Protestants ignore them because they believe that CHRIST or GOD's LAMB saved them from sins, curse165) and death (?). That is why every protestant shall live solely via faith alone in CHRIST, which suggests that you can do evil, enslave people and even Christians and sin as you like but continue believing in CHRIST and avoid punishment.

163) Pleasing, why not salvation? M.Q.
164) In the third Rome the papal power was taken over by Peter the Great.
165) What book says that Enoch, Elijah, Abraham, Moses and all Holy Prophets were cursed? I would like to become immortal as they did then let Satan himself curse me.

SI: Let's try to establish Brotherhood of CHRIST cherishing Christian Equality based on these Evangelical Commands.

Priest: As far as I know such Divine Solidarity among the Apostolic Christians lasted no more than 50 years; moreover, no government will allow us to establish an equal community, in which all the members will make one soul and one heart 166). In addition, no priest, official or a rich man would agree to become equal to an ordinary person or a soldier in everything ; and they are likely to brand us as murderers or socialists .

166) Acts 4-32; B.H.2-2...4.

SI: What if we try to prove that a murderer will not be granted eternal life? 1John 3-15, 16.

Priest: Even if an Angel from Heaven tried to prove it he would be taken for a socialist.

SI: So, what should we do 167) in order to get immortality or eternal life 168)?

Priest: We will continue knocking at the door of our ONE LAWMAKER until HE answers our questions.

P.S. 6 months later after knocking so hard they got the following article.

167) Satan teaches, "Christians can do nothing, or any accomplishments, works or victories make no sense to them because CHRIST cleansed (satanic) Christians of all their sins with HIS Blood."
168) Matt.19-16.

Proving evidently that all 666 Christianities are the most vicious enemies of CHRIST or Antichrists

Everyone agrees if a son rebels against his father the father will curse and force him to leave as a worthless son. He who rebels against his chief will be punished by the chief. He who rebels against his king will be executed at king's command. He who rebels against the HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH will be cursed and punished by YEHOWAH like Dathan and Abiram. He who rebels against CHRIST is HIS enemy or Antichrist in Greek and that one will be cursed by CHRIST and thrown into the lake of fire.

It is clear even to a Chinese that CHRIST's enemy is a Christian, who speaks or teaches against CHRIST's Words in the Book that HE took from the right hand of HIS FATHER169) in Heaven. This Book says,

"This is the APOCALYPSE of JESUS CHRIST that GOD gave HIM."

All the Christians170) contradict HIM saying, "The Apocalypse of John and not of JESUS CHRIST and GOD did not HAND any Book to CHRIST because JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF is THE ONLY TRUE GOD171)."

169) B.H.5-1...10.
170) Remarkably even the Molokans, Stundists and Radstockites.
171) 1John 5-20; Rom.9-5; B.H.22-6, 16; 1-17, 18.

CHRIST says, "show to his servants the things which must soon 172) take place." All Christians contradict HIM saying, "Nothing is shown to anyone; since the greatest of his servants like Basil the Great, Makarius of Egypt, Nicholas the wonderworker and the alike could understand nothing what was shown in the B.H. or in the Apocalypse, and they gave Christians their own Apocalypses (Revelations) and regulations173) to follow, whatever occurred to them or had a vision of or Angles revealed to them."

172) Since the fire in Rome under the reign of Nero or since 63 AD. M.N.
173) Abolished by Sabbas the Sanctified and Ephrem the Syrian as of 580 AD.

CHRIST says, "Blessed is he and even will be Holy Prophets' Brother and HIS Angels' friend, who does the things written in this Book from Heaven."

Catholics say, "It is not true, blessed is he who reads catholic books." Orthodox Christians contradict CHRIST and Catholics, "Blessed is he who reads orthodox books." Lutherans encourage people to read Lutheran books etc.; each of the 666 Christianities ignores CHRIST or YEHOWAH and HIS B.H. and encourages people to follow scriptures by their holy fathers.

Do you need more proof that all contemporary Christians are the most vicious enemies of CHRIST , since they dare to contradict CHRIST's Words in HIS B.H.22-6,7,9,16,17; 1-3; 2-26; therefore, they all are superstitious or false Christians because they have replaced CHRIST's Commands with human (namely, satanic) laws? Mark 7-9,13 and see chapter IX.

P.S. Naturally this sensible woman was supposed to ask GOD the following question afterwards, "GOD JESUS, what YOUR Law did Christians observe before YOU sent the Book from Heaven?" She got the following article in response to her question.

3 heresies among ancient Jews and origin of the 666th satanic Christianity

Even though the Pharisees changed the Eternal Holy Sinai Law of YEHOWAH174) slightly but nevertheless they obeyed it. Their heresy was based on the idea that, "YEHOWAH is GOD of the living and not the dead; consequently, HE raises from the dead HIS dead Hebrews." They supported the idea with Deut.33-2; 32-39, which agrees with Luke 20-37,38; 1Cor.15-29,32; 15-16; 2Cor.1-9; Acts 26-8; Matt.27-52,53; John 5-21; 2Tim.1-10.

174) That is what CHRIST reproached them for. Mark 7-9, 12, 13.

The Sadducees kept the Holy Eternal Sinai Law of YEHOWAH unchanged maintaining that, "YEHOWAH will not raise all Hebrews until after the end of time" according to Ezek.37-11...14, 21...28; Hos.13-14; Rom.11-15, 26, 27.

Satan called these two faiths heresies because He teaches against them: "The soul of a person leaves the body175) after death, ascends somewhere to Heaven further away than all the suns, planets and comets, and then enters a chimerical Paradise. On the Great Day of Judgement every soul will leave the chimerical Paradise, descend from Heaven and enter into remains or ashes176), into which a person's body decomposed177)."

The Nazarenes kept the Holy Eternal Sinai Law of YEHOWAH178) unchanged and followed it strictly maintaining that, "JESUS CHRIST is the very Descendant of David, who is supposed to sit down on David's Throne in Jerusalem and become king of the house (tribe) of Jacob. Luke 1-32, 33; 24-21; Acts 2-30, 36; 26-6, 7.

175) It is likely to leave the body bended and with its back forward, isn't? Even Satan does not know if it leaves the body through a throat or a bottom. M.Q.
176) Ashes that are scattered all over earth and ocean, aren't they? M.Q.
177) Remarkably, many educated people believe that this obvious nonsense invented by Satan is true.
178) Acts 21-20...26; 2-46; 3-1.

JESUS CHRIST announced to all Jews that, the Kingdom of GOD (which they were awaiting) had come near to them. HE supported HIS Words with great wonders, and the ordinary Jews believed CHRIST while priests, leadership and their king did not; since that ruling Judaic class knew the Holy Scriptures very well and wanted to see if CHRIST would make the awaited New Covenant with them in Israel as YEHOWAH had prophesied to them, that is:

1. YEHOWAH179) will forgive the Hebrews all their sins180).

2. YEHOWAH will raise all dead Hebrews181).

3. YEHOWAH will gather them all again in Palestine182).

179) Is it supposed to be YEHOWAH and not Christ or anybody else? M.Q.
180) Check the references against the German Bible. Jer.31-34, 31; 33-8; 50-20; Rom.11-15; Heb. 8-11, 12; 10-16, 17; and see Eternal Union (Covenant). Is.61-8; 59-20; 44-3; 43-25; 51-16; Judg.2-1.
181) Ezek.37-11...14, 21...28; Hos.13-14; Rom.11-15. HE will raise them during the second resurrection and not the first one B.H.20-4, 5, 14. M.N.
182) Ezek.37-21...28; 36-24, 25; Is.52-9...12; 11-11...16; 49; 60; 65-9...25; 66-19...24; Zech.8-22, 23; 10-10...12; 14-11...21; Jer.23-6...8; 31-10; 46-28; 59-19, 20; Deut.30-3...5; 1Par.17(16)-35; 18(17)-22...24; B.H.18-4.

4. YEHOWAH will pour out HIS Divine Spirit on all Hebrews , and even on those Gentiles, who will be subordinate to them at that time. Ezek.39-29 (25...29); 36-27...38 (24...29); 37-14...28; Is.44-3...5; Joel 3-1...26 (2-25).

5. YEHOWAH will cleanse them of all the impurities and icon-worshiping abomination, with which they defiled themselves living among the Gentiles183), with pure water.

6. YEHOWAH will live among them and they all, young and old, will know HIM. So, they will not need any theologians nor theologies or neither human nor Angelic interpretations. They will be faithful to their GOD, MAN YEHOWAH, and observe HIS Sinai Law strictly184).

183) Especially among Christians. Ezek.36-25, 29, 33; 39-29; 37-11...28; Is.44-6.
184) Is.54-13; 60-19...21; Jer.31-33, 34; 24-7; Ezek.37-23, 24; 36-27.

7. YEHOWAH will make Mount Zion higher than other Israelite mountains, and will build HIS gorgeous Temple on it. HIS Temple will be the house of prayer for all nations . Ezek.Chapter 40 - 48; Is.60-2, 5; 56-7; Mich. 4-1...5; Mark 11-17.

8. YEHOWAH will build a wonderful city of Jerusalem enclosed by a wall of marble 76.3 km long. The city will be named "YEHOWAH's Capital" or "YEHOWSHAMAH185)" in Hebrew.

9. Zadokites will be priests in the Temple while previous Levites will be their assistants. Their garments will be different: they will be dressed in white-colored cambric robes with their hair cut short and beards shaved off186).

10. YEHOWAH will live in the Temple permanently187).

185) Is.60; 1-26; Jer.31-38; Ezek.48-35; 43-7; Zech.8-3.
186) Ezek.44-10...20.
187) Ezek.43-7; Ps.132(131)-13, 24; 134-2.

11. The uncircumcised or foreigners will not be allowed into YEHOWAH's new Temple. Ezek.44-7,9; B.H.11-2.

12. YEHOWAH will divide HIS Israel country into 12 sectors: eastward of the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

13. There will be a river proceeding from under YEHOWAH's Temple, one stream will flow into the Jordan River to the East and the other stream will do into the Mediterranean Sea to the West. Fruit trees will grow on the banks of the River bearing fruit monthly. Waters of the river will revive the Dead Sea. Ezek.47-1...27.

14. YEHOWAH will become King of HIS people like HE was before Saul188). HE will reign eternally without stopping even for a short time. Is.24-23; Mich.4-7; Zeph.3-15; Obad.1-21.

15. Then YEHOWAH or KING of HIS chosen people will come to them from Mount Zion riding a white horse followed by HIS army riding white horses to defeat all the vicious Christians or HIS main opponents and enemies of HIS children189) in the mountains of Israel.

188) 1King.(Sam.)8-7, 8; Ser.17-15.
189) Ezek.38 and 39; Is.66-13...24; B.H.16-16; 17-14; 19-11...21; Rom.11-26, 27.

16. The Sun will shine seven times as bright, and the Moon will shine like the Sun over Israel. Is.30-26.

17. There will be a railway with beautiful stations running from Zion across the Euphrates to the Chinese city of Canton. B.H.16-12; Is.35-8.

18. YEHOWAH will grow a new marvelous plant190) for them; its fruit will be delicious and medicinal at the same time. Ezek.34-29.

19. No one will be injured in Israel by lightning, hail, cold and downpour or by wild animals, birds of prey and venomous snakes or insects191).

190) It's called Tuba in Muhammad's Al Qur’an. M.N.
191) Is.11-6...9; 65-25; 60; Ezek.34-25.

20. Light of YEHOWAH's Wisdom will spread among all HIS Children like waters of the sea over 1,000 years enabling them to travel to other planets. Is.11-9; Hab.2-14.

21. Another two peoples will join them in their faith: the Mohammedans and Abyssinians. Consequently, Israel itself will be the third one. Is.19-23, 25; Zech.2-11.

22. The rest of the peoples will have to come to the feast of tabernacles to Jerusalem in order to worship the ALMIGHTY KING YEHOWAH. Those who will refuse to come to Jerusalem will not have rain. Zech.14-16...19.

23. The Jerusalem Republic will take over all kingdoms on the Earth and will bring peace and freedom; since all nations will beat all their deadly weapons to agricultural equipment and no nation will resort to war and the science of warfare will cease to be taught for 1,000 years192).

24. They will live for many centuries and will be as long living as the oak tree. Even a sinner among them will live up to 100 years193). Their wives will deliver babies painlessly and always timely. In short, those Children of YEHOWAH will enjoy prosperity, fun, joy and abundance of everything. Is.65-20...25; 60.

When JESUS CHRIST stayed on the cross, died and was buried both Jews and the Apostles lost their hope that HE would become the Immortal King of the house of Jacob. Luke 24-21, 13, 20; Matt.28-17194).

192) Is.2-4, 11; 60; Mich.4-3; Zech.2-12, 13; Hos.2-18...23. After 1,000 years Satan will invent various militarized true religions again and the most good-looking and cunning priests for 111 years. M.N.
193) That one will be damned.
194) Remarkably, there hasn't been a Jew and even a Christian, who would remind them that their Eternal KING, FATHER, LORD (ADONAI), RABBI and the SAVIOUR or the MESSIAH is YEHOWAH. 1Kings 8-7, 8; Ser.17-14, 15; Is.41-21; 43-15; 45-17; 17-7; 44-6; 48-12(11); 52-7; 24-23; 33-22; 1-2, 3; Mich. 4-7; Zeph. 3-15; Jer.3-4; 31-9; 1Par. 16-35; B.H.22-16; 1-5; Deut.14-1; Ex.4-22; Ser.36-14(13). All YEHOWAH's predictions say nothing about an eternal reign of only one descendent of David in Jerusalem; they say when the abundant Israeli Republic is established it will be run by presidents from the dynasty of David and all priests in Jerusalem Temple shall be Zadokites. Ezek.44-3; 45-7, 16, 17; Zadok: Ezek.48-11; 43-19; 44-15, 16.

After the resurrection JESUS CHRIST had been staying in Judea for 40 days secretly and not openly. While in Judea HE converted into Nazarene Faith (and not into Christianity) 120 Jews (both male and female) only195). HE revealed to HIS faithful friends a great mystery that HE would ascend to Heaven and stay there until the Plan for ruling the world, which HE announced to HIS Holy Prophets196), is implemented. HE will come down to Earth again and advance from Mount Zion riding a white horse followed by HIS army riding white horses. HE will defeat all enemies of the Jews and take over as their KING in Jerusalem forever. Since the descent of the Holy Spirit on the 120 Jews (that is, electricity from the Heavenly Throne of GOD) the Nazarene sect began to grow rapidly in Judea despite Judaic authorities persecution of this heresy, and existed up to YEHOWAH's Temple destruction and worldwide dispersion and captivity of the Jews. This unexpected ordeal for the people of Judah resulted in extinction of the Nazarene heresy among the Jews.

195) Acts 1-15.
196) Acts 3-20, 21; B.H.10-7; 17-17; Jer.31-17, 31...40; 32-40.

The reader might have a question, "If the Nazarenes remained faithful to YEHOWAH and even observed HIS Sinai Law more strictly than the Pharisees and Sadducees 197), so what did the Judaic authorities persecute the Nazarenes for while the Pharisees and Sadducees were left alone and even honored?"

For the reason that the Nazarenes made one soul and one heart, or one body with CHRIST, namely CHRIST's brotherly equality in everything or freedom , and none of them claimed anything because they shared everything 198). Everybody knows that despots and rulers hate Divine freedom. So, if the holy king David had risen from the dead he would have commanded that this divine community of Christ among his people, who make up his kingly dignity and fame by holding different positions, ranks and honors, be exterminated.

197) Acts 21-20...26; 2-46; Luke 23-56.
198) Acts 2-44...47; 4-32...37; 5-1...11; according to the Commandment in Luke 14-33.

As by CHRIST's Mercy199) the Holy Spirit descended on those Gentiles who were god-fearing and did something good for YEHOWAH's Children, 200) Apostle Paul established a Nazarene community201) among Gentiles as well but in a different way. Although the Gentiles came to understanding that JESUS CHRIST was SON of GOD and not YEHOWAH's Son they thought HIM to be Son of Jezebel's invisible God202) of the Universe, who lives in the farthest light (world) and whom no one has ever seen. They learnt from MAN YEHOWAH that HE considered those people to be HIS Children, whom HE had raised up from HIS firstborn son Jacob.

199) Rom.11-22, 31.
200) Acts 10-2, 22, 35.
201) And not Christianity as this name first came into being in Antioch in 49 AD as mockery. Acts 11-26.
202) 1Tim.6-16; John 1-18. Here is the god with whom Satan replaced MAN YEHOWAH! M.N.

Therefore, however much the Gentiles tried to form a union with Jacob's descendants they will not become HIS children. If they could enter the Kingdom of Jacob's descendants (the one of God) they would have to form a separate community and be subordinate to them like inhabitants of Gibeon. They shouldn't say YEHOWAH's first Commandment, "Listen to ME Israel, I am your GOD, who led you out from Egypt" and many other HIS Sayings because they are not Israelites and YEHOWAH never led them out from Egypt. So the Eternal Covenant that HE will be eternally their GOD and they will eternally belong to HIM has nothing to do with the Gentiles.

Though the Gentiles will get immortality through faith in CHRIST they won't live eternally among the Israelites, which agrees with B.H.21-12, 10; 11-2; Ezek.44-7, 9.

For this reason Gentile Christians not only denied YEHOWAH's Eternal Sinai Law but also omitted HIS Holiest NAME YEHOWAH when translating the Bible into different languages. They replaced YEHOWAH, the NAME of the Hebrew GOD, with Lord, a human, despotic (or satanic) title, for example: Lord Allah, Lord Burkhan, Lord Jen, Lord Keremet, Lord Deus, Lord Theos and the three-in-one and undivided lady Trinity203). It was Satan, the oldest enemy of YEHOWAH, who persuaded them to do it ostensibly to make the Holy Hebrew Scriptures more comprehensible204) to all people and pass it off as scriptures given by an invisible Creator of the Universe and not as ones given by YEHOWAH to HIS Hebrews only205). Naturally that after this they started creating their own various Christian laws splitting into hostile sects. Apostle Paul tried to talk them out of making any laws as they were not Jews nor Nazarenes, and all they had to do was to observe (the one-word Law)206) CHRIST's New Commandment about brotherly equality, and no sacraments indulgent of sins will please CHRIST but this equality. As they were supposed to make one soul and one CHRIST's body they should have been equal in everything207). But they didn't hear the truth and each of them started acquiring property, honor, glory and Christian peasants selfishly . They helped poor peasants by clubbing together or making donations. They got together for having fun (playing) in a group, singing and mumbling nonsense; mainly for arguing about some things from satanic or clerical holy scriptures. Finally, Satan, the Destroyer and Tempter of the world, fooled them into pleasing their invisible and chimerical creator of the universe through weapons, penal servitude and whipping or inducing people to live in seclusion away from CHRIST's body (from CHRIST's people) in remote or unknown deserts and out-of-the-way places in order to please this God by living a monkish life, wearing heavy chains and starving to death gradually by prolonged feasts and eating only radish and stewed mushrooms worshiping the dead and icons.

It is clear even to an uneducated person that the 666 Christianities are Satan's horrible plot contrary to HEBREW GOD, Sinai Law and HIS Children, the Hebrews. So, they are rather the Anti-Nazarenes than CHRIST's Nazarenes.

203) With the fire tongue. Acts 2-2, 3. M.N.
204) It happened after CHRIST, didn't it? M.Q.
205) As it was before CHRIST. M.N.
206) Gal.5-14; Rom.13-10; 1Cor.13-1...3; Matt.22-40; 5-22; B.H.2-2...4.
207) Rom.12-5; 1Cor.12-25, 27; 1-10, 11; 2-3, 4; B.H.2-2 and See chapter IX.

An axiom about Christianity based on the above said

According to the axiom: controversy, disagreements, untogetherness208), council disputes and outbursts, inquisition or Christian inhumanity, atonement or sacraments and rituals indulgent of sins adopted by the three Romes, Anglican, Gregorian, Uniate, Protestant and Sidetestant or Radstockite, clockwise or anticlockwise sects, Torah replaced with talmud209), various rituals and garments, dogmas, unleavened and leavened food, three-finger and two-nail sacraments210), feasts, four-pointed and eight-pointed crosses, smearing, pouring, sprinkling, water immersion, Shrovetide and festivities, ludicrous bowing rules introduced by Basil, Savva and Ephrem or icon-worshiping angels, mumbling lengthy prayers of the rosary or counting prayers on fingers, nobility, peasantry, ranks, orders, classes, excellency, brilliancy, holiness, superintendency, the highest priesthood herding souls into a paradise and hell conceitedly and commandingly, shooting, hanging, servitudes, flogging, lashing, whipping faces of GOD's Sons 211); cancan dancing, fraudulent and military games; tobacco, alcohol and syphilitic abominations212); revolts and anti-jewish, anti-kyrgyz213), anti-tatar214), anti-kalmyk, anti-circassian and anti-raskolnik riots organized by orthodox Christians; recluses or swindlers living a life of luxury, carrying heavy chains or trade in souls and corpses215), barony, lordship, bragging, hatred and anger have always resulted from a terrible bone entitled "New Testament216)" thrown to dogs217) and made by God of hostility218) in the 2d century instead of the HEBREW GOD's Book from Heaven delivered by HIS Angel in 62 AD219).

208) Acts 4-32.
209) Acts 21-20...26; Rom.3-31.
210) B.H.18-23; 17-5; 9-20, 21.
211) Gal. 3-26.
212) And eating pork. Is.66-17; 65-4; B.H.17-5.
213) In Orenburg city.
214) In Kazan city.
215) B.H.18-23, 13.
216) B.H.22-15.
217) HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH made the Old Covenant with HIS Children only (Hebrews) for never ending eternity (See chapter XI). So, who did Satan make a new covenant with and for 2,000 years only ?
218) Via Origen and Papias and not the whole of it but only fragments. M.N.
219) 50 years before Satan's new testament. M.N.

Another axiom that comes from the axiom above: "he who doesn't understand this obvious Truth is either less intelligent than a savage or is an orthodoxy cheat." It is true. Let fierce dogs, vicious Christians and satanic Jews, murder me over this Truth.

A cry of a Christian mistreated and exploited by Christians and suffering from hunger and cold

Brothers Christians or all lords of the dark christian world220), wearing gold and gems221) and having fun to orchestral music and enjoying celebrations would you like to love me as GOD commanded us in HIS Jerusalem Commandment? John 13-34,35; 15-12...14; 1John 3-23,10-15,16; 2-9...11; B.H.2-4; 3-9; 1Cor.13-1,8; Matt.5-22.

220) B.H.17-4.
221) Is.60-2; B.H.16-10; 2Tim. 3-1...5; B.H.9-20, 21.

A cry of a Jew persecuted by Christians and suffering from hunger and cold

Brothers Jews or all lords of the satanic Jewish world222), wearing gold and gems and having fun to orchestral music and multiple fireworks would you like to love me as GOD Commanded us in HIS Sinai Law? Lev.19-18; Mark 12-30; Gal.5-14.

222) B.H.2-9; 3-9.

Response of all officials and rich people of different religions to the appeals above

No, swindlers and lazybones, your rebellious and socialist appeals will not make us, noble and educated and enjoying mammon pleasures of this world, change our way of life and become friends with the poorest rabble in view of MANGOD's Commandments; since we do not know a single mortal who fulfilled or could fulfill them as the issue, " Who a king, prince, general, sir, landlord, rich man, soldier, peasant or a slave, chimney sweep, kennel-keeper, scoundrel, swine-herd 223), pope, cardinal, patriarch, metropolitan, bishop, archpriest, priest, deacon, superintendent, pastor, rabbi and a holy wonder worker shall take as his neighbor 224)" hasn't been solved yet.

223) Or a pastor of dogs. B.H.22-15; 9-20, 21.
224) Truly, this issue hasn't been yet solved by satanic people. M.N.

Protecting my GOD YEHOWAH225) from this satanic blasphemy226)

Renowned theologians and talmudists or lords of satanic darkness, barbarism, enslavement, bloodshed and other sufferings I implore you in the NAME of my CRUCIFIED GOD YEHOWAH and at the same time strictly command you to tell the public at large that you disagree with the response of rich men and officials to the appeals above so that all kings, nations and tribes (covered by satanic darkness) could finally come to understanding of these peace-making Commands227) given by KING of Kings and GOD of Gods228) and put an end to all the self-interested faiths leading to death, schisms, hatred, hostility, rebellions, murders, explosions, arsons, embezzlement, enslavement, wars and other sufferings for all who dwell on the earth and the sea for 1,000 years, and so that prophecies in Is.2-4; 11-6...9; 60-3; Mich. 4-3; B.H.20-4...7 would come true.

225) B.H.14-13; 2-3.
226) B.H.13-6.
227) Or Commandments.
228) Deut.10-17; B.H.19-6; 1-5; Ps. 135-2.

Readers (who have not understood Chapter I, paragraph 22 and Chapter X) might have a question, "Where is the Life-giving Truth that is supposed to help a mortal person become immortal like MANGOD YEHOWAH?"

You will find this Truth in the next Book but before reading it I advise that you drop to your knees and thank YEHOWAH for revealing this obvious Universal Truth to you. Amen.

Out-of-love-for-people admonition

He who will refuse to abandon Satan and this satanic dark world229) and will continue to oppose INCARNATE AND CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH, after revealing this Eternal and Life-giving Truth, is a physically alive but internally dead human being with characteristics of a beast 230); therefore, that one has the mark of the beast and will be exterminated once and for all through burning in the lake of fire231). I advise that person to take care and extend his mortal life by passing this Book to somebody else232) and never tell anybody that you have ever read it233); since the HEBREW GOD shows no mercy to opponents of HIS Invitation to be immortal in this last Battle against Satan, his Christians and Jews.

229) World of Christianity and Judaism.
230) B.H.13-16; 14-9...11.
231) Like all Jews along with Dathan and Abiram and in Berdichev city; B.H.14-9...11; 19-2; and See the third Book.
232) Don't destroy it otherwise you will be destroyed.
233) Whether you are a king, pope or a Rothschild do not reveal this Great Mystery of GOD to Satan.

Here is a list of those who were punished by YEHOWAH: duke Dolgorukov, chief of the police, died in the church during the morning prayer in the presence of the tsar; duke Gagarin, Saratov governor, died in Kazan city; Knyazhevich, minister of finance; Felkner F. and France Odinetz, generals; Semennikov, colonel (Felkner's servant234)); Ushakov, lieutenant (the inquisitor's servant235)); Pokrovsky, Lysenko and Sokolov, officials (Gagarin's servants), for hurting me in order to please Gagarin; Payker, genaral's wife, punished for blasphemy on this Invitation to be immortal; Makarenko, soldier (Ushakov's servant), archimandrite and inquisitor Porfiry died from food poisoning; bishop Khrisofan for blasphemy on YEHOWAH's Torah; priest Uspensky, the pristanaja faith, for slandering me; the great molokan wonder-worker236) Maksim Rudometkin for insulting behavior towards me; the tsar Alexander II was severely punished by YEHOWAH for keeping me locked away for 20 years in a prison cell, for raiding my home for 18 hours, and for escorting me to Saint Petersburg prison237) in disgrace; finally, Judaic king James Rothschild for not thanking YEHOWAH for the Invitation to be immortal; no doubt that Netter, the Alliance chief member, for not thanking as well and many others. It is true! Amen.

234) Knyazhevich awarded him the order of Annensky for causing suffering to me stealthily and promoted him from captain to colonel.
235) Dolgorukov promoted him to lieutenant and paid him a reward worth of annual income for giving me a bloody kick.
236) He even raised a dead woman in the Caucasus and made a goat speak a human language.
237) At the same place where his statue was installed. Remarkably, I was also escorted by a sheriff and soldier riding behind me, a soldier was riding with me and Cossacks were riding on either side; I do not remember if there were 9 of them. Indeed, YEHOWAH's Words in B.H.13-10 came true. Hallelujah! Amen. B.H.3-14.

I am GOD YEHOWAH's Light to all peoples and Salvation for the Jews, Elijah in Hebrew