Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth


Truth of Prophets' Brothers and Angels' friends that gives brow-of-bronze Jews1)

Satan and come back to YEHOWAH


1) Is.48-4; 59-13; Ezek.3-7; 2-3.

YEHOWAH's Irreversible Command

to HIS rebellious Jews:

שובו אלי ואשובה אליכם

Come back to ME and I will come back to you

Kommt ZUMIR zurück, dann komme ICH zu euch

Zech.1-3; Jer.3-14; Joel 2-12, 13; Hos.14-2; Ezek.18-31; Is.31-6.


is offered to


Peace be with you!

Physically alive but internally dead2) famous enlightener, spreading the light of death among the dead3), here is a Light of Life! If this Light of Life penetrates your dead heart and reanimates it then drop to your knees immediately and looking up to the sky exclaim with joy, "Hurrah! Viva, Hosanna and Hallelujah to YOU, Source of Immortality4), our Friend and GOD5), CRUCIFED YEHOWAH!" Then bow to HIM. After this go and start reviving other physically alive but internally dead people both Christians and non-Christians with HIS Light.

You can be sure that for this help to mortal people made in HIS image6) HE will let you sit down with HIM on HIS Throne7) and make you as luminous as heavenly stars8). It is true! Amen.Elijah in Hebrew

2) B.H.3-1; Is.43-8.
3) Matt.8-22; 1Tim.5-6.
4) Wis.1-13; 2-23, 24; Ezek. 18-23, 32; 33-11; Acts 26-8; John 5-21; Luke 20-37; 1Cor.15-29, 32; 2Cor.1-9; Deut. 32-39; 33-3; B.H. 1-18; 7-9, 13...15.
5) Wis.7-14,27,28; Luke 12-4; John 15-14, 15; B.H.3-20, 21; 1John 5-20; Rom.9-5; B.H.22-6, 16; 1-18.
6) Gen.9-6.
7) B.H.3-21.
8) Dan.12-3; 1Cor.15-14, 42.

A word of caution

Despite being small this book is so valuable to all modern Jews that even a mountain of diamonds is nothing in comparison with it; since it reports a life-giving Truth, and if a mortal Jew allows it into his heart of stone9) he will be able not only to abandon Satan and come back to YEHOWAH but also to get physical immortality for never-ending eternity.

9) Ezek.2-4.

In other words this Book reports quite unexpected news that has come as a surprise not only to the Jews but to the entire world as well. Therefore, whether you are a mortal Jew, the most wonder-working Zadokite or Rothschild himself must read this book very carefully and reverently without smoking and drinking alcohol, otherwise you would do better to abandon the Book.

This means that first all educated Jews having academic or university degrees should read this book and then other men and women! Amen.


That is what YEHOWAH tells the Jews taken from HIM by Satan, "A bull knows who it belongs to, and a donkey knows its owner's manger but the Jews do not know ME10), though they call themselves MY people. I stretch out MY Hands to them every day but they keep denying ME11)!"

10) Is.1-2,3; Ezek.6-7, 10, 13, 14; 7-4; 37-13, 14; Jer.31-34; 24-7; Ex.6-1...3; 15-3; 34-14; Hos.12-6.
11) Is.65-2; Hos.11-2.

Sholem Aleichem, famous Judaic people rejected by YEHOWAH!

The 42d issue of your newspaper "Razsvet", p. 1604 says, "The Jews (the tribe of Judah) were dispersed all over the world with a providential mission to spread the idea of pure12) Monotheism." But on page 1615 this providential mission was called "darkness."

12) Isn't it pagan? M.Q.

I ask you in the NAME of YEHOWAH to answer the following questions in your paper:

1. GOD's name you are preaching is Moazim, isn't it? Dan.11-38.

2. Was it He who had lunch at Abraham's house and with the 75 Hebrews at Mount Sinai? Gen. 18-1...8; Ex.24-1...11.

3. Was it He who visited and looked toward Soddom standing next to Abraham? Gen. 18-20...33; 19-27.

4. Was it Moazim who tested Abraham? Gen. 22-1, 2.

5. Was it He who wrestled with Jacob? Gen.32-24...28,32.

6. Was it He who made a mistake in choosing Saul as the king13)?

7. Was it Moazim who was walking around the paradise calling to Adam and Eve hiding from Him in the bushes14)?

8. Was it He who spoke face to face to Cain and Abel and to all of your ancestors? Gen.4-6...9.

9. Was it He who commanded one of the Gods to deceive Ahab?15)

13) 1Sam.(Kin.)15-11, 35; 13-12.
14) Gen.3-8...11.
15) 1Kin.(Sam.)22-19...32.

10. Was it He who ordered the Israelites to mark their dwellings with lamb's blood so that He will pass over them when killing the Egyptians16) in the darkness?

11. Was it He who ordered the Israelites to rob the Egyptians17) in a friendly manner?

16) Ex.12-12, 13, 22, 23, 29.
17) Ex.3-22; 11-2; 12-35.

12. Is it Moazim who has been failing to persuade you that He is the Everlasting Man or HEBREW GOD? Ps.95-10,11; Gen.9-6; 48-11; 17-1; 11-5; 3-22; Deut.23-12...14; 34-10; Num.12-8.

13. Was it Moazim who wrote the Commandments with HIS Finger or maybe the entire Law? Ex.31-18; 32-16; Deut.9-10; Ex.24-12.

14. Was it He who gave Muhammad the Al Qur'an so that the prophecy about Hagarians would come true? Gen.17-18...21.

15. Is unseen Moazim the very GOD of Gods? Deut.10-17; Ex.15-11; 18-11; Gen.3-22; Ps.136-8; 82-1,6; 86-8; 2Chr.(Par.)2-5; Dan.2-47.

16. Does one God Moazim have a soul18), heart19), hands20), eyes21), mouth and legs?

18) Lev.26-11; Is.1-14.
19) 1Sam.13-14; Ps.33-11; Jer.32-41.
20) Is.65-2; Jer.1-9; 51-25.
21) Deut.11-12.

17. Was it Moazim who threw the 23 000 Hebrews into a fiery pit in the desert? Num. 25-9; 1Cor. 10-8.

18. Was it He who wanted to exterminate all the rebellious Hebrews and make new ones of Moses? Ex. 32-9, 10.

19. Was it He who rejected the Jews22), hid His Face from them and let Satan take control over them? B.H.2-9; 3-9.

22) HE cursed them and commanded all nations to hate and curse the Jews.

20. Was it He who destroyed the tribe of Dan utterly? B.H.7-4.

21. Was it Moazim who established his Israelite Kingdom of the New Covenant made up of 144 000 Israelites and hidden from Satan in an unknown desert? B.H. 7-4...8; 12.

22. Is it Moazim who chooses servants and true male and female friends from the Gentiles instead of HIS rebellious Jews? Is.65-1,2,3; B.H.7-9...13,15.

23. Was it He who made some of the satanic Jews bow to His truly faithful Gentile friends from Philadelphia? B.H.3-9.

24. Was it Moazim who was pierced by your vicious ancestors and who was silent when they were leading Him to the place of torment and execution? Zech.12-9...14; Is.53-3,4,7; B.H.1-7.

25 Why does this one God of the Universe23), whom no one has ever seen, not want to give a desired law of peace to all people but has always given various and hostile laws: Jewish, 666 Christian, Mohammedan laws and up to 1000 other laws24)?

26. What kind of providence or as you call it the providential makes you spread deluded teachings of this one unseen or chimerical God among (some) nations if you yourselves don't know your Hebrew GOD, and even were cursed by HIM25)?

23) Contrary to Mich.4-5; Deut.10-17; Ex.15-11; 18-11; See question 15.
24) Read an article about atheism in books "True Religion and True GOD" or "Universal Truth".
25) Is.1-2, 3; 65-1, 2; Ezek.2-3...8; Deut.29-20; 28-15; 30-17, 18; Mal.2-2; Dan.9-11.

Now, listen carefully!

When the Jews were terribly oppressed in Babylon the Holy Prophet Ezra begged God to remove the curse He had put on them and dispel darkness or satanic teaching about monotheism among the Jews exclaiming, "Where is our Truthful26) Hebrew GOD while HIS people is oppressed and abandoned?" Then he told YEHOWAH, "YOU, YEHOWAH, selected a special people from all peoples and gave the best Law to YOUR beloved people27)." GOD YEHOWAH, why did YOU let other nations enslave YOUR only and beloved people? Or why did YOU scatter YOUR people, a great nation raised up of YOUR only Son Israel28), among other tribes? YOU gave the age29) to the Hebrews only. As for the Gentiles, who are descended from Cain30), YOU said, "They are worthless31) and are to be destroyed32)" How come that the worthless Gentiles captured us, Your33) children, and even started killing us? If YOU have given the age to the Hebrews only, so why don't we enjoy our age? How long will it last34)? Are Gentile laws better than Jewish ones (dark and talmudic) and what tribes observe Your Sinai Law more strictly than the tribe of Jacob35)? And if Your (GOD's) people deviated from Your Divine Sinai Law that is because they, like all other peoples, inherited stinginess from Adam36) and it is YOUR fault that YOU have not taken away their selfish hearts37). Supposing Your Judaic people has turned into a satanic crowd or rebels and they no longer deserve to inherit the things YOU promised us38), then what will happen to YOUR NAME, GOD of the Hebrews39)?" Ezra got the following answer40) to these questions through the Angel, "There's no use trying to understand Mysteries of Divine Predestination; humans are unable to comprehend a lot of things in the visible nature much less understand intentions of the ALMIGHTY41)." All these mysteries will be unraveled in the last days! B.H.10-7.

26) Faithful to HIS Words.
27) While Satan persuades his people and even Jews that YEHOWAH's Sinai Law is worthless or a hint of truth. See His messages in Heb.7-19; 10-1; Col. 2-17, see also B.H.13-5, 6; and "Son of Motherland", #24, 1882.
28) And not of a Hebrew (Eber) and even nor of Abraham, nor of Isaac and nor of Esau. Ex.4-23; Ser.36-14? M.Q.
29) A time period before transformation of the Earth or 7000 years.
30) It seems to me that they are rather descended from Noah's son Ham and not from Cain. Do the children born by Hagar and Keturah to Abraham belong to the Gentiles and not to Israel? M.Q.
31) That is, they are ashes, pus or as much dead flesh as all mortal Jews, aren't they? M.Q.
32) Through burning in the lake of fire.
33) Deut.14-1; Is.1-2.
34) Until the Jews abandon Satan and convert to Israelites of the New Covenant like those 144 000 Israelites. M.N.
35) Can YEHOWAH be happy that you observe HIS Law strictly but at the same time you abandoned HIM? Is.1-11,15; Ezek.2-3...8. M.Q.
36) They inherited this trait rather from HIS holy and firstborn son Israel and not from Adam, didn't they? M.Q.
37) Why didn't YOU allow Adam and Eve to return to the paradise? Gen.3-24. Why didn't YOU put Saul's heir to death if YOU made a mistake in choosing Saul as the king? More importantly, why did YOU let Jezebel preach monotheism to Israel?
38) HE promised Israel and not the Jews. HE promised the Jews that HE would come back to them if they abandon Satan and come back to HIM. See the Epigraph.
39) GOD of the Hebrews and not of the Jews; there is a big difference. HE can make new Jews from stones instead of the Jews. M.N.
40) Similar to Dan.12-9, 14.
41) Over all Gods. Deut.10-17.


As the Holy Prophet Ezra was granted immortality and taken to the Immortal people I as a brother of Prophets and friend of YEHOWAH's42) Angels will answer these questions because the last days have come.

"Dear Friend and Brother Ezra, your questions convinced me that you, like all Jews, didn't know at that time that the God of this mortal world43) or the Creator of death, Gentile God named Satan is as everlasting and wise as HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH. This old enemy of YEHOWAH is such a transcendental theologian, talmudist and philosopher44) of the world that he lures into rebelling against YEHOWAH not only people but also Angels. It is indeed that in these or the last days or after 6000 year battle of these two Everlasting Men that sensible people came to understand that YEHOWAH would not be able to establish HIS Kingdom in Israel and bring Peace, Freedom and Prosperity to all nations until HE defeats Satan45). 7 000 years were given not only to the Hebrews but also to a great number of Gentiles so that they could deserve immortality. Supposing you, my Friend Ezra, lived before YEHOWAH came to this world in the human body or when the Jews didn't have the Book from Heaven, which clearly says about salvation from death for the Gentiles as well, but many parts of the Jewish Holy Scriptures say about this salvation, e.g.: Is.65-1; 56-3...7; 19-23...25; Joel3-2; Mal.1-11 etc; since YEHOWAH, as a person, does not want anyone made in HIS image to die. Gen.9-6; Ezek.18-23,32; 33-11; Wis.1-13...16.

42) B.H.22-9.
43) The Jews have been worshiping him since Ahab.
44) Or the great wonder-working Zadok.
45) Final defeat of Satan is 1116 years away.


These absolute and obvious truths mean that both Jews and Gentiles, who would like to become immortal - that is, who abandoned Satan, all his religions and crowds and joined YEHOWAH's Brotherhood of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends or the Society of Israelites of the New Covenant should observe the following:

1. Strictly follow the teaching of their Holy Brothers – Prophets that all nations can worship their Gods46) - be it one and unseen Judaic, Christian, Mohammedan or Buddhist God but we must worship our YEHOWAH47), HEBREW GOD for worship of whom satanic Jews persecuted Elijah, Isaiah, Zechariah, all Holy Prophets and YEHOWAH HIMSELF. We must worship the GOD, whom the whole Israel48) saw and who could be seen49), who had lunch and supper50), who was pierced on the cross and who would come from Heaven followed by the Israelites of the New Covenant and Yehowists riding white horses in order to defeat viscous Christians and satanic Jews51) and establish Israelite Kingdom of the New Covenant for 1000 years in Palestine.

46) Mich.4-5.
47) Is.42-8; Ex.6-3; 3-15; 15-3; Hos.12-5; Mal.1-11; Ps.113-3; B.H.22-6.
48) When HE was heading from Mount Seir to Sinai. Deut.33-2; 5-24; Ex.19-9; Is.6-1...11.
49) B.H.22-6; 3-20.
50) B.H.3-20.
51) Dan.12-2, 1.

2. Keep in mind that our aim is to get to the Heavenly Jerusalem to YEHOWAH's Throne and not to the Earthly one so that we could become as physically immortal as all brothers, sisters and all our forefathers living there: Enoch, Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and all Holy Prophets and Apostles, and 144 000 Israelites and Gentiles: Melchizedek52), Job, Jethro53), Balaam, Pythagoras, Zamolkvin54), Zoroaster, Confucius, Jannes, Jambres and other Yehowists and faithful male and female friends of the CRUCIFIED HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH. We should not bother about getting to Palestine. If YEHOWAH decides to take us to HIS earthly 1000 year Kingdom HE will do it with HIS Divine means.

52) Ps.110-4; Gen.14-18...21.
53) Moses' father-in-law.
54) Pythagoras' instructor, a Russian Cossack from Don.

3. You must not pray (mumble nonsense) and sing at satanic gatherings. You must keep away from their absurd doings even if they left for Palestine or ascended to Heaven on the wings of their one God Moazim without YEHOWAH. Can there be a unity between the Light and darkness, faith according to knowledge (or the Universal one) and satanic superstition55), YEHOWAH's Blessed Friends and Satan's friends?

4. You must love and care for every brother of Prophets and friend of Angels like YEHOWAH loves us56).

55) A religion practiced according to legends and not according to knowledge. Mark 7-13; Matt.15-6; Tim.1-14; Acts 21-20...26.
56) B.H.3-9; John 13-34; 15-12.

5. You must not cheat or offend any satanic people without YEHOWAH's Command; you should be merciful to all people made in YEHOWAH's image57) and caught by Satan in his deadly traps as we were trapped as well. Remember that it was not we who found this life-giving Truth but it was sent to us unexpectedly.

6. You must not preach any sermons, nor read any theologies and the talmud, nor the Old Testament, nor the New Testament, nor even Torah, nor Al Qar'an58), nor Christian and Jewish newspapers even if they seemed very fascinating to you. You should work day and night helping different people abandon Satan, which means every male and female Yehowist must hand out (translate if possible) and send MANGOD's invitation to be immortal59) to all nations from the East to the West. Mal.1-11; (Is.56-7; 1Kin.8-41,42).

57) Gen.9-6.
58) According to Jer.31-33, 34.
59) Especially the first Book or "Universal Truth" that you are supposed to get from me.

7. Therefore, you should help YEHOWAH disprove all Christianities and satanic Judaism in order to speed up HIS coming on a white horse to Palestine for a decisive60) and horrifying Battle in Armageddon.

8. If you face persecution from Satan for HIS61) Works through all his vicious and bigoted Christianities and satanic Judaism, be ready to cheerfully die the same torturous death like GOD HIMSELF or our YEHOWAH did. B.H.3-21; 2-10; 12-11,13; 13-7,8; 14-13; 6-10,11; Is.53-3,4,7; Zech.12-10.

60) Or the strongest win.
61) B.H.2-26; Is.28-21; 29-24.

9. You must not question the Truth that darkness has already covered the Earth and thick darkness all nations, and that this worldwide darkness results solely from ignorance among the Jews and Gentiles of who YEHOWAH and HIS old enemy, Satan, are, and because they fail to see the ongoing fight between these two Everlasting Men of Equal Strength.

10. You must firmly believe the B.H. that YEHOWAH became king of the tribe62) made up of 144 000 Israelites of the New Covenant forever after HIS resurrection, but currently in a desert. As soon as a certain number of Yehowists join this tribe YEHOWAH will advance from the desert followed by HIS people63) to fight in Armageddon. Then HE will come to Jerusalem, gather all those Jews, who will abandon Satan, and take over for 1000 years openly. After 1000 years HE and HIS people will move to HIS Heavenly Jerusalem on the New Earth64).

After the Immortal people have lived on the new Earth for 280000 years the HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH will improve it; HE will keep improving the New Earth to perfection beyond comprehension periodically.

62) Over the tribe of Jacob - that is, HE became king in Israel again, like HE was before Saul. 1Kin. (Sam.)8-7; Ser.17-15.
63) Is.63-1...6.
64) B.H.21-3.


Dying Jews rejected by YEHOWAH, exclaim exultantly hosanna, hurrah, viva and hallelujah to YEHOWAH, GOD of your Holy Fathers for revealing HIS Plan for ruling the world to you, or what Israel, all nations and the Earth will see! Drop to your knees before HIS Holiest NAME on the Star below, kiss it, hold it close to your hearts of stone, burn incense for it and kiss like brothers congratulating each other on such unexpected Grace from your GOD, and then tell other nations that HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH is the One GOD of Immortality for people and that HE, as a Man, will live on the Earth65) with people for never-ending eternity improving it from time to time. So, the goal of every person is to join YEHOWAH.

65) B.H.21-3.

If you do not obey YEHOWAH's Commands you will die more terrible death than those 23 000 Hebrews in the desert and you will never see HIS 1000 year Jerusalem of the New Covenant. It is true! Amen.

YEHOWAH on star of David

*) The Jews have been called to come back to YEHOWAH, and it is Jews (and not Chinese) through whom the Gentiles will get salvation from death. B.H.2-28; 22-16; 7-9,13...15; John 4-22; Rom.11-11,12.

"From the East to the West MY NAME will be great among the Gentiles, and in every place incense will be burned for MY NAME and a pure sacrifice offered; since MY NAME66) (YEHOWAH) shall be great among the Gentiles," says YEHOWAH, GOD of hosts.

It is clear that he who wants to become immortal must pray before YEHOWAH's NAME, burn incense for it and offer HIM a sacrifice (a bloodless one). Every time after your prayer you should kiss YEHOWAH on the star showing your sincere love67) for HIM and believing in saving power of HIS NAME for all. Joel 3-5.

66) Mal.1-11; 2-2.
67) Deut. 6-4...7; Mark 12-30; B.H. 2-2.


Dear brothers Jews, I tell you with YEHOWAH's consent: if this Eternal Truth or a remedy for satanic and talmudic madness68) or for age-old darkness helps any of you see a gleam of light coming from the Sun of Eternal Truth in this darkness that covered all nations and tribes69) exclaim exultantly: "Hallelujah to GOD of the Holy Prophets!" And thank HIM from the bottom of your hearts and love for HIM falling down on your faces before HIS NAME on the star. Then let me know about this unimaginable Grace from HIM and you will receive such a radiant Light of Truth that will break through any satanic darkness. You will see that I am the very Messenger from YEHOWAH named Elijah, who is supposed to disprove all satanic religions and help the Jews become loving and faithful to MANGOD YEHOWAH like all their Holy Fathers were.

68) Or for turning into physically alive but internally dead people. See "Razsvet", #45, p. 1749-1751, 1882.
69) Is. 60-2; B.H.16-10.

As for the satanic idol on clay legs it will be ruined by world socialists with dynamite. Mal.3-19,23,24. You should start your letter to me with the following words, "The great defender of CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH and dear friend Elijah,...!"

My address: S. As. Puhart, chief rabbi, Mitau city or "Razsvet or the Russian Jew," an editorial office in Saint Petersburg.

Out-of-love-for-people admonition

He who will refuse to abandon Satan70) and this satanic or dark Judaism and will continue to rebel against INCARNATE AND CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH, after revealing this Eternal and Life-giving Truth, is a physically alive but internally dead human being with characteristics of a beast71); therefore, that one has the mark of the beast72) and will be exterminated once and for all through burning in the lake of fire73). I advise that person to take care and extend his mortal life (out of my love for all people deceived by Satan) by passing this Book to somebody else surreptitiously and never tell anybody that you have ever read it74); since the HEBREW GOD shows no mercy to all opponents of HIS Invitation to be immortal in this last Battle75) against Satan, his Christians and Jews. Here is the list of those who were punished by YEHOWAH: duke Dolgorukov, chief of gendarmerie, died in the church during the morning prayer in the presence of the tsar; duke Gagarin, Saratov governer, died in Kazan city; Knyazhevich, minister of finance; Felkner F. and France Odinetz, generals; Semennikov, colonel (Felkner's servants76)); Ushakov, lieutenant (inquisitor's servants77)); Pokrovsky, Lysenko and Sokolov, officials (Gagarin's servants) for hurting me in order to please Gagarin; Payker, genaral's wife, died for blasphemy on this Invitation to become immortal; Makarenko, soldier (Ushakov's servant), archimandrite and inquisitor Porfiry died from food poisoning; bishop Khrisofan for blasphemy on YEHOWAH's Torah; priest Uspensky, the pristanaja faith, for slandering me; the great wonder worker Maksim Rudometkin78), molokan, for insulting behavior towards me; the tsar Alexander II was severely punished by YEHOWAH for keeping me locked away for 20 years in a terrible prison cell, for raiding my home for 18 hours and escorting me to Saint Petersburg prison79) in disgrace; eventually, Judaic king James Rothschild for not thanking YEHOWAH for the Invitation to become immortal and many others80). It is true! Amen.

70) Be it known to you that Satan is incarnate as well.
71) B.H.3-1, 16, 18; or a dog B.H.22-15.
72) B.H.13-16; 14-9, 11; 20-4.
73) Like those 23 000 Hebrews in the desert.
74) I advise you against revealing this great Secret of GOD to Satan even if you were as rich as Rothschild. Be careful!
75) There will be one more Battle in the Mediterranean region after 1000 years of peace. B.H.20-9.
76) Knyazhevich awarded him the order of Annensky for causing suffering to me stealthily and promoted him from captain to colonel.
77) Dolgorukov promoted him to lieutenant and paid him a reward worth of annual income for giving me a bloody kick.
78) He even raised a dead woman in the Caucasus and made a goat speak a human language.
79) At the same place where his statue was installed. Remarkably, I was also escorted by a sheriff and soldier riding behind me, a soldier was riding with me and Cossacks were riding on either side; I do not remember if there were 9 of them. Indeed, YEHOWAH's Words in B.H.13-10 came true. Hallelujah! Amen. B.H. 3-14.
80) No doubt that Netter, the Alliance chief member, was punished for not thanking as well.

My address to Jews of the New Covenant81)

My dear children82) revived by me83) with YEHOWAH's consent, don't let Christian Jezebel84) nor satanic Jews85) teach you and lure you to their superstitious religions disproving them with this Eternal and Evangelical Truth86), and fight to the last dying for the Glory of CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH and for this Invitation to become immortal that HE sent to all people. Amen.

81) Addressing those Jews who made sure that the HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH HIMSELF was crucified under the NAME of the Jew YESHUA of Nazareth or JESUS CRIST in Greek. Consequently, they abandoned Satan and all his dark religions and crowds and converted back to the Eternal Faith of their Fathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all Holy Prophets.
82) Since they named me Biatsil Kdyatram, father of the Israelite Religion of the New Covenant.
83) In 1880.
84) B.H.2-20; 17-1...5; 18-3.
85) B.H.2-9; 3-9.
86) YEHOWAH has been spreading it since the beginning of time. B.H.14-6.

My prayer to YEHOWAH

THE MOST ENLIGHTENED and EVERLASTING HEBREW YEHOWAH, GOD of the Prophet Elijah, and My GOD, I beg YOU to confirm me in my faith in YOU and strengthen my Testimony like you did that of the Prophet Elijah in ancient times; since it is YOU who has chosen me for this unbelievable mission. It is clear that I am fighting against the Jews and Gentiles solely over YOU, the Everlasting Man, FATHER, KING, RABBI and MESSIAH of the Hebrews like Elijah did against the ancient Jews and Gentiles, or against the faith worshiping an unseen absolute God-spirit Moazim87), whom neither people nor the Angels have ever seen and whom no one is unable to see! 1Tim.6-16; John 1-18. Amen. Halleluiah! Amen.

87) Dan.11-38.

"Hey, Jews with hearts of stone88)!"

הי, יהודים עם לבבות האבן!

Seid ihr, mit den steinharten Herzen Juden!


I am the Defender of CRUCIFIED HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH or Disprover of all the 666 vicious Christianities and satanic judaism, Brother of the Prophets and Friend of the Holy Angels and the most high generalissimo of KING'S of the kings artillery named Elijah!

88) Ezek.2-4.

My message to the community of Jewish thinkers

Dear thinkers enlightening yourselves and others with your light of death, and all Jews, listen carefully, try to understand and stop rebelling!"

האזינו, הבינו והפסיקו למרוד!

Hört, versteht und stemmt euch nicht mehr!

Hear, Heavens, and listen, Earth89), if you don't put into your hearts of stone and your brows of bronze this clear Invitation to be immortal, which has been spread among you (and among all mortal people) for 4000 years by the President of the Immortal people, YEHOWAH will have to put an eternal curse on you, satanic degenerates from HIS first-born and immortal Son Israel90) according to Mal. 3-19,24; Dan.12-1,2 crying over you in this decisive battle because nothing can make you abandon Satan. I advise you to use the Eyesalve91) for your eyes that YEHOWAH offers you in HIS B.H.92), then look at your history and you will see that the prophecy about the advent of a Messiah and not YEHOWAH HIMSELF is the very deadly trap that Satan has been using for 4000 years to keep you from coming back to YEHOWAH for enjoying free and immortal life with HIM for never-ending eternity. The idea of a messiah prevents you from understanding your Holy Scriptures and from previous experience that the GOD of Abraham and of all the Prophets persecuted93) by you and NAMED YEHOWAH is a man, as Everlasting and Immortal as Melchizedek94), and HE is the very GOD of the living and not the dead. It is HE who is your KING, FATHER, JUDGE, RABBI and LORD (ADONAI) or THE MESSIAH95) and nobody else96). He stretches out HIS Hands to you every day begging you to abandon Satan, all his gold, talmudic nonsense and ludicrous97) prayers in your synagogues, come back to HIM with utmost devotion and give your lives to HIM decidedly without any books and holy scriptures and HE will Hand you the Law or even give you a new One by Word of HIS Holiest Mouth directly, and let HIM lead you to where HE wants you to go98); in short, you must fully rely on YEHOWAH like those 10 tribes that HE hid from Satan in Arsareth 700 years before HE came to the world in the human body.

89) Is.1-1.
90) Or like beasts from the tribe of Dan.
91) Remedy for treating blindness to the truth.
92) B.H.3-18.
93) Including myself.
94) Hutuh in Chinese.
95) CHRIST in Greek.
96) Is.48-12.
97) Pagan or Christian ones.
98) Even if you had to cross the Egyptian Sea again. Is.11-15, 16.

You can talmudize, mumble and sing to the music in your gorgeous synagogues for another 4000 years or get to Palestine with your satanic talmud and Christian monotheism but YEHOWAH will not come back to you, nor will HE show HIS FACE to satanic people if you don't give your lives to HIM, conversely HE will exterminate you throughout the world and in Palestine like HE wanted to do in Moses' time. HE will establish HIS Jerusalem Kingdom on the 144 000 Israelites of the New Covenant and on the 10 Arsareth tribes for 1000 years. It is true. Amen.

Commandment about Saturday for defenders of YEHOWAH and those Jews, who abandoned Satan and came back to YEHOWAH

"You can have 6 days for your work but the Saturday must be dedicated to your GOD YEHOWAH99)." Those who are able can do YEHOWAH's Works all week long and even day and night100). B.H.2-26; Is.28-21; 29-23; Jer.51-10; Ps.90(89)-16. Basically, the Saturday must be kept quiet, holy and clean. Ex.20-8.

99) Ex.20-9, 10.
100) Ps.1-2.

The world talmudist interprets this Commandment in the following way: "You can enjoy 7 days without devoting a single minute to YEHOWAH." That is, you can cheat the Gentiles in whatever way is possible for 6 days and on Saturday have fun, some beer and wine saying, the Sabbath is good! The Sabbath is good! God loves101) us for the Sabbath only and not for our works for HIM.

YEHOWAH says, "I hate your Sabbaths102)," while the smartest talmudist advises us to ignore HIS Words thinking to ourselves, "HE can hate whatever HE wants as long as we are happy."

101) HE has been punishing you for 4000 years, hasn't HE? M.Q.
102) Is.1-13, 14.

The most pious Jewish thinkers, as YEHOWAH is right saying about Jews being the most stubborn, blind and deaf people with hearts of stone, brows of bronze and necks of iron, who have been failing to accept HIS Eternal Truth and hear HIS Message for 4000 years killing all HIS Messengers, you are unlikely to take this wonderful News from HIM as the unbelievable Grace to the Jews (and through them to the whole world) either. So, I should warn you against keeping this DIVINE Grace from the Jews so that at least one of a million will accept this Truth, abandon Satan, come back to YEHOWAH, and fulfill HIS Commands devotedly. HE will punish you for rebelling against HIM like Dathan and Abiram and all inhabitants of the Earth will put an eternal curse on you for keeping the Universal Truth that no one can disprove and that can make anyone who will accept it as immortal as Elijah, Enoch, 144 000 Israelites of the New Covenant and other faithful male and female friends of Crucified MANGOD YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST. It is true! Amen.

Strictly commanding103) all charitable committees established by Satan among the Jews

All and any Jewish committees: educational, sponsoring, legislative or reformative and those founded by Oliphant, Montefiore and Rothschild, anti-christian, anti-mohammedan and anti-buddhist alone with all government Alliances (of an Israel), listen carefully to what YEHOWAH says, "Satanic darkness104) has already covered all nations and tribes." Is.60-2; B.H.16-10.

103) Ps.7-2.
104) It means that you are covered by the darkness as well.

Look at the whole world from a non-talmudic perspective and you will see that YEHOWAH is telling you the undeniable Truth, which will help you understand HIS Command that you, Jews, must stop propagating your 4000 year jewish darkness of Satan and trying to bring the Jews and all dark Christianities or the Gentiles covered by the very world darkness together. Consequently, you must stop wasting your time taking poor Jews to America, Africa and Palestine in order to save them from death in the satanic darkness. You must abandon your intention to hold a world council of overly talmudic or satanic rabbis and angels from the abyss105) with their satanic theologies, and fulfill the following Commands with selfless devotion to YEHOWAH as soon as possible:

1. Tell all Jews secretly that their kindest106) FATHER107), Everlasting Hebrew YEHOWAH commanded that they be informed that HE has started the last Battle against Satan and against all satanic Christianities and nations108), which will cause109) turbulence, disorders, disturbances, bloodshed, explosions, arsons, heists, robbery, embezzlement, exorbitant taxes, famine, pestilence, various diseases and different theologies and philosophical concepts with ongoing reforms of all areas; in short, woe110) to all who dwell on the Earth and the sea ever seen from the beginning of the world. All Jews111) will face terrible persecution and massacre throughout the world. That's why YEHOWAH, as their FAHTER, is begging them stretching out HIS Hands to them to abandon Satan as soon as possible, all crowds and committees and join HIM in HIS Committee of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends in order to avoid punishment HE will inflict on all HIS enemies.112)

105) B.H.11-7; 17-8.
106) At the same time HE is quite hot-tempered. He punishes severely and takes revenge on rebellious Jews to the fourth generation.
107) Deut.14-1; Is.1-2; Mal.1-6; 2-10; Ex.4-22; Hos.11-1.
108) Everyone knows that HE considers the Jews to be satanic people. B.H.2-9; 3-9.
109) It has already begun.
110) Even to earthly kings.
111) Even baptized Jews will face persecution and massacre.
112) Mal.3-24; Ps.5-8; B.H.18-4.

2. So, after receiving this Command all Jews must get together in their synagogues, kneel before YEHOWAH's NAME113) on the star and say the following prayer114):

113) Men should be bareheaded.
114) The Rabbi or chief should say this prayer slowly and loudly so that the rest could repeat after him.

"GOD of our Fathers: |115) Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah | and all Holy Prophets | and our FATHER YEHOWAH YEHOWAH in Hebrew | falling down before YOUR Holy Feet | we thank YOU | from the bottom of our hearts | for YOUR wonderful Messenger, | who proved to us clearly and conclusively | making it possible for us to know | YOU and YOUR old enemy | and who revealed to us an incredible Secret | that YOU, the Everlasting Hebrew, | our GOD and FATHER | came to Jerusalem | under the NAME of JESUS CHRIST and was Crucified | and killed by our fathers | like they killed | all YOUR Messengers, | and who showed us plainly that | the 4 000 year awaited advent of a Messiah to us, | and not YOU YOURSELF | was Satan's terrible plot116) to take us from YOU117) | and arrange for us to be exterminated | like he did | the whole tribe of Dan. After admitting this terrible mistake | made by our fathers | and understanding YOUR Plan for ruling the world | or what would happen to Israel, | to all nations | and to the Earth | we swear to start observing | the ten paragraphs and the Commandment about Saturday | as of today | given through | YOUR Messenger Elijah | in his Message | entitled "New Light from Jerusalem | to the two tribes of Israel118)." | If YOU doubt | our promise | in view of having been unfaithful to YOU for a long time | then try testing us | like you did Abraham119)| and all those who joined YOU. | We don't know | if we will be able to overcome Satan | but we tell YOU | that from now on | we are ready | to suffer any ordeal | or die the same torturous death like YOU YOURSELF did120), | if only YOU YOURSELF lead us to where we should be | like YOU hid our ten tribes | from Satan | leading them to Arsareth | for one year and a half | with great wonders121). | We firmly believe | that YOU will forgive those Jews their sins, | who abandoned Satan | and joined YOU. | YOU will save them | from death, | raise the dead, | make them as immortal | as all our Holy forefathers | and lead them through the twelve gates | into the city of Jerusalem, | which will come down out of Heaven | on the New Earth. | Amen" (then bow to YEHOWAH).

115) The rabbi should pause at the line.
116) Satan deceived not only the Jews but also all nations through his teaching about the advent of a Messiah, and based on which he created the 666 Christianities.
117) He created Christianities in order to destroy you, the Sinai Law of YEHOWAH and HIS Divine Kingdom in Jerusalem.
118) Or the Push.
119) Gen.22-1, 12.
120) According to YOUR Words in the B.H. 3-21.
121) HE will PERSONALLY lead them out of Arsareth to Damask city with great wonders, where the Russian Jews will meet them.

3. Then each of you (men and women) should kiss YEHOWAH on the Star three times and offer sacrifices122) to HIM for seven days; and rejoice123), kiss like brothers and congratulate each other on such unexpected Mercy from JESUS CHRIST, whom you have been dishonoring for so many centuries, hated HIM provoking HIS wrath not knowing that HE was the very Living GOD of the Holy Prophets and Abraham's GOD YEHOWAH124).

From that time on those Jews, who came to believe in JESUS CHRIST, shall have neither poor, nor rich, nor ordinary, nor officials, nor educated, nor illiterate, nor talmudists, nor zaddiks, nor masters, nor rabbis125) and consequently, nor synagogues, committees and Alliances but you all should be equal brothers and sisters of One FATHER, HEBREW GOD JESUS CRHIST or YEHOWAH.

122) Bloodless ones.
123) You can do it to music.
124) Let me tell you a great secret that HE will come to Armageddon riding a white horse under a new NAME in order to mislead Christians into declaring war against a Jew and not against CHRIST.
125) Jer.31-33, 34.

Do you hear Jewish millionaires? I do not think you have heard this Message and you are unlikely to hear it; since you hate this Command of YEHOWAH so much that you would rather convert to a satanic faith and then be thrown into the lake burning with brimstone if only you could keep your gold and mammon pleasures of this world.

In conclusion, I strictly command you in the five NAMES of GOD:

(HIS future NAME)130)

to tell me decisively either hello, our friend Elijah, or goodbye, our enemy Elijah!

Wake up, come to your senses and don't make a mistake as this mistake will bring an eternal curse on you! Mal.3-24; Ps.5-7. Hallelujah to YOU. Amen.

126) Ex.6-1...3; 3-15; Is.42-8; Hos.12-6; B.H.22-6.
127) Savior, MESSIAH. Hos.13-4; B.H.22-16; Matt.1-24.
128) B.H.19-13.
129) B.H.3-14.
130) B.H.3-12; (Is.62-2; Harr.5-4; B.H.19-12).

The essence of this wonderful and life-giving Good News from my GOD or my reply to a Pilate's question, what is the truth?

Hey, blind, deaf131) and physically alive but internally dead people132) using biblical waters of death cunningly in order to invent different true religions or all mortal talmudists, theologians and sinless pastors of flocks covered by darkness133) and dying among people with no purpose in life, you should remember that purpose of every person (both Jews and Gentiles) on this planet is to achieve immortality, and no one, nor even a true earthly nor heavenly religion can do it but the Immortal Man YEHOWAH. YEHOWAH grants immortality only to those people, who will become HIS Friends and will join HIM in the mortal fight against Satan, his religions and teachings.

Hallelujah to YOU, Source of Immortality or GOD of the Holy Prophets JESUS CHRIST! Amen.

131) Is.43-8; B.H.3-18.
132) B.H.3-1; Matt.8-22.
133) Is.60-2; B.H.16-10.

A cry to the four corners of the Earth:




"Blessed are those who will be present at Lamb's marriage134)," these are true Words of GOD and not mine B.H.19-7, 9.

134) Infinite celebration of CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH.

Abandon all faiths, gold, ranks, estate, relatives and your earthly homelands so you would not miss the infinite Feast because the door will be locked soon, when a certain number of guests enter it, and whether you are a king, rich man or the holiest and the most wonderworking mortal person but the door to immortality will not be unlocked.

And the beast will come out from the abyss and start killing all people indiscriminately. It is true! Amen. Matt.25-10...12; Luke13-25; Rom.11-25; B.H.6-11; 11-7; 17-8; 13-1...9, 15...17; Ps.83(82)-5, 6. Amen.

He who wants to read another book (Universal Truth), which utterly disproves all 666 Christianities and Talmudic Judaism and all other religions as well, should send me his address and 5 postage stamps.

My advice to every rabbi, talmudist or lord of satanic-jewish darkness, who has read this Book

The most pious Jewish thinkers, as YEHOWAH is right saying about Jews being the most stubborn, blind and deaf people with hearts of stone, brows of bronze and necks of iron, who have been failing to accept HIS eternal Truth and hear HIS Message for 4000 years, you are unlikely to take this wonderful Good News from HIM as the unbelievable Grace to the Jews (and through them to the whole world) either. So, I should warn you against keeping this DIVINE Grace from the Jews because at least one of a million will accept the Truth, abandon Satan, come back to YEHOWAH and start fulfilling his Commands devotedly. HE will punish you for rebelling against HIM like Dathan and Abiram and all inhabitants of the Earth will put an eternal curse on you for keeping this Universal Truth that no one can disprove and that makes anyone, who will accept it, as immortal as Elijah, Enoch, 144 000 Israelites of the New Covenant and other faithful male and female friends of Crucified MANGOD YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST. It is true! Amen.

My response to all pastors, bishops or lords of satanic-christian darkness, who have read these two Books

The most pious and wonder-working thinkers in 666 Christianities, or physically alive but internally dead enlighteners spreading the light of death among the dead135), if this Light of Life penetrates your dead hearts and reanimates them then drop to your knees immediately and looking up to the sky exclaim with joy:

135) B.H.3-1; Matt.8-22; Tim.3-6.

"Hurrah! Viva, Hosanna and Hallelujah to YOU, Source of Immortality136), our Friend and GOD137), CRUCIFED YEHOWAH!" Give your vow to HIM shown in chapter XXIV afterwards. Then go and start reviving other physically alive but internally dead people of different faiths with HIS Light. You can be sure that for this help to mortal people made in HIS image138) HE will let you sit down with HIM on HIS Throne139) and make you as luminous as heavenly stars 140). If satanic darkness in your hearts141) is so thick that even this Universal Light cannot penetrate it, conversely inflames fierce Christian bigotry inducing you to persecute people revived by this Divine Light I advise that you commit yourselves to Satan, and keep on completing your iniquities of Christian inhumanity with selfless devotion before rising against the LAMB HIMSELF, who was tortured to death as well and became alive forever. B.H.1-18; 3-21; 6-11;17-14;16-16; 18-24; Matt.23-32; B.H.22-11.

136) Deut.32-39; Luke 20-37, 38; Acts 20-8; John 5-21; Wis.1-13; 2-23, 24; B.H.1-18.
137) B.H.3-21.
138) Wis.7-14,27,28; Luke 12-4; John 15-14,15; B.H.3-20,21; John 5-21; Rom.9-5; B.H.22-6, 16; 1-18.
139) B.H.3-21.
140) Dan.12-3; Cor.15-41, 42.
141) B.H.2-24.

With YEHOWAH's consent my message to every Jewish newspaper and to Jews, who have become friends of truth in whatever it could be found - that is, educated at universities, and for this reason cursed by 320 rabbis and wonderworkers in Galicia

Dear gentlemen, educated editors and all those Jews, who obtained moral characteristics of humans through universal knowledge, it is no secret to educated people that even though you seem to be committed to inhumane Judaism142) but you are aware through universal knowledge143), like all educated Gentiles, that the Jewish religion is as much an artful means to bring people under control of the Jewish lords for cannon fodder, brutal and inhumane games144) in the name of a creator of the Universe as that of Gentile religions145). No doubt that after reading these two Books you will joyfully thank ASHERAH YEHOWAH146) for confirming your scientific truths, revealing the direct way to achieve immortality and inviting the Jews to make the new Covenant with HIM. So, you should fulfill the following Commands given by HIM with joy:

142) Everyone knows that Jews regard the Gentiles as cattle and not as people made in YEHOWAH's image (Gen.9-6).
143) Academic sciences, especially geology, astronomy and world history.
144) Recall the times when Judaic and Israelite kings Hagalia and Hagaliba entertained themselves. Jer.23-4.
145) It is for this undeniable truth, which is according to knowledge (Rom. 10-2), that all Jewish, Christian, Mohammedan and Buddhist wonderworkers of Satan curse both you and us.
146) ASHERAH is a person who knows all sciences and all mysteries of nature not only of the Earth but also of all the planets in the Solar System and of the Sun itself.

1. Intelligent publishers of V....a must put the Push and the Universal Truth together in one Book as soon as possible.

2. Print as many Russian copies as possible or at least up to 1000 wonderful copies147) of the Book.

147) Like the most valuable Book in the world.

3. Send a copy of the Book to every editorial office of Jewish newspapers and Jewish communities in Russia and then to those throughout the world.

4. As printing and sending copies involve considerable expense you should invite Jewish rich people, who will hear YEHOWAH's Message and abandon Satan, to donate to do these divine Works, good for all people.

5. If none of rich people148) wants to get immortality then both Jews, who will hear YEHOWAH's Message, and friends of any truth revealed on this planet should club together.

148) As it is difficult for rich people to abandon Satan, and it is likely that none of them would want to help YEHOWAH in this last Battle against Satan over Israel.

6. If Satan prevents you from fulfilling this Command in Russia then send this Book to Jews living abroad, for example to Vienna, Iljinska organization.

7. After receiving the Book every editorial office or organization should urgently translate it into a comprehensible or spoken language of that country leaving a note above the title that this valuable Book was translated from the Russian language. Then make a lot of copies and distribute them among all Jewish communities and among all educated and sensible Gentiles, and especially among Mohammedans and Abyssinians.

In addition, I advise you, friends of any truth and cursed by orthodox Jews, to look at this horrible world from a humane or educated perspective based on astronomy and other universal knowledge and not from your Jewish inhumane one and you will see that all disputes, conflicts, councils, curse, wars, riots and huge disasters in all nations149) result solely from Jews (not Israelites) having abandoned their GOD, Man YEHOWAH, and coming under control of HIS old enemy, man Satan, and adopting a satanic dogma that all non-Jews150) are cattle. Consequently, there is no other alternative but to exterminate all Jews (not Israelites) or disprove their satanic dogma so that their hearts of stone151) would soften under the New Covenant152) and get filled with sincere and deliberate love (humanity) for all people, and especially for YEHOWAH's Friends, whom HE selects from all nations and tribes in order to establish peace and world brotherhood made up of all peoples and tribes. As soon as you make sure that God loves you it will be easier for you to understand that YEHOWAH has given this peace-giving News or the Universal Truth153) to the world through me in order to bring unanimity, peace and prosperity for 1000 years to all people without exterminating the Jews. You will see that it is HE who does these WORKS and not me; since neither magus Cagliostro, nor Nostradamus, nor Swedenborg, nor Balaam, who saw God, nor immortal Abraham could unravel this great Mystery in the Universe. It is true! Amen. Is.41-26; 42-9.

149) Except for the Yazins who believe in Satan.
150) Even Enoch, Melchizedek, Job and Balaam.
151) Spirit or temperament.
152) Ezek.11-19; 36-26; 18-31; Jer.24-7.
153) See the unbelievable news in the beginning.

Constant reminder

Do not keep this Divine Invitation to become immortal and prosperous from this mortal and disaster-ravaged world, nor Jews from making the New Covenant with HIM in order to avoid YEHOWAH's fierce wrath and curse by many millions of people during the second resurrection or the global one! Change your brow-of-bronze way of thinking and accept the Universal Truth. More importantly, help me persuade the Jews to abandon Satan rather than push them to Satan with your literature! Amen.

Friend who takes the Jews from Satan and brings them back to YEHOWAH, Elijah in Hebrew

My reply to a letter of a Jew, who started recovering from the talmudic death

Dear new friend of my GOD, CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH,, judging by your words you have started to recover from deadly Jewish sleep or stupor and bestial habits resulting from the satanic talmud. Still you don't feel sure-footed on the life-giving ground of immortality. Consequently, you do not feel sincere love for the Everlasting Hebrew or Abraham's GOD and GOD of all Holy Prophets JESUS CHRIST because your heart is reproaching HIM for coming to Jerusalem under the new NAME, the Greek one and not Jewish. I don't blame you for this as there were only five men154), who abandoned Satan immediately and whatever satanic things they had and joined HIM once they heard HIS Words. They gave their lives155) to HIM without hesitation taking all HIS new NAMES as the Holiest and Saving Ones no matter what NAMES he used during HIS fight against Satan or maybe since eternity. In other words they joined the Giver of immortality having abandoned all satanic books to the last one. That is, they came to the GOD of immortality decisively without anything as if they had been reborn in order to get everything new from HIM as HIS faithful people, who have entered a new world. They changed their names as YEHOWAH HIMSELF commanded them. To speed up your spiritual rebirth I am sending you two articles entitled "My advice to the lords of darkness." I believe that the Push can be distributed not only among rabbis but also among high priests of different religions or among all lords and masters of darkness in this mortal or satanic world.

154) Two of them were Hebrews: Abraham and king Ezekiel.
155) Deut.6-5; Mark 12-30.

Let me know about the effect the articles will have on your rebirth or abandoning Satan and his friends156), and would you please write and speak to me in the language of the New Covenant, in which GOD of Israel - JESUS CHRIST declared HIS New Covenant with the Jews, and through whom HE gave the Invitation to become immortal to the whole world, namely in the Russian language. You should not worry about your poor knowledge of Russian because I care more about your meaning rather than about grammatical accuracy. At the same time I want to warn you against calling me by different honorable titles and names for I am not that intelligent and strong, but merely JESUS CHRIST's instrument157). That's why you should worship and give thanks for everything only to HIM. Don't you hear that it is HE who has made me the Center158) and Light? I could do nothing without HIM159). I take any praise I get from people and Angels as a poison used by Satan to make me look down on other friends of my GOD while I might be the least of them before HIS Face and not deserving a single word of praise. You should remember that JESUS CHRIST or originally (since Moses) called YEHOWAH160) is the only Interpreter of human hearts and Giver of praises and awards.

156) YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST tells about them in the B.H.2-9; 3-9; 17-1; 9-20.
157) Or a machine.
158) Or salvation.
159) John 15-5.
160) HE was named SHADDAI before Moses.

I also advise you to carefully think about the following truth: a sincere friend of YEHOWAH is supposed to become a sincere friend of MANGOD's male and female friends; since close friendship (and not cunning161), selfish and for money) brings all souls and hearts of friends into one soul and one heart162). So, YEHOWAH's or JESUS CHRIST's friends must not divide ethnically or divide into tribes, from which they were selected to form HIS Society. That is, they must not divide into Jews, Israelites, Greeks, Germans, Frenchmen and Chinese etc.; for they all are friends and brothers of their One Friend and FATHER JESUS CHRIST or YEHOWAH or SHADDAI or ADONAI. They should prevent any kind of division because Satan destroys the earthly Kingdom of YEHOWAH through division. In view of your letter to me I also want to tell you unbelievable news, "He who uses a general word GOD, or who believes and swears in the name of an unknown or chimerical Almighty God is Satan's servant and not YEHOWAH's one." If Jews call on God in this way they are a crowd of Satan, and not people of YEHOWAH. Why? It is you who should answer the question because in your (Jewish) opinion it might be untrue. I wonder how long it will take you to recover from the talmudic death. I know a Jew who has been recovering from satanic or jewish and christian madness163) for 40 years.

161) Save us from the Evil One.
162) Acts 4-32.
163) Or they don't know their GOD.

In conclusion, I am blessing you with both NAMES of my GOD: the new one - JESUS CHRIST, and the old one - YEHOWAH. At the same time I beg HIM to take you from Satan as soon as possible with HIS Divine means and with power of HIS Wisdom!

I look forward to your reply in the hope of making sincere and inseparable friends with you for never-ending eternity under YEHOWAH! Amen.

A cry of a Jew persecuted by Christians and suffering from hunger and cold

Brothers Jews or all lords of the satanic Jewish world164), wearing gold and gems and having fun to orchestral music and multiple fireworks would you like to love me as GOD commanded us in HIS Sinai Law? Lev.19-18; Mark 12-30; Gal.5-14.

164) B.H.2-9; 3-9.

A cry of a Christian mistreated and exploited by Christians and suffering from hunger and cold

Brothers Christians or all lords of the dark Christian world165), wearing gold and gems166) and having fun to orchestral music and enjoying celebrations would you like to love me as GOD commanded us in HIS Jerusalem Commandment? John 13-34,35; 15-12...14; 1John 3-23,10-15,16; 2-9...11; B.H.2-4; 3-9; 1Cor.13-1,8; Matt.5-22.

165) B.H.17-4.
166) Is.60-2; B.H.16-10; 2Tim.5-6; B.H. 9-20, 21.

Response of all officials and rich people of different religions to the appeals above

No, swindlers and lazybones, your rebellious and socialist appeals won't make us, noble and educated and enjoying mammon pleasures of the world, change our way of life and become friends with the poorest rabble in view of MANGOD's Commandments; since we don't know a single mortal who fulfilled or could fulfill them as the issue, "who a king, prince, general, sir, landlord, rich man, soldier, peasant or a slave, chimney sweep, kennel-keeper, scoundrel, swine-herd167), pope, cardinal, patriarch, metropolitan, bishop, archpriest, priest, deacon, superintendent, pastor, rabbi and a holy wonderworker shall take as his neighbor168)" has not been solved yet.

167) Or a pastor of dogs. B.H. 22-15; 9-20, 21.
168) Truly, satanic people have not solved this issue yet.

Protecting my GOD YEHOWAH169) from this satanic blasphemy

Renowned theologians and talmudists or lords of satanic darkness, barbarism, enslavement, bloodshed and other sufferings I implore you in the NAME of my CRUCIFIED GOD YEHOWAH and at the same time strictly command you to tell the public at large that you disagree with the response of rich men170) and officials to the appeals above so that all kings, nations and tribes (covered by satanic darkness) could finally come to understanding of these peace-making Commands171) given by KING of Kings and GOD of Gods172) and will put an end to all self-interested faiths leading to death, schisms, hatred, hostility, rebellions, murders, explosions, arsons, embezzlement, enslavement, wars and other sufferings for all who dwell on the earth and the sea for 1000 years, and so that prophecies in Is.2-4; 11-6...9; 60-3; Mal.4-3; B.H.20-4...7 would come true.

169) B.H. 14-13; 2-3.
170) And with yours too.
171) Or Commandments.
172) Deut.10-17; B.H.19-6; 1-5; Ps. 135-2.

Exam for a person who wants to join Brotherhood of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends or Society of immortal people

1st question: Do you want to get immortality without dying like Enoch, Elijah and 144 000 Israelites of the New Covenant or get it after death?

Answer: As our GOD hasn't created death and doesn't want people to die it is quite natural that I hate death as well. For this reason I would want to get immortality without dying like those people. But as HIS faithful friends are destined to be persecuted and tortured to death by vicious orthodox Christians and satanic Jews according to HIS prophecy in the B.H. I submit my life to HIS Will.

2nd question: Where do you think you want to live: in Jerusalem, Europe, Asia, Africa, America or in Australia or maybe you want YEHOWAH to take you to Heaven, to another planet?

Answer: I fully rely on YEHOWAH's Will only if I always live with HIS and my friends even if I had to move from one place to another or from one planet to another.

3rd question: Why don't you want to be an ascetic, monk or a recluse?

Answer: Because the entire Sinai Law and especially HIS new Commandment were given to us for social life and not for secluded one so we could serve as an example of GOD's brotherly equality or love and holiness to others or to satanic nations. Since a life in seclusion or a monkish life breeds selfness, egoism, self-love, self-salvation or superstition rather than brotherly equality or close friendship. For this reason our KING and FRIEND173) cannot be among people living without brotherly equality or friendship based on the New Commandment as it is not HIS kingdom of equal friends living in peace but the one made up of officials, ranks, classes, guilds, bomb-making and the holiest priesthood, namely, the kingdom of arrogance, conceit, avarice, cavaliers, officers, commanders, sticks, whips, fists, cannons, swindlers, embezzlement, bloodshed, inquisition and barbarism. In short, it is the kingdom of vicious Christianity and satanic Judaism. Being lonely in YEHOWAH's ineffable paradise was a torment even for immortal Adam; if you do not have anyone to share your thoughts and emotions with then paradise can turn into hell. Our GOD can live only among people who keep friendly equality174); since our GOD is friendly equality. Consequently, there is no immortality without our GOD.

173) Luke 12-4; John 15-15; Wis.7-14, 27, 28; B.H.3-20, 21.
174) B.H.3-20, 21; John 4-8.

So, all loners or monks are mad animals because even animals, if sane, live in groups, grow, reproduce and enjoy life and nature with GOD's Blessing.

Advice for salvation and holy Command from YEHOWAH's Greatest Messenger to a person who has read these Books

Son175) of man, deceived by the God of this world, if these two Books persuaded you that MANGOD YEHOWAH would grant immortality only to those, who will abandon Satan, all his religions and crowds, join YEHOWAH and HIS friends with sincere devotion and start fulfilling HIS Commands and Works with joy and enthusiasm helping HIM selflessly or fearlessly call on people to abandon Satan, disprove all vicious Christianities and satanic Judaism and being ready to die a torturous death, then go to a secluded place176) immediately, drop to your knees and falling down on your face before YEHOWAH's NAME on the Star say the following prayer:

175) Or daughter.
176) Matt.6-6.

"THE EVERLASTING IMMORTAL MAN, CRUCIFIED HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST, falling down on my face before YOUR Holiest Feet I, a worthless person, beg YOU to put me on the list of YOUR immortal people; and I swear to YOU that from now on I will take only YOU as my GOD and Savior from death and I promise to help YOU disprove all vicious Christianities and satanic Judaism and establish YOUR kingdom of the New Covenant, Peace, Freedom and Prosperity among all nations and distribute YOUR Invitation to become immortal both among the Jews and among the Gentiles. I am ready to die the same torturous death like YOU YOURSELF did if Satan persecutes me fiercely. It is true! Amen."

After this, try to visit me; if you cannot do it then write me about yourself; also let me know when you made a vow to YEHOWAH and your address. If you cannot do the things above then wash with pure (running) water, put on clean clothes and make an offering to YEHOWAH, as generous as you can or with as much love as you have for HIM. From that time on stop defiling your soul and your body with any abomination, which is a big obstacle in your way to immortality and similarity between you and YEHOWAH - that is, do not eat animals that YEHOWAH regards as defilement of the soul, do not drink any alcoholic beverages (even beer), do not smoke and do not snuff tobacco, do not swear, do not fornicate and do not watch any immoral (theatrical) shows. In short, try to be as Holy177) as GOD HIMSELF and our Friend YEHOWAH is and follow the 10 paragraphs and the Commandment about Saturday given in chapters IV and XII.

If you are unmarried and cannot do without a wife then choose a lady to your liking and enlighten her with this DIVINE Truth178). Afterwards both of you should kneel before YEHOWAH's NAME and exchange vows of fidelity for your earthly life. You should start your letter to me with the following words: Great Defender of CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH and dear Friend Elijah,...

My address: Ilyn, 15 Pisarskaya st., Mitau city.

177) Lev.11-44...47; 19-2; 20-26; Ex.22-30;1Pet.1-15,10; 2Pet.2-9; 3-14; B.H.15-3; 3-21.
178) John 17-17,19; Heb. 2-11.