Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth


John 4-22; Zech. 8-23.

My beloved brothers of the two scattered tribes of the blessed first-born GOD's Son Israel1), I congratulate you on having disproved all religions and your upcoming exodus from the world Babylon back to your Zion! Is.11-15, 16; B.H.18-4.

Therefore, exclaim hurrah and hallelujah to the GOD of Gods2) named YEHOWAH for starting 2588 years awaited consolidation of all nations with YEHOWAH's new servants, Jewish Yehowists or Israelites of the New Covenant to form One Faith in HIM for 1000 years. For London Jews abandoned Satan, renounced his inhumane religion and joined YEHOWAH in HIS Israelite Religion of the New Covenant.

So, all of you, young and old, put into your hearts the following Message from HIM.

1) Ex.4-22; Sir.36-14.
2) Deut.10-17; Ex.15-11; 18-11.

It is YEHOWAH's encouraging and at the same time frightening command to the most ancient and vicious rebels or to as much fierce enemies rebelling against HIM and all humankind as Satan

Jews, you are a brood of serpents and vipers from Israel's offspring! You are the most superstitious, worthless and obstinate people rebelling against ME for 4000 years!

After reading these Words of GOD all Jews must exclaim, "Just and true are Your Words about us, Abraham's GOD YEHOWAH! Please, speak on to us, our Dear FATHER, because now all YOUR Words are becoming sweeter than honeycomb as we have learned3) from your world Message that YOU are as much a Hebrew as we are and that Israel is YOUR first-born Son; therefore, we are YOUR offspring. By knowing YOU in this way we have started filling our jewish or callous hearts with YOUR Love for all people created by YOU. Now we are capable of joining other nations and tribes to form YOUR World Brotherly Faith. Falling down on our faces before YOUR Feet we beg YOU, Our FATHER, to lead us to where we should be in this horrifying and last Battle between YOU and Satan and satanists. We tell YOU decidedly that from now on our aim is to leave the mortals and join the immortals4)!"

3) You didn't know up till now, did you? Is.1-2, 3.
4) Those Jews who will not say it to YEHOWAH will die forever.

I am sending you MY Book one more time and tell you that I am stretching out MY Hands to you for the last time. If you don't abandon your entire 4000 year superstition, and if you don't give your lives to ME; in short, if you don't follow chapter II after all Secrets revealed, which are pleasant for all Holy Prophets, their brothers and MY5) Angels' friends, be ready to die any death.

If you come back to ME being ready to fulfill MY Command with joy after reading this Book you must immediately get together with MY new servants –Yehowists, and especially with MY World Messenger named Elijah making one heart and one soul. You must ask him for blessing with MY New NAME, abandon your languages and learn to speak, write and read in Russian only, learn by heart and sing6) all Hymns written in the "Miracle Book."

5) B.H.22-9.
6) If possible do it to music.

Young and old must know a Symbol of Israelite Religion of the New Covenant. You must send this Book to all Jews throughout the world with MY Command to hand out and distribute it to all nations and tribes as soon as possible, and be ready to leave the world Babylon at any time and return to your Zion for joining 144,000 Yehowists chosen by ME from the 12 Israelite tribes7). To join them in My Love you must renew your hearts by filling them with MY new Commandment8) and this Command!

7) B.H.14-1, 4; 7-4...8; Is.6-13; 9-12; Jer.5-3, 12.
8) John 13-34, 35; 12-15.

Remember, I will forgive you for rebelling against ME for 4000 years and all your sins when you become MY new servants or Israelites9) of the New Covenant; otherwise, I will not accept you as MY new servants with your callous or satanic hearts, conversely I will destroy you according to Ezek. 20-33...38; Nah. 1-2; or like a satanic crowd10). In addition, every kahal of yours must send the World Messenger your correct answers to the following questions:

9) See chapter XII.
10) B.H.2-9; 3-9; Is.65-15.

1. Does a Jewish king or a wealthy man named Rothschild have to follow MY new Commandment?

2. Which of the Jewish kings, noblemen (or noble youth) and rich men followed the old Commandment: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself," Lev.19-18?

3. What have Jews always persecuted and killed all Holy Prophets and ME MYSELF for?

4. Is this encouraging Command MINE or Satan's?

5. Who or what makes you rebel against ME for 4000 years?

6. Why don't you believe ME that I raise from the dead MY faithful servants; so, I am GOD of the living, and not the dead? Deut.32-39; 33-2,3; Ps.67(68)-21; Wis.16-13; 1-13...16; 2-23; Ezek.18-23,32; 33-11; B.H.1-18; 7-4...9; 14-1...4; 19-19, 21; 21-7; Zech.14-5; 1Cor.15-29, 32, 16; 2Cor.1-9; Luke 20-38; B.H.19-19, 4.

7. Christians refer to Christ in Is.41-25, 26; 42-6...1, who do you refer to?

8. Who and when Deut.34-10; 31-15; Ex.33-11; Num.12-8 wrote about Moses in such a way, and how did he manage to find out about MY secret conversation with him?

9. Gods in Hebrew are Elohim: God-Eloah, Elohey, El, GOD of Gods, Elohey of Elohim11). Adam became an Eloah after the fall12). Aren't you as well as Christians ashamed of writing this nonsense about God in your Bible?

10. Gen.1-1 says that GOD initially created the Earth and the Heavens, so HE had nothing to create during the rest of the days; but below it says that the Heavens (the Sun, the Moon and stars) were created on the 4th day and the Earth on the 3rd day; don't you see13) this nonsense in your Bible?

11) Deut.10-17.
12) Gen.3-22.
13) Is.48-4; 6-9, 10; Christians don't see either. B.H.3-17, 18.

11. Evening is a time the Sun sets and morning is a time it rises, but the Sun was created on the 4th day, what kind of evening and morning was it without the Sun?

12. 1Sam.(Kin.)8-7; 12-17, 9 prohibits you from replacing your IMMORTAL KING with mortal Jews while Deut.17-14, 13 allows you to do so, why do you fulfill the second Command, not the first one?

13. Jeremiah 7-22, 23, 21 says, "For I did not speak to your fathers or command them in the day that I led them (40 years) out of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices (when they did not have their temple14)." As for Israelites or the 10 tribes, they had neither temple nor your Bible, why do you hide this difference between you and the Israelites in your Bible?

14. Why don't you believe MY Words that you are blind and deaf that you have brows of bronze, hearts of stone and necks of iron that you are the most superstitious, worthless and obstinate people rebelling against ME for 4000 years. Finally you have turned into a satanic crowd or serpents and vipers15)

14) According to Torah sacrifices are mandatory.
15) Is.48-4; 6-9, 10; Ezek.2-4; 3-26, 27; B.H.2-9; 3-9; Matt.23-33; 3-7.

15. Why don't you believe ME that you will be cursed, and I will choose new servants instead of you? I will make a New Covenant with them and everything new. Jer.31-30...37; 32-40; Ezek.11-19; Is.65-15, 17; 62-2.

The Law for people revived by me or for YEHOWAH's new servants - Yehowists, invited to become immortal from all religions and nations

1. You must not interpret anything contrary to the World Messenger to keep Satan from breaking the World Brotherly Religion or YEHOWAH's Kingdom of the New Covenant into different persuasions and sects.

2. You must not mix this world Light with darkness or put YEHOWAH and Satan together. In other words Yehowists must not participate in any satanic ceremonies, prayers, songs and celebrations16).

3. You must consider every satanic Holy writ to be a satanic mixture of lies, truths, tall tales and contradictions17).

16) Is.5-20; 2Cor.6-14...18; B.H.2-20, 14, 16, 24; 13-1...15; 18-3, 23.
17) Gal.2-11...14.

4. If satanists try to lure you to their religions promising bliss solely for your soul without the body you should tell them the following: I will not cease to believe the Words of my GOD YEHOWAH18) that no satanists for any religions will stand before YEHOWAH and Yehowists to the right on the Judgment Day; only those Yehowists are blessed, and brothers of the Holy Prophets and friends of HIS Angels, who fulfill the Commands in the B.H. and HIS current Commands given through the World Messenger. Matt.25-41, 46; 7-21, 22, 23; B.H.22-7, 9, 17; 1-3. Jews can get proof in Is.65-15, 17; 48-4; 6-9, 10; 1-2...6; Ezek.2-4; 3-26, 27; Jer.9-24; Nah.1-2; B.H.2-9; 3-9.

18) Mark 8-38.

5. You must not be scared of people killing your body for fulfilling YEHOWAH's Commands and even be ready to die the same torturous death as YEHOWAH did19).

6. You must be ready not only to leave the world Babylon but also to go through severe sufferings20).

19) B.H.3-21; 11-8.
20) Matt.10-28; 5-11, 22; B.H.21-8; 14-12, 13; 6-11; 13-7; 21-4.

7. Every male and female Yehowist must remain a faithful friend of mine till the end; since those who will deny me, will not be granted immortality. John 13-20; Is.41-25, 26.

8. Every Yehowist must work unceasingly (B.H.2-3) doing YEHOWAH's Works21) - that is, rewrite and distribute HIS books throughout the world as many as possible as they are the most effective weapon against Satan.

21) B.H.2-26; 14-13.

9. Illiterate Yehowists must learn to rewrite this book in a year so that they also could be useful to YEHOWAH. Matt.13-23; John 15-1, 2.

10. You must be as holy as YEHOWAH is. 1Pet.1-15, 16; B.H.15-3; 13-7; 3-4; 1Cor.6-9...11; Heb.10-26, 27 and XII.

11. You must not defile your souls with any abomination: alcohol, tobacco and fornication. Lev.11-44; 2Cor.6-17; B.H.2-20; 21-8; 22-15; Is.66-17; 65-4, 5.

12. You must not blame those, who failed to keep holiness, and spread information about their sins. All you can do is to pray to YEHOWAH for pardon of sinners. Matt.7-1, 5; Luke 6-32...36; Rom.2-1; John 8-7; 1Cor.4-5; James 4-11, 12; 5-16.

13. You must not get married or become related to satanists. 2Cor.6-15.

14. All the children revived by me or Yehowists must get along very well treating each other with loving care, the way a mother does her child, or you must love each other as YEHOWAH does us. Rom.12-9, 10; 13-9,10; Eph.4-2...4; Matt.23-8; 5-22; 22-36, 40; John 13-34,35; 15-12,15; 1Cor.13-1, 3; B.H.2-4; Acts 4-32, 33; 1John 3-10, 15; Lev.19-18.

15. If a Yehowist offends another Yehowist, an offender must be suspended from brotherhood (if s/he does not apologize, Matt.18-22): for the first time for a month, second time for a year and third time s/he must be expelled and further regarded as a satanist. Matt.18-1722).

16. As your kids haven't promised YEHOWAH to walk along the thorny path23) they can grow and study at any satanic schools and religions. Yehowists must teach their kids to write GOD's Books, learn by heart Symbol of our Religion and sing Hymns at home so that kids could know YEHOWAH and Satan by the time they become mature, and choose between the two. Yehowists must tell them about innumerable stars, planets and comets revolving in endless space and also about immeasurable distances among them. That is, they must be able to write numbers from zero to infinity, and know the following order of numeration: ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions etc.

22) People with callous hearts hate YEHOWAH's Commandment about brotherly equality and solidarity. That's why they replace this Commandment (as Satan commanded them) with sacrifices, construction of churches, guns and turning all people into soldiers or slaves in order to protect their true religions, which is contrary to Matt.19-23...25; 1Cor.13-1...3; 1John 3-10, 15; B.H.2-4; Is.1-11...17; "I want your love not your sacrifices." Hos.6-6; 1Sam.(Kin.) 15-22; Ps.50-18, 19. B.H.7-14, 9.
23) B.H.7-14, 9.

17. Yehowists are servants of the GOD of Peace and Love24); therefore, they must not keep any military weapons, kill any people and even shed anyone's blood. Matt.26-52; Gen.9-6; Ex.21-12.

24) 2Cor.13-36; Rom.15-37; John4-8, 16; B.H.2-4.

18. Yehowists are holy people; therefore they must not cause satanists harm. They must get along with satanists and even be friends with them.

19. You must be courteous to satanic authorities and call their representatives by their ranks and titles except for the word father (Matt.3-29) and fulfill all their demands, which do not contradict GOD's Commands following, "Render, therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to GOD the things that are GOD's." Matt.12-11; Rom.13-7.

20. You must not greet and talk to people, who were suspended from brotherhood25).

21. You must worship, do bloodless sacrifices and pray to YEHOWAH before HIS NAME on the Star. When you happen to see HIM in the sky stretch out your hands and exclaim: "Hallelujah to YOU Our Heavenly FATHER!" Then fall down on your face before HIM! Mal.1-11; (2-2); B.H.22-16.

22. In addition, you should know and have the following articles:

25) 1Tim.3-10, 11; Matt.18-17.

The Symbol of YEHOWAH's new servants, namely Yehowists, or Israelite Religion of the New Covenant

There are two Mangods of equal strength in our Solar System: YEHOWAH and Satan. Therefore, all people are divided into Yehowists and satanists.

YEHOWAH is GOD of the immortals while Satan is God of the mortals. YEHOWAH26) HIMSELF was Crucified under the name of Jew YESHUA of Nazareth or in Greek JESUS CHRIST.

After 6000 years from the day Adam and Eve were expelled from the Paradise YEHOWAH will defeat Satan, bind him and put him into a bottomless pit (in A...ia). Then HE will bring Peace, Freedom27) and Prosperity and One Faith for all people under the world rule of Jerusalem Republic or Israelite One for 1000 years.

26) B.H.1-17; (Is.44-6; 48-12); 3-21; 11-8; 21-9, 14; Zech.12-9...14; 9-9; Is.53-3...7.
27) There will not be any borders.

After 1000 years of Peace and One Faith Satan will break out from the pit for 111 years and start creating again various true religions herding souls to a chimerical paradise with portal devices, guns and burial services.. After this YEHOWAH will exterminate Satan and satanists utterly and make the new Earth million times as big without oceans, seas and will settle on it with HIS Yehowists for 280 000 years.

HE will improve the new Earth afterwards. HE will be improving Earth from time to time to perfection beyond comprehension, and HE will live on it with the immortal people eternally.

The city of Jerusalem will come down to the new Earth out of Heaven made by sky people - that is, people living on other planets, decorated with gems of twelve grades, streets paved with transparent gold: 2134 km long, wide and high, enclosed by a tremendous wall of jasper, 12 gates will be 12 pearls with the names of the 12 Israelite tribes28) and names of LAMB'S29) 12 Apostles on the wings.

28) Dan replaced with Manasseh.

YEHOWAH's Palace will be located at the center of the city. There will not be any temple nor sacrifices. There will be a river proceeding from under the Palace along all streets; wonderful trees will grow on its banks yielding fruit monthly.

Eating this fruit will prevent people from aging and dying allowing them to stay immortal infinitely: men at the age of 3430) and women - 16.

There will be 24 Kingdoms made up of the righteous nations31) (saved from death) outside Jerusalem city. Though the outside inhabitants will be immortal as well but they will suffer from diseases occasionally, and they will have to ask the city dwellers for leaves from the trees of life for healing. B.H. chapter 21 and 22.

That is the city of Jerusalem to which YEHOWAH invites every person32) for eternal life; so, the goal of every person is to abandon Satan, his entire mortal world, all individual religions and join YEHOWAH in HIS Universal World Brotherly Religion or Israelite Religion of the New Covenant.

30) At the same age as YEHOWAH ascended to Heaven. Eph.4-13.
31) Matt.25-31...46.
32) That is, every descendant of Adam and not only Jews as Satan teaches them.

Predicting the Last Battle between YEHOWAH and Satan in Armageddon and YEHOWAH's accession in Jerusalem for 1000 years with people resurrected

When the sixth Angel pours out his bowl on the Great river Euphrates, and its water33) will be dried up, so that the way (to Jerusalem) of the kings from the East be prepared. Three unclean spirits like frogs will come out of the mouth of the dragon (Satan), of the beast, and out of the mouth of the beast's prophet. And these magic spirits will work wonders and go out to all kings of the earth to gather them to the Battle of the Great Day (or Final) of GOD's Victory (over Satan)34).

33) It is being dried up. See "Son of Motherland," #328, 1889.
34) B.H.16-12, 14, 16; 19-11...21; Ezek.38-17; 39-8; Amos 5-8; Zeph.1-15.

The beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies will gather to make war against HIM (against YEHOWAH), who sits on the white horse and against HIS army on white horses35). Then the beast along with his wonder-working prophet will be captured, who worked wonders by which he deceived those, who received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image, and these two will be cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the rest will be killed with the sword proceeding from HIS Mouth, who SITS on the white horse, and all the birds will be filled with their flesh. Satan will be bound and put into a bottomless pit (in A...ia). B.H.20-2, 3.

35) They all follow HIM, faithful, chosen and called up by HIM. B.H.17-14; 19-11...21; Is.66-16; Hag.2-22...24; Zech.14-5.

Then all people who had victory over the beast and his image and over his mark over the number of his names would stand before YEHOWAH'S Throne on the crystal sea with God's harps in their hands, and would sing Moses' Hymn and LAMB'S36) Hymn saying: "Great and marvelous are YOUR Works, GOD YEHOWAH, the ALMIGHTY!37) Just and true are YOUR Ways, KING of the Holies! Who shall not fear YOU, YEHOWAH, and glorify YOUR NAME, when they see YOU are HOLY? Since all nations shall come (to the Israelite Temple on New mount Zion) and worship before YOU when all YOUR predictions come true!" B.H.15- 2, 4; Is.56-6, 7; 2-2...4; 66-22...25; 19-24, 25; Mich.4-3...7; Zech.14-16...21; 2-15; 8-22, 23; Mark 11-17; B.H.11-1, 2, 19 and Mal.1-11; (2-2).

And those who sit on the thrones will be given power over the nations38). The souls39) beheaded for their witness to JESUS40) and for the Word of GOD, who did not worship the beast, his image and receive his mark on their foreheads or hands would rise from the dead41) and reign with Christ for 1000 years.

36) Crucified GOD YEHOWAH's Hymn. Mark 14-26.
37) GOD of Gods or the MOST HIGH.
38) 1Cor.6-2, 3; B.H.2-26; Wis.3-8.
39) Men and women.
40) For spreading this Good News from HIM.
41) Do you hear that souls will rise from the dead? Consequently, souls of the dead are dead.

But the rest of the dead will not be raised until after the thousand years have passed. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection, for they will never die and will be priests of GOD and Christ and reign with HIM (in Israel of the New Covenant) 1000 years. B.H.20-4...6; 5-9, 10; (Ezek.42-13, 14, 43; 48-10...14; 44-15...31).

Predicting peace to the whole world and emergence of One World Brotherly Faith in YEHOWAH for all people for 1000 years

Darkness shall cover the whole Earth, and thick darkness all nations (by the 666 christian religions and jewish enlightenment), and YEHOWAH will rise upon you, Jerusalem, and HIS Glory will shine over you; then all nations and their kings will come to your Light42); they will beat their deadly weapons to agricultural equipment and no nation will resort to war. The science of warfare will cease to be taught for 1000 years.

42) Meaning that kings wander in darkness with their guns and games, aren't they? B.H.17-2; 18-3; 19-2; 13-8.

The Temple will be built on New mount Zion; it will be the house of prayer for all nations, and Jerusalem will be the third itself because YEHOWAH will include another two nations: Armenians and Ishmaelites. Only after this will YEHOWAH take over as the king in Jerusalem for 1000 years. Is.60-2, 3...22; 2-2...4; Mich.4-3, 7; Mark 11-17; B.H.11-1, 2, 19; Is.24-23; 31-1, 18; Mal.1-14; Zech.14-9; Sir.17-15; B.H.11-15.

World Messenger's attitude to this dark world of Satan and various religions

All peoples and tribes, what darkness Satan43) has covered you with through his vicious 666 Christian, 10 Jewish, 6 Mohammedan and 333 Buddhist faiths! He enslaves, ruins and kills you with his civilization, and makes your kings herd people into a chimerical paradise with weapons, games and ludicrous church services44), so that the rest will starve to death. None of you see that blind, deaf and rebellious Jewish superstition developed into dark Christianity of different types is the most intricate plot ever made by Satan for people to be destroyed. Clearly, people won't see World Brotherly Love and end to all disasters on this planet until the 666 Christian religions and inhumane and talmudic Judaism are exterminated. It is true! Amen!

Do you hear socialists, who are close to YEHOWAH's World Brotherly Kingdom? Mark 12-34.

43) Is.60-2, 3; B.H.13-8, 11...15; 18-3, 23, 24; 19-2.
44) Which are more ludicrous than David's, Solomon's, Ahab's, Omar's, shaman and Mormon services.

World Messenger's address to every head45) of the 188 religious factions and especially to the one within Nikonian faith or to the 665th Christianity46)

Physically alive but internally killed by Satan47) or second daughter's son of the 666 daughters of the world Christian whore riding the beast with seven heads and ten horns48), wake up and imagine GOD49) JESUS CHRIST standing before you, fall down on your face before HIS Feet and tell HIM the following, "My beloved GOD, JESUS CHRIST, I beg YOU from the bottom of my heart to open my ears50) utterly clogged by Satan and superstition of his Christianity worshipping icons and the dead and having seven heads and ten horns so that I could hear YOUR wonderful and inconceivable Words through YOUR World Messenger Elijah." Amen!

45) Principal theologians or talmudists.
46) Remarkably, the faction takes the Nikonian faith as a heresy; while the Nikonian one ignores it and treats the faction in a friendly manner. Satan covered them with darkness so cunningly!
47) B.H.3-1; Matt.8-22; 1Tim.5-6.
48) Based on the barbarian and inhumane superstition of the 7 councils and 10 kings. B.H.17-2...6; 18-3...24; 19-2; 2-20; 9-21.
49) God in Hebrew is YEHOWAH; in Greek - Kir; in German -Herr; in Polish-Pan; in Russian - Gospodin or Barin.
50) B.H.30-22; 22-17.

Then read this life-giving Book very carefully checking it against the original (Hebrew) Holy Scripture, evaluating it according to knowledge51) and taking into account 1016 religions. To avoid remaining neither hot nor cold to this divine invitation to become immortal, and neither My friend nor My52) enemy I suggest that you listen to the following Words: many schismatics, nikonians and catholics say, "How can we believe YEHOWAH that Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Basil the Great and John Chrysostom53) (golden-mouthed) were satanists and not Yehowists? Will they be thrown into the lake of fire for keeping people from following the B.H. and ordering them to follow their holy scriptures (indulgent of sins and worshiping icons and the dead)? The seven councils were omitted in their B.H.'s; therefore GOD did not show HIS servants all the things that must happen, meaning that HIS servants can fall into delusion, cannot they?" Well, you, schismatic theologian, what can you say? Do you know that Apostle Paul opposed the teaching of other Apostles, and even called the High Apostle Peter a liar and a hypocrite? Gal.2-11...14; Acts 21-20...26?

51) Rom.10-2.
52) B.H.3-15; 22-17.
53) And such sinless preachers herding souls into a chimerical paradise as patriarch Nikon, priest Habakkuk, Symeon of Polotsk, Maxim Rudometkin, Luther M., Zwingli, Lev Tolstoy, Armenian catholicos, popes of the three Romes and similar to them beast-men or two-legged dogs. B.H.22-15.

Out-of-love-for-people admonition

I am YEHOWAH's Light for all nations and tribes54) or the One who invites all people to become physically immortal, to world brotherly love, and to One Faith in HIM for 1000 years, Elijah in Hebrew

So, he who will stop people (especially Jews) from joining me in the last Battle against Satan and satanists in this hour55) of testing, undoubtedly that one will be punished by YEHOWAH; as is known HE punished a lot of people.

54) Is.41-25, 26; 42-6...1; Mal.4-5, 6; B.H.14-6.
55) B.H.3-10.

World Messenger's address to all universities and well-educated people

Well-educated professors and students, observing not only humanity but also innumerablesuns, planets and comets in endless space56), taking into account your intellectual level no doubt you would want to become immortal, and for achieving immortality you will courageously become sincere friends of mine, make gorgeous copies of this GOD-given Book, and start distributing it throughout the world believing Daniel 12-3 firmly that for this help given to YEHOWAH in the last Battle against Satan and satanists HE will not only make you immortal but also as luminous as heavenly stars. To have your name written in the Book of Life57) and get blessing from me you should send me your address including the following: your faith, position, age, and if you know the distance from the Earth to the Sun and Uranus.

My address: Mitau city, Pisarskaya street 15, World Messenger Eliyahu.

56) B.H.20-8.
57) B.H.20-15; Ps.69(68)-26.


NB. B.H. stands for Book from Heaven that YEHOWAH signed personally and sent HIS Angel to deliver it to Earth, in which HE showed HIS servants, only Yehowists, what our Earth will see and what they should do during 2000 years.

Hazon is Hebrew for the B.H.; Apocalypse is Greek; Offenbarung is German; Révélation is French. As HE has revealed these Secrets to HIS servants only, it means that those who cannot understand them are Satan's servants and not YEHOWAH's ones even though they worked great wonders with the NAME of YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST or in the name of a Creator of all innumerable suns, planets and comets or Moazim. Dan.11-38, 36. It is true! Amen.


Hallelujah to you the MORNING STAR and AMEN58), for YOUR life-giving Book and incredible fight against satanic Jews and different barbarians or militarized Christians, who worship icons and the dead, and like Mohammedans pray to emptiness, and Buddhists with characteristics of beasts, who do not believe YOU that YOU are a MAN, namely the EVERLASTING59) GOD and KING of the Immortals, and that YOUR Law is made up of a single word - Love. They mistake different complicated satanic laws herding souls into an unidentified and chimerical paradise in their half bestial and half human religions for YOURS!

This Book has convinced me completely that satanists unwilling to join YOU in the decisive Battle against Satan and satanists60) will not be granted immortality. As YOU said, YOU would be making Yehowists immortal in YOUR 1000 year abundant Kingdom only for their holiness, love for people, and selfless devotion to YOU. Is.65-20.

58) B.H.22-16; 3-14; Hos.6-3; Is.11-1; 65-16. In Hebrew.
59) Like Melchizedek. Heb.7-3; Ps.109(110)-4. Since YEHOWAH means EVERLASTING.
60) B.H.14-12, 13; 20-4.

Essence of the GOD-given Book

1. Jews and Christians are the most vicious and blindest enemies of YEHOWAH.

2. All Yehowists will be forgiven of their sins made before accepting this DIVINE Law, but if s/he makes a sin after accepting the Law that one will be cursed forever. Is. 65-20; B.H. 21-8, 27; 22-15; Heb.10-26, 27.

3. Rejoice, Yehowists or Israelites of the New Covenant, and thank YEHOWAH for forgiving all your sins, and then shudder at somebody's death as a result of breaking HIS Law of the New Covenant, and finally exclaim like this: true are Words of YEHOWAH in HIS B.H. - that is, a satanic dogma or atonement indulgent of sins: "No matter what sins you have made just have a priest61) forgive your sins" was made by Satan in the 10th century62) and not at the dawn of Christianity!"

4. Therefore, the prediction that satanists will be persecuting holy Yehowists63) will come true. You must defeat them with this Divine Truth64) given to the whole world B.H.12-11; 6-11, 9; 14-13, 12. AMEN

61) Or a father, an archbishop, a catholicos, a pope, a pastor, a rabbi, a mufti, a mahdi, through circumcision and cutting off, through drinking syphilis from the golden cup of the world whore – mother of the 666 christian whores. B.H.17-4, 5; 18-3; 19-2; 2-20.
62) See "The origin of Christian rituals" published by the Kiev Ecclesiastical Academy.
63) B.H.13-7; 7-14; 20-4.
64) By distributing this Book throughout the world.