Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth

Second Address by Messenger of YEHOWAH, GOD of Peace and Love1), to this horrible world

He who has not yet turned into a fierce dog2) because of religious or ethnic divisions, and who feels the slightest glimmer of GOD's Love in his heart for all people3) should take the Word of YEHOWAH on faith4) that all kings, nations and tribes are under a delusion, and that woe to all who dwell on the earth and the sea results from various religious and ethnic divisions, which Satan, God of death and hostility, uses for dividing all people. Soon Satan will let out such a true christianity from abyss that will establish its throne in the very same city, where YEHOWAH was Сrucified; it will force all people to bow to its vicious power and for cannon fodder causing a lot of suffering and bloodshed; especially it will kill brutally a lot of people in the Turkish empire, Balkan Peninsula, Jerusalem and in the Caucasus5).

1) 1John 4-16.
2) B.H. 22-15; B.H. stands for Book from Heaven, which YEHOWAH or GOD of the Holy Prophets sent from Heaven to Earth delivered by HIS Angel in 62 A.D. or 11 years before the destruction of Jerusalem. The Apocalypse is Greek for B.H.
3) Love even for animals.
4) If Satan does not let you look at the whole world to make sure that YEHOWAH is right.
5) B.H.11-7, 8; 17-2, 3; 14-20; 16-10; 12-9; Is.60-2; and read God’s Book "Disprover".

So, let me give you advice: If you believe this Message from YEHOWAH given through me, and if you want to be saved from all those disasters and from eternal death6) in the lake of fire you must immediately abandon all divisions7), join YEHOWAH and sparing neither efforts nor resources and even nor your life help HIM disprove all satanic divisions, which cause hostility and death, and invite all people to become immortal, to World Brotherly Love, to One life-giving Religion of Prophets’ brothers and Angels’ friends8) and to HIS Common Temple, which HE will build on new Mount Zion9) in Jerusalem for 1000 years. It's true! Amen.

I am the LIGHT for Nations10) and Salvation for the Jews or Disprover of all satanic divisions11). Elijah in Hebrew Elijah

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7) Even if Angels of Light made them.
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