Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth



Brothers, all people, I have learnt about an IMMORTAL MAN in Is.65:1 and Rom.10:20, who lives for many millions of years and who knows secrets of nature of our Solar system so HE can travel from one planet to another at lightning speed and even raise the dead and make them as physically immortal as HE is. THIS EVERLASTING and WONDERFUL MAGUS1), or the one who has keys to hades and death2), revealed to me that HE had granted immortality to a great number of people from all tribes, nations and tongues3) and that HE would keep on doing it for another 1000 years. HE commanded me to announce to the entire mortal and horrible world that he who wanted to get immortality from HIM should go to a secluded place4), drop to his knees and stretching out his hands to Heaven say loudly: "The EVERLASTING MAN, who has keys to hades and death or GOD of the Holy Prophets, YEHOWAH5), I beg YOU to put me on the list of YOUR Immortal people; since I swear to fearlessly fulfill all YOUR Commands given through YOUR Messenger Elijah despite mortal people threatening me!" Then say Amen and fall down on your face.

For this reason you should read this Book with reverence checking it against the footnotes, astronomy and according to knowledge6)

2) B.H.1:18; 1Sam.(King.) 2:6. B.H. stands for Book from Heaven that HE sent Yehowists and delivered by HIS Angel - that is, to those who would like to become immortal. The Apocalypse is Greek for B.H.
3) B.H.7:9.
4) Matt.6:6.
5) HE revealed HIS ETERNAL and SAVING NAME first to Moses only. See Ex.6:2, 3; 15:3; Hos.12:6; Joel 3:5.
6) Rom.10:2.

The Symbol of Faith for those, who abandoned Satan, his mortal world, all individual faiths, and joined YEHOWAH in HIS World Brotherly Faith or Religion of HIS Immortal people in order to become immortal

There are two Mangods in our Solar System: YEHOWAH and Satan. Therefore, all people are divided into Yehowists and satanists. YEHOWAH is GOD of the Immortals while Satan is God of the mortals or God of this world7).

YEHOWAH8) HIMSELF was Crucified under the NAME of the Jew YESHUA of Nazareth or in Greek JESUS CHRIST.

After 6000 years from the day Adam and Eve were expelled from the Paradise YEHOWAH will defeat Satan, bind him and put him into a bottomless pit (in A…ia)9). Then HE will bring Peace, Freedom10) and Prosperity and One Faith under the world rule of Jerusalem Republic or Israelite One for 1000 years.

7) 2Cor.4:4; Luke 4:5...7; B.H.13:8; 2:13; 1Chr.21(22):1.
8) Or the FIRST and the LAST. B.H.1:17, 18; Is.41:4; 44:6; 48:12; B.H.11:8; 22:6, 16; Zech.12:9...14; They will see (ME Me in Hebrew), whom they PIERCED.
9) B.H.20:2, 3.
10) There will not be any borders.

After 1000 years of Peace and One Faith Satan will break out from the pit for 111 years and start creating again various true religions indulgent of sins and evildoings and herding souls to a chimerical paradise with portal devices and guns.

Then YEHOWAH will exterminate Satan and satanists utterly and make the new Earth million times as big without oceans and seas and will settle on it with HIS Yehowists for 280,000 years.

HE will improve the new Earth afterwards; He will be improving Earth from time to time to perfection beyond comprehension, and HE will live on it with the immortal people eternally.

The city of Jerusalem will come down to the new Earth out of Heaven, made by sky people - that is, people living on other planets, decorated with gems of twelve grades, streets paved with transparent gold: 2,134 km long, wide and high, enclosed by a tremendous wall of jasper, 12 gates will be 12 pearls with the names of the 12 Israelite tribes11) on them and the names of the LAMB'S12) 12 Apostles on the wings.

YEHOWAH's Palace will be located at the center of the city. There will not be any Temple nor sacrifices. There will be a river proceeding from under the Palace along all streets; wonderful trees will grow on its banks yielding fruit monthly. Eating this fruit will prevent people from aging and dying allowing them to stay immortal infinitely: men at the age of 3413) and women - 16.

11) Dan replaced with Manasseh.
13) At the same age as YEHOWAH ascended to Heaven. Eph.4:13.

There will be 24 Kingdoms made up of the righteous nations14) outside Jerusalem city. Though the outside inhabitants will be immortal as well but they will suffer from diseases occasionally, and they will have to ask the city dwellers for leaves from the trees of life for healing. B.H. chapters 20, 21 and 22.

That is the city of Jerusalem to which YEHOWAH invites every person15) for eternal life. So, the goal of every person is to abandon Satan, his entire mortal world, all individual and hostile religions and join YEHOWAH in HIS Universal Religion or Israelite Religion of the New Covenant or Religion of HIS Immortal people!

14) See chapter IV.
15) And not only the Jews as Satan teaches them to make them look inhumane.

Predicting the last Battle between YEHOWAH and Satan and satanists in Armageddon and YEHOWAH's accession in Jerusalem with resurrected Yehowists for 1000 years

When the sixth Angel pours out his bowl on the Great river Euphrates, and its water will be dried up16), so that the way of the kings from the East be prepared. Three unclean spirits like frogs will come out of the mouths of the dragon (Satan)17), of the beast, and out of the mouth of the beast's prophet. And these magic spirits will work wonders and go out to all kings of the Earth to gather them to the battle of the Great Day (or Final) of GOD's Victory (over Satan)18). The beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies will gather to make war against HIM (against YEHOWAH), who sits on the white horse and against HIS army on white horses19). Then the beast along with his wonder-working prophet will be captured, who worked wonders by which he deceived those, who received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image, and these two will be thrown alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the rest will be killed with the sword proceeding from HIS Mouth, who SITS on the white horse, and all the birds will be filled with their flesh. Satan will be bound and put into a bottomless pit (in A…ia). B.H.20:2, 3.

16) It is being dried up. See "S.M." #328, 1889.
17) B.H.12:3; 20:2.
18) B.H.16:12...14, 16; 19:11...21; Ezek.38:17; 39:8; Joel.2:11.
19) They all follow HIM, faithful, chosen and called up by HIM. B.H.17:14; 19:19...21; 14:20; Is.66:16; Hag.2:22…24; Zech.14:5.

Then all people who had victory over the beast and his image and over his mark over the number of his names would stand before YEHOWAH's Throne on the crystal sea with God's harps in their hands, and would sing Moses' Hymn and the LAMB'S20) Hymn saying: "Great and marvelous are YOUR Works, GOD YEHOWAH, the ALMIGHTY21)! Just and true are YOUR Ways, KING of the Holies! Who shall not fear YOU, YEHOWAH, and glorify YOUR NAME, when they see YOU are HOLY? Truly all nations shall come (to Israelite Temple on New mount Zion) and worship before YOU when all YOUR predictions come true!"

And those who sit on the thrones will be given power over the nations22). The souls23) beheaded for their witness to JESUS24) and for the Word of GOD, who did not worship the beast, his image and receive his mark on their foreheads or hands would rise25) and reign with Christ for 1000 years.

20) Crucified GOD YEHOWAH's Hymn. Mark 14:26.
21) GOD of Gods or the MOST HIGH. Deut.10:17; Ex.15:11; 18:11; Ps.81(82):1; 67(68):8; 135(136):2; Dan.2:47; Acts 14:11; 28:6.
22) 1Cor.6:2, 3; B.H.2:26; Wis.3:8.
23) Men and women.
24) For spreading this Good News from HIM.
25) Do you hear that souls will rise from the dead? Consequently, souls of the dead are dead.

But the rest of the dead will not be raised until after the thousand years have passed. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection, for they will never die and will be priests of GOD and Christ and reign with HIM (in Israel of the New Covenant) for 1000 years. B.H.20:4...6; 5:9, 10; Ezek.42:13, 14, 43; 44:15...31; 48:10...14.

Predicting peace to the whole world and emergence of one World Brotherly Faith in YEHOWAH for all people for 1000 years

Darkness shall cover the whole Earth, and thick darkness all nations (with the 666 christian religions and jewish enlightenment), and YEHOWAH will rise upon you, Jerusalem, and HIS Glory will shine over you, then all nations and their kings will come to your Light26); they will beat their deadly weapons to agricultural equipment and no nation will resort to war. The science of warfare will cease to be taught for 1000 years.

The Temple will be built on New mount Zion; it will be the house of prayer for all nations; Jerusalem will be the third itself as YEHOWAH will include another two nations: Ishmaelites27) and Armenians28). Only after this will YEHOWAH take over as the king in Jerusalem for 1000 years. Is.60:2, 3...22; 2:2...4; 56:6, 7; Mich.4:3,7; Mark 11:17; B.H.11:1, 2, 19; Is.24:23; 19:24, 25; Mal.1:11; Zech.14:9; Sir.17:15; B.H.11:15; 22:6, 16.

26 Meaning that kings wander in darkness with their guns and games, don't they? B.H.17:2; 18:3; 19:2; 13:8; and read a book entitled "Political comedy in Europe." Those who do not read newspapers do not see that kings do bad things, and consequently do not believe these Words of YEHOWAH.
27) Offspring of blessed Ishmael, Abraham's son. Gen.17:20.
28) Abraham's kinsfolk. Gen.17; Is.19:24, 25.

A question for satanists of all 666 christianities

Matt.25:31...46 plainly says when YEHOWAH comes with HIS Yehowists or with HIS small brothers29) to defeat Satan and satanists no one will ask satanists at that time what religion they practiced but they all will stand before YEHOWAH and Yehowists either to the right or to the left. The righteous will be granted immortality; still they will suffer from diseases and will live outside Jerusalem city on the New Earth30) while those to the left along with Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire. Even wild tribes and the Chinese wonder, why you cannot see31) that there is no forgiving satanists of their evildoings and sins, that every satanic religion is useless and that there is no point in making tribal warfare or wars; since those satanists will stand to the right, who will do good to a male or female Yehowist.

29) YEHOWAH will accept only those Yehowists as HIS brothers, sisters and mothers, whom HE showed in the B.H., what they should do and what our Earth will see during 2000 years. Consequently, those who do not understand the secrets in the B.H. are not YEHOWAH's servants or Yehowists but Satan's ones or satanists even though some of them were great wonder-workers. See chapter II.
30) See chapter I.
31) Or you don't believe it. B.H.3:17, 18; Matt.13:13...15.

Jews disbelieving YEHOWAH for 4000 years

Overly talmudic herr rabbi, who is physically alive but internally dead, or the one who angrily disbelieves YEHOWAH's Words in Is.48:4; 6:9, 10; Ezek.2:4...6; 3:26, 27; Is.65:1, 2, 15, 17; B.H.2:9; 3:9; 1:3; 22:6, 7, 9, 17; Matt.23:30...37; 8:11, 12 and even kills HIS Holy servants who believed HIS Words. That is, they believed HIM that Jews are the most superstitious, worthless, obstinate and rebellious people or people disbelieving HIM for 4000 years32), who turned into a satanic crowd, hostile to HIM and to all humankind as Satan. That is why they have been killing all HIS Prophets and HIM HIMSELF for these Words, and that is what HE cursed the Jews for!

I want to bring you to your senses out of my love to you and, more importantly, following YEHOWAH's Command to help you overcome such terrible unbelief in these Words of YEHOWAH by sending you more proof that HIS Words about Jews being worthless are not false but the Holiest Truth, which is evident and clear to all other people.

32) Since taking the Word of YEHOWAH on faith like Abraham and Balaam did and believing in HIM are two different things.

Christians disbelieving CHRIST

Lords of the three Christian Romes showing indulgence of sins and worshiping icons and the dead and insistently disbelieving the Word of CHRIST in Matt.25:31...46 and B.H.1:3; 22:7, 9, 1733) and even killing and burning all HIS Holy servants, who believed HIS Words34)!

I want to bring you to your senses out of my love to you and, more importantly, following GOD JESUS CHRIST's Command to help you overcome such terrible unbelief in these Words of CHRIST by sending you this undeniable proof that HIS Words are true. If you come to your senses and abandon Satan35) let me know and I will send you all the Good News given by HIM through me for the last days, which is good for all humankind dying from the 666 christianities created by Satan for people to be destroyed.

33) Those who do not believe that no one will ask satanists on the Judgment Day what religion they practiced and that blessed are those Yehowists who follow HIS B.H.
34) See chapter IV.
35) B.H.13:8; 2Cor.4:4.

Satan's commandment for satanists

Ruin life of your neighbor for selfish purposes - that is, for gaining power, influence, fame and wealth, cheat and enslave all your neighbors and kill all your opponents but before you die have a priest forgive all your sins and evildoings. If you are not a religious person then make a big sacrifice to God (God of this World?) and your soul (and not your spirit36)?) will get to a paradise in the most bottomless pit.

36) 1John 5:23; Jude 1:19.

The most important question

Every37) religion believes it follows DIVINE Law and not a human one then a question arises: what for did GOD make a great number of hostile spiritual and religious laws allowing people or Apollyons and Bismarcks make everyday, monarchic, republican, Anglican, constitutional or unreasonable laws?

37) Out of 1016 religions: 666 Christian, 333 Buddhist, 10 Judaic, 6 Mohammedan and the Zoroastrian one.

A cry in this horrible world of various tribes and religions

Peacemakers or those inviting all people to form One Faith and to world brotherly love will be called YEHOWAH's children38) while feud makers or defenders of individual faiths (God's?), tribes, nations, states, tongues, weapons, and different ranks and titles are called two-legged dogs or Satan's children39).

38) Matt.5:9; Jac.3:18; Heb.12:14; 1John 3:10, 15.
39) B.H.22:15; Jude 1:19; Eph.4:13.

An unbelievable Message from YEHOWAH to all people

He who overcomes terrible pressure and cunning lures to convert to Satan's individual faiths (or created by God of this world)40) and fulfils MY Commands in the B.H. for that one I will be GOD and he will be MY son. And I will let him sit down with ME on MY Throne! B.H.21:6, 7; 3:21.

40) 2Cor.4:4; Luke 4:5...7; B.H.13:8; 2:13.

YEHOWAH's special Address to contemporary Jews

The ALMIGHTY YEHOWAH says to Jews, "Come back to ME like your 10 tribes41) and I will come back to you." Zech.1:3; Is.65:2. Soften your hearts of stone and fill them with such love for all people as those of your forefathers are filled: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all Holy Prophets; and put into your hearts the following Words: "I was found by those who have never asked for ME; I was found by those who have never sought for ME; and to the Gentiles, who have never called on MY NAME, I say, "Here I am! Here I am! I stretch out MY Hands to you, rebellious jews, every day but you keep denying ME not wanting to abandon Satan. Is.65:2. So, termination of your 4000 year alliance with Satan42) does not depend on ME but it is you who should abandon him and come back to ME and I will come back to you and I will be your GOD and you will be MY people43)."

41) YEHOWAH hid them in Arsareth from the satanic talmud and christianities 700 B.C. See 3(4) Ezra 13:40...48.
42) Is.28:15; 59:13.
43) Jer.32:34; 24:7; 31:33; Lev.25:13.

World Messenger's Opinion on YEHOWAH's Address to Jews

My GOD YEHOWAH, it does not seem to me that Jews will be able to come back to YOU until the great satanic rabbi named Rothschild comes back to you. But Rothschild is held by Satan with golden chains worth of many millions. It turns out that first YOU should defeat Satan in order to take Jews from him. I am really surprised that both Jews and Gentiles do not like immortality but they do death! Ezek.18:31, 32, 23.

Out-of-love-to-people admonition

Those satanists who will rebel against YEHOWAH and HIS Invitation to become immortal and all HIS Holy Yehowists will be punished by YEHOWAH in this life. It is true! Amen!

Here are some of those who were punished: Emperor Alexander II, duke Dolgorukov I., chief of the police, minister Knyazhevich, generals: Felkner F. and Franz Odinetz (all four of them were disciples of Kanarski secretly undermining Russia); governors: duke Gagarin of Arkhangelsk city, governor of Kazan, governor of Andrey, and governor Drentel of Kiev; archimandrite Porfiry, Molokan wonder-worker44) named Maxim Rudometkin; from Jews: a wealthy Parisian named Rothschild, and a rabbi from Mogilev city and many other satanic christians and jews, who turned against this Good News from YEHOWAH given to all people.

44) He resurrected a dead woman and made a goat speak a human (the Russian) language in the village Nikitino next to the Caucasus.

My prayer to YEHOWAH

I ask you, my Beloved45) GOD YEHOWAH, to take revenge on YOUR enemies and all those who persecute YOUR Holy Yehowists from the bottom of my heart like those Yehowists asking YOU there in Heaven46); since, they are aware of what they do! Amen.

45) Deut.6:5; Mark 12:30.
46) B.H.6:10, 11.

Essence of this Invitation

According to the above said it is clear that he who would like to become immortal should join neither a true religion, nor Abraham, nor Balaam, nor Israel, nor Ishmael, nor Buddha, nor Confucius, nor Zoroaster, nor Mohammad, nor Pope, nor Crimean Pope, nor Luther, nor Calvin, nor Mormon, nor Rudometkin, nor Pashkov, nor Vilman, nor Leo Deroni, nor Rabbi the Great, nor Melchizedek the Greatest47) but YEHOWAH. After joining HIM start handing out, scattering and sending HIS Invitation48) throughout the world following Dan.12:3 and get from Yehowists another three books: "Revealing Secrets of YEHOWAH's World Plan", "YEHOWAH's Eyesalve" and "Hymns" or get a book "Eternal Good News" instead of these books. B.H.14:6.

47) Heb.7:3; Ps.110(109):4.
48) Especially to Socialists and Buddhists.


Hallelujah49) to YOU, THE FIRST and the LAST, who has keys to hades and death or JESUS CHRIST50) for YOUR Invitation to become immortal given through me! And if YOU are the ONLY MAN, who has the keys, then I do not want to know other Gods, lords and goddesses of the satanic world51).

49) B.H.19:2, 3.
50) Is.41:4; 44:6; 48:12; B.H.1:17, 18; 1Sam.(Kin.) 2:6; Deut.32:39; Ps.67(68):8; 81(82):1.
51) The ones having three hands, three breasts and lamenting.


I am the Light sent by GOD of the Holy Prophets, the One who invites all people to become immortal, and to One Faith in Crucified YEHOWAH, Elijah in Hebrew Elijah52)

52) Is.41:25, 26; 42:6...1; Mal.4:5, 6 and B.H.14:6.

Incredible power of the God of this World

This life-giving Light from YEHOWAH shone to all nations but none of them saw it! All people are invited to become immortal but only one of 10 000 would want immortality; in addition, that one is likely to be an ordinary person. Matt.19:23...25.


He who teaches that YEHOWAH does not grant physical immortality to people like HE did physical immortality to Elijah, Enoch and Melchizedek but herds their souls into a chimerical paradise or hell that one is Satan's servant and not YEHOWAH's one even though he worked wonders to support his deluded teachings; you should be aware of this fact and do not blame53) YEHOWAH for being left unaware. See Chapter II. B.H.13:4...15.

53) Jer.23:38...40; Is.1:5, 6.


Those who use YEHOWAH's Eyesalve54) for their eyes will see that this DIVINE selection of people for immortality55) from all faiths and tribes is consistent with HIS B.H. and astronomy and will believe YEHOWAH that the soul is blood56) and that all satanists with their souls and bodies and along with spiritual Satan will be burnt in the lake of fire. It is true! Amen57)!

54) B.H.3:18.
55) Or for joining Yehowists.
56) Deut.12:23.
57) B.H.20:15; 22:15; 21:8; Matt.25:46.