Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth

(frightening and encouraging)
to all kingdoms, nations, and tribes from the GOD of the Holy Prophets,
revealing the most important mysteries from satanic depths1), and how Satan and all satanists will be defeated.



"I shall raise up one in the North, who is to come from the East and he will proclaim MY NAME and Universal Theological Truth to all nations so that I will not have to eliminate every human being2) when I come.

1) B.H.2:24; 13:8.
2) Is.41:25, 26; 42:6...1; Mal.4:5, 6.

He who overcomes terrible pressure and cunning lures to convert to individual faiths rather than to the World Brotherly Faith and will follow MY Commands given in the Book from Heaven3), for that one I will be GOD and he will be MY son. And I will let him sit down with ME on MY Throne4)," says YEHOWAH5), GOD of the Holy Prophets.

3) In the Apocalypse.
4) B.H.21:6, 7; 3:21.
5) HE revealed HIS Eternal and Saving NAME first to Moses only. See Ex.6:2, 3; 15:3; Hos.12:6; Joel 3:5.


A Jew. Our Jewish faith6) is the truest.
World Enlightener. You believe your faith is the truest because the Jews have been rebelling against YEHOWAH since their exodus from Egypt and up till now and because you have killed all the Messengers from HIM7) and YEHOWAH Himself8). Because you have divided into numerous and inhumane persuasions and sects9) over 4000 years not wanting to abandon Satan and come back to YEHOWAH by following the example of your 10 tribes or Israelites, whom YEHOWAH hid in Arsareth from the satanic talmud and christianities 700 years B.C. See 3(4)Ezra.13:40...48; Zech.1:3; Is.65:2; 6:9,10; 48:4; 65:6; Ezek.2:2...6; 3:26, 27; B.H.2:9; 3:9; Matt.23:33; 3:7.

6) Which one out of 10?
7) Or all Holy Prophets. Matt.23:31...38.
8) See Mystery IV in "Revealing the mysteries" and in Zech.12:9...14. "When the Jews see ME (ME in Hebrew), whom they pierced, they will set a mourning in every tribe similar to the mourning of Hadad-Rimmon in the valley of Megiddo."
9) Because only lies are divisible, rather than the truth.


A Сhristian. Only the Christian faith10) is the truest.
World Enlightener. You believe your faith is the truest because it started with the discord among the Apostles11) and following the example of the Apostles, the Christians started to divide into different hostile sects (which now amount to 666), which caused terrible inhumane persecution of one sect by another. Many millions of Christians have been tortured to death and even burnt alive by other Christians over 1860 years, which is the case even today. I believe you both think that Christianity and Judaism are the truest faiths because Jewish and Christian sects have been rebelling against YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST and don't want to follow HIS Commands from the Book from Heaven, nor do they believe HIS Words in B.H.1:1, 3; 22:6, 7, 9, 17; 21:8, 27; 22:11, 15 and Matt.25:31...46. For this reason, you don't see12) that Satan pushes all people to the killing darkness with the help of multidenominational and vicious Christianity and inhumane Judaism. B.H.12:12; 13:8, 11...15; 17:2...6; 18:3, 23, 24; 19:2; 2Tim.3:1...13; Is.60:2, 3; Iуд.1:19; Matt.6:24; Rom.8:8, 5.

10) Which one out of 666?
11) Gal.2:11...14; Acts 21:20...26; 11:3. And many Christians turned away from Apostle Paul and joined Apostle John and his help Polycarp, which caused a new sect called Sabbathians. That is, Christians who celebrated the Sabbath and Pesach in the Jewish manner, and whom Pope Victor cursed together with Polycarp and Apostle John. Besides this, Apostle Peter, contrary to YEHOWAH's Command, visited pagans and defiled himself with their food. Matt.10:5; 15:24; 1:21; Lev.11:44, 45; Acts.11:3 and divided YEHOWAH's Sinai Law into different sects, contrary to Matt.5:17, 18; Luke.16:17.
12) B.H.3:17, 18; Is.6:9, 10; 48:4.


The Jew and Christian. So, what does YEHOWAH say about it?
World Enlightener. HE says, "Behold, I'm making all things new; that is, I will curse13) the Jews and Christians as MY vicious enemies14) and select new servants instead of them and will give them a new name - Yehowists. I will put Satan in chains and throw him into a deep pit15). I will exterminate all the rebelling satanists and all those who follow the lie16) with horrible disasters17). I will give a new appearance18) to the Earth, bring peace and abundance, and will reign with my new servants for 1000 years. B.H.20:4; 5:9, 10 and see paragraphs I-II, and III in the Invitation to be immortal".

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18) America will submerge into the ocean after earthquakes, and...


The Jew and Christian. What faith shall we convert to in this disastrous testing hour or in this darkness that covered the entire world? B.H.3:10, 11; 2Tim.3:1...13.

World Enlightener. Oh, poor nations how strongly you've been deafened that you don't hear nor see after the GOD's Message that every faith is useless for people.

The Jew and Christian. So, what is useful for people?

World Enlightener. Immortality. Since, immortality is the most precious gift that a person may get on all innumerous suns, planets, and comets in infinite space.

The Jew and Christian. It is true! How can we achieve immortality?

World Enlightener. Read the GOD's Book entitled Inviting all mortal people to become immortal.

The Jew and Christian. Exclaimed sincerely, "Thank you, the World Enlightener from the GOD, for this precious revelation to us! Then both bowed low to the World Enlightener.

World Enlightener. Dear brothers, what are you doing? Don't you see that I'm as much a human as you are! Thank GOD of Immortality YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST for letting you approach immortality, rather than me!

Command from YEHOWAH to HIS main enemy or to the senior Jewish rabbi Rothschild in Frankfurt

Hear Rothschild, who is covered with diamonds and cunningly interpreting the 4000-year talmudic depths19) of Satan among the Jews so that none of them will be able to achieve immortality20)!

YEHOWAH, the GOD of the Holy Prophets, who were killed21) by the Jews commanded you that you get this Good News translated into all languages22) and send it to the Jews in all big cities throughout the world, and command them that they spread it with delight among various Christians and similar people, who try to please both GOD and Mammon23) fearing nothing and using all their resources. Since salvation to people will come through the Jews24). YEHOWAH also asked me to remind you that if you fulfill HIS Command in this last battle between YEHOWAH and Satan, HE will make you not only immortal but also as luminous as heavenly stars25). But if you decide to ignore the Command trying to please Satan then you will be cursed for never-ending eternity similar to the people of Dathan and Abiram, Saul, David, Ahab, Herod, and those who persecute the Holy Prophets, Apostles, or like all those who are trying to please both God and Gog26).

19) B.H.2:24, 9; 3:9.
20) Is.28:15; 59:3.
21) B.H.22:6; Jer.7:25.
22) Or at least to 143 languages.
23) Since the purpose of every individual religion is to please God and mammon or Satan.
24) John 4:22; Is.56:6, 7.
25) Dan.12:3.
26) Matt.6:24; Rom.8:8, 5.


Hurrah and Halleluja to YOU, the EVERLASTING MAN YEHOWAH, who can raise from the dead, that YOU have disproved all the satanic faiths that please the God and Gog with cannons and bells and sweet-voiced tones, new and old rituals, garments, and by disproving YOUR Commandment that supports a society of equal brothers, religious and ordinary officials or with enslavement, despotism and wealth, by sending souls to the paradise27), with memorial services, indulgences28), mourning and sitting and lying on a hard surface, telling official prayers29), building prayer's houses, schools, and seminaries, making great sacrifices, festivities, and fasting and even worshipping the dead and icons30) and swallowing syphilis from the golden bowl! B.H.17:4.

27) To the bottomless pit.
28) Forgiving sins and evil doings.
29) Or begging for God's pardon innumerable times.
30) B.H.9:20, 21.


Do you hear, all the kings, officials, wealthy people, Popes in three Romes, patriarchs, Dalai lamas, Bramahs, Shaykhs al-Islām, wonder-working rabbis, great theologians from Karaites, Jerusalem, Orthodox, Protestant, pre-Nikonians, Peter the Great's proponents, clockwise and anti-clockwise, major and additional, Mormon and Molokan, Stundist, Doukhobor, undercut and cut-off? No, you don't hear because Satan totally clogged your ears with his different faiths, patriotic and cannon or secular laws, and the lust of the mortal body! Rom.8:8, 5; Jac.4:4; 1John 2:15; B.H.2:20, 9; 3:1, 9, 16, 17, 18; 17:2; 18:3, 23, 24; 9:20, 21; 19:2; 13:8; 11:15; Is.1:10...16; 6:9, 10; Jer.7:22...26; 25:4.

So keep ignoring the words till the very Armageddon! B.H.22:11; 16:16. Amen.

World Enlightener from YEHOWAH, Elijah.