Inviting all people to become physically immortal
Declaring Universal Theological Truth


Taking Jews from Satan and bringing them back to YEHOWAH again and renaming them as Israelites of the New Covenant and putting a spirit of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends in their hearts according to the prophecies about them in Jer.31:31...40; 23:6; 24:7; Ezek.11:19, 20; Deut.30:6; 10:16; (Jer.4:4); Is.65:15; 62:2; Mal.4:5, 6, 7; B.H.11 and (2:17).

YEHOWAH'S Message to HIS Yehowist fellowship of Prophets' brothers1):

"Liars are those who claim to be Jews! No, they are not Jews, but a crowd of Satan. I will make some of those satanic Jews come and bow at your feet when they learn that I have loved you!" B.H. 3:9; 2:9. That's how YEHOWAH the Victorious says: "The day will come and it will burn like a furnace and will set on fire all those despising you and rebelling against ME like stubble. Before that great and dreadful day2) of MINE, I will send you the prophet Elijah to fill your hearts with devotion and love to ME like those of all your Holy Fathers were; or else I will come and strike you with an eternal curse!" Mal.3:19, 23, 24; (4:1, 5, 6); the translation conveys a true sense of the prophecy and is not a word-for-word translation.

1) A Philadelphian one in Greek; this fellowship beloved by YEHOWAH is located in America.
2) You can read more about this Great Day that will mark the last Battle between YEHOWAH and Satan in Ezek.38:17; 39:8; Hag.2:7; Joel 2:1...11, 26, 27; 3:4, 5...26; B.H.16:16; 19:11...21.

YEHOWAH Commanding HIS Messenger

Son of man, I am sending you to the children of Israel, to a people that abandoned ME, and that has been rebelling against ME like their ancestors to this very day. But these children3), to whom I am sending you, have obstinate heads and stubborn hearts. Say to them that this is what the GOD ADONAI YEHOWAH (and not you) says. Take no notice whether they listen or not to you, for they are the most rebellious people. Be it known to them that a Prophet has been sent to them.

And you, son of man, do not be afraid of them nor their threats4), though they seemed briers and mortal enemies to you and that they would want to sting you like scorpions. Do not be afraid of their threats nor terrified by their fierce faces because they are rebellious to ME, but keep telling them MY Words, though they will not listen to you because they are obstinate. But you, son of man, stick to MY Words and do not rebel against ME like that rebellious offspring!" Ezek.2:3...8; 5:6; 6:9; Is.1:2,5...24; B.H. 2:9; 3:9.

3) Who are now dispersed among all satanic nations and lured with his intricate talmuds for 1880 years.
4) For telling them that they are a crowd of Satan and that all their talmuds and synagogues have been given to them by Satan and not by YEHOWAH.

My message to HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH'S children, whom HE rejected and let Satan disperse them all over the world and convert them to different religions and to his talmudic superstition

Shalom Aleichem, famous Judaic people, accept blessing from the Holiest GOD of your forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, David and all HIS Holy Prophets!

Not only you, dispersed Jews, but also the entire world know that your GOD has been unable to bring you to your senses and turn to HIM starting from your exodus from Egypt up till now with different wonders good for you, nor blandishments, nor terrible riots against you, nor punishments because HIS oldest enemy, or creator of death Satan, lured you with his terrible faith into one God common to all people, whom no one has ever seen and who is invisible5). He took not only you from MANGOD YEHOWAH6) but also a lot of YEHOWAH'S Angels. This time your GOD YEHOWAH made up HIS mind to take you from Satan with HIS most precious gift that you will not get or buy anywhere even for mountains of diamonds, and not with wonders, blandishments nor with punishments. That is, by sending you these two small Books7).

5) That's how Satan says in 1Tim.6:16; John 1:18, and through Jezebel, Ahab's wife, in Prophet Elijah's time. See book 1 and 2 here.
6) Gen.18:1...8; Is.1:14; Lev.26:11 and in Book 1, article IV.
7) These Books were sent to Jewish heads in 1880.

So, get together, beloved brothers Jews around this GOD-given gift (and listen to it), and review it from the perspective of three criteria; that is, each of you should make sure that all things written in these books correspond with:

1 Hebrew Holy Scriptures;
2 Experience or world history; and
3 Common sense.

If it proves to be the same Eternal Truth of the Living GOD that has come out of HIS Holiest Mouth starting from the first Prophet and to HIS two Messengers, who will be killed by the satanic beast from the abyss in the last days in Satan's glorious city allegorically called "Sodom and Egypt8)", then give your sincere and joyous gratitude to GOD of the Holy Prophets YEHOWAH for this unbelievable grace from HIM, and try to show this precious gift or so long awaited joy from HIM to all Jews living in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia, and distribute this book sparing neither your property nor your life. Remember that you should keep your old enemy named Satan from learning about these books. And be sure that once all the dispersed Jews read the Books and become Jews of the New Covenant or Israelites; that is, they will know their HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH and will give HIM all their lives9) only after this will HE bring you back to HIS Israelite promised land and since then HE will not hide HIS Face from you nor leave you even for a short time nor eternally. It is true! Amen!

8) B.H.11:7...9.
9) Even if HE leads you again through a terrible desert and sea. Is.11:15, 16.

Following the Command of my and your GOD, I hug you, kiss you and bless you with the NAME of the HOLIEST GOD YEHOWAH and at the same time declare you sincerely, as it should be done before our GOD, that I'm a sincere friend and invincible fighter for YEHOWAH like the Prophet Elijah fought for HIM in the ancient times.

Ilyn, December 12, 1880, Mitau city.


About the future coming of the Hebrew MESSIAH, the EVERLASTING HEBREW named YEHOWAH or GOD of the Holy Prophets from Mount Zion on the white horse with his army on white horses for protecting HIS Hebrew people from satanic Christians.

Or revealing a great mystery of GOD10) both to modern Jews and to Christians that the HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH was crucified under the NAME JESUS CHRIST11) or the very HEBREW, who had lunch at Abraham's house near the oak, walked and stood with him in the vicinity to Sodom, tested whether Abraham was loyal to HIM, wrestled with Jacob and spoke to Moses face to face and with all the Holy Prophets, made a mistake in choosing Saul as a king, and as a person with a soul12) could not come to the camp of Israelites if they did not bury their feces. Deut. 23:12...4.

10) B.H.10:7; 17:17 and Book 1, article IX.
11) In Hebrew Jew Esa of Nazareth.
12) Is.1:14; Lev.26:11; Am.6:3; Mat.12:8 and in Book 1, IV.

That's how the EVERLASTING Person YEHOWAH says: "On that day13) I will make MY mind to defeat all those gentiles, who will come against Jerusalem14) and against the house15) of David. I will pour out the spirit of grace and blessing16) on the house of David and all inhabitants of Jerusalem; since they will look on ME, whom they pierced, and they shall cry (about what they did to ME and about their mistake) and grieve. There shall be a great mourning in their land17) on that day, as the mourning of Hadad-Rimmon in the valley of Megiddo. And the land shall mourn, every family apart: the family of the house of David apart and their wives apart, the family of the house of Nathan apart18) and their wives apart, the family of the house of Levi apart and their wives apart, the family of the house of Shimei apart; every family apart and their wives apart19). They will repent saying, "HE seemed worthless and undeserving because HE was a man of suffering and acquainted with disease. That is why we all despised and rejected HIM as the most worthless person20). Truly, despite coming in our painful and weak body HE did not open HIS Mouth as a lamb that was led to the slaughter or as a sheep that before its shearers is mute21)."

13) On that Great and horrifying day or Armageddon One.
14) See Ezekiel 38 and 39; B.H.19:11...21.
15) On the tribe or dynasty.
16) To be precise: a spirit of devotion to YEHOWAH.
17) In Palestine.
18) The tribe of David is followed by the one of Nathan, David's son, because YEHOWAH came to this world in human body from the tribe of Nathan and not from the one of Solomon. Luke 3:31.
19) Zach.12:9...14.
20) As a heretic and the one who rebelled against the authorities.
21) Is.53:3, 4, 7.

So, like the Prophet Isaiah, I call on the Heavens and Earth22) to witness that Christians and Jews still do not know their GOD and that HE stretches out HIS Hands to you every day but you keep turning away from HIM, and don't want to abandon Satan! It is true! Amen!23).

22) Deut.32:1; Is.1:2.
23) B.H.22:16; 3:14; Hos.6:3; Is.1:1, 2, 3, 24; 65:1, 2 and Book 1, article X, in Hebrew.

My invitation to Jews to come back to their HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH or to the GOD of the Holy Prophets JESUS CHRIST.

Jewish people chosen by YEHOWAH for never-ending eternity or Holy Children of my GOD YEHOWAH, that's how the GOD of Abraham, Isaak, Jacob and of all Holy Prophets has been addressing you for 2700 years: "Come back to me and I will come back to you; since I stretch out MY Hands to you every day, but you keep turning away from ME!" Is.31:6; 45:22; 65:1; (1:2,3); Ezek.33:11; 18:32; Joel 2:12; Hos.14:2; Jer.3:12 and Zech.1:3.

Now let me ask you a question: why have you been clogging your ears against this good News from your GOD and do not want to come back to HIM, and fall into the embrace of HIS Holiest Hands HE has been stretching out to you every day for so long with sincere love and devotion to HIM? I know you will not be able to give me a convincing answer to this question, then would you please listen reverently to the answer I'll give you instead of you? You've been failing to hear the Invitation to your GOD because YEHOWAH'S old enemy Satan clogged your ears and misled you with his terribly intricate books, talmuds, prayers, rituals and geshafts in his gentile world or in his 666 christianities, with which he lured and overtook a lot of YEHOWAH's Angels24).

24) Through whom he made 666 vicious christianities.

Now it is clear according to knowledge that to abandon Satan and leave peoples or nations hostile to you and come to the Kingdom of your FATHER, KING, MESSIAH or GOD YEHOWAH, you must write these words of YEHOWAH on small pieces of paper, squeeze them in your fists and hit each other on the ears, and I assure you that when pain in your ears disappears then each of you will definitely hear in your mind the following irrefutable Truth that:

1 It is you yourselves who must immediately come back to HIM to HIS country, to HIS eternal house on Zion25), and not YEHOWAH or JESUS CHRIST who must come to you.

2 Before your exodus from the world Babylon or from the Christian Sodom26) you must immediately burn all your books, all synagogue music and all beautiful things in them.

3 Throw away all your gold, silver and money to the last cent as the money that you got from Satan and not from YEHOWAH.

4 Put on rags, go out of your houses decisively and devotedly without anything, even without sticks and head towards Zion27) without looking back at your gentile or satanic property believing Isiah 60 that YEHOWAH will give you HIS own gold, silver and other things for an abundant and peaceful life with HIM28).

25) Zion is located 7 km away from Jerusalem.
26) See more about the Sodom in my hymns or in Book 4.
27) And not to Spain nor to America.
28) See from Ezek.37 to 48 and in Book 1, article about the New Covenant.

5 If you face a terrible obstacle on your way or even die from cold and hunger or from thirst for bitter water, keep moving calmly being ready to go through any suffering and even torturous death with joy. You must not rebel nor threaten your enemies without YEHOWAH's Command.

Think about the Commands, you GOD-chosen people29), that require you to show your desperate striving for the CRUCIFIED HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH and uttermost devotion trusting HIM, or believing HIS promise given through Ezekiel 37 that HE will raise all of you from the dead.

I cannot hide the Truth from you that if you don't make up your mind to selflessly abandon Satan and give all your life or even die for YEHOWAH in view of your deep-rooted stubbornness and satanic egoism30) then scream, mumble, fast, talmudize, sing and buzz with funny music in your gorgeous synagogues for another 2700 years but YEHOWAH will not come to you, and will continue to ignore your prayers to HIM. It is true! Amen.

29) Who don't know their GOD or the ONE who chose you and raised up a nation of you. Is.1:2, 3.
30) Ezek.2:3...8; 3:27; 5:6; 6:9; Is.48:4; B.H.2:9; 3:9.

!תקשיבו תבינו ואל תתנגדו יותר

Listen carefully, try to understand and stop rebelling!

.תחזרו אלי וגס אני אחזור אליכס

Come back to ME and I will come back to you.

Kommt zumir zurück, dann komme ich zu euch.

Halleluiah! Amen.

All the dispersed children of YEHOWAH and my sincere friends for all eternity31), I kiss you and bless you.

I'm the one defeating Satan with CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH's ever-unchangeable Evangel32) in protection of GOD's Israel, Ilyin.

And I'm brother of the Holy Hebrew Prophets and friend of JESUS CHRIST's or YEHOWAH's Angels. B.H.22:9.

31) You will further see that I have made a mistake too in the Jewish friendship with me like YEHOWAH did in the friendship with HIM.
32) With Good News. B.H.14:16.

A new Truth according to knowledge

Superior or the noblest human race, all descendants of Jacob, who is the first-born son of the EVERLASTING Man YEHOWAH33), try to understand my reply to your letter dated July 1834) with reverence.

If you recognized me as the father of your Hebrew religion (or Religion Vater) according to your knowledge, then you should inevitably come to the following truths:

33) Exod.4:22; Sir.36:14 and Book 2, article III.
34) I got the mail from the Alliance, Paris.

1. From now on you should consider Judah as your birth giver and me as your rebirth giver.

2. Up till now you have been called Jews of the old Covenant or "Judaists" after your father, and now you should be proudly called Judaists of the new Covenant or "Ilyinites" after your rebirth giver.

3. You have been called Yehowists after your GOD'S NAME35) revealed to Moses. From now on, you must be called "Jesusites"36) with delight after HIS new NAME37) revealed to me, according to Is.62:2; 65:15; (B.H.2:17).

4. If according to the law the father is the head of his children, then the rebirth giver should be your principle head.

5. If the father should live where a central office of his children is established then their rebirth giver should be there too.

35) Exod.6:1.
36) Gentiles who joined your GOD and especially Christians better and more preferably call themselves Yehowists, and not Jesusites.
37) B.H.22:16, 6, 20.

6. As these 5 irrefutable truths have resulted from human judgment, and as you know from the first book, article 1 that human judgment stands way too far from YEHOWAH's intentions in HIS Fight against HIS old enemy as Heavens from Earth, consequently, before fulfilling these truths you must let one of JESUS' seven Messengers, who was appointed to manage HIS Affairs in Europe38), know about them, and get a reply from him approved by the LAMB HIMSELF or your GOD JESUS.

Re: your being puzzled with the upcoming for you terribly dreadful day39), I should tell you, as the father of your religion, that it is none of our business to learn its purpose, or what will come out of it, or according to your expression: Wofür ist das alles?

38) You probably know that the Angel lives in S...d next to the French border.
39) Jer.30:7, 8, 10, 11; Ezek.38:8; Mal.4:3; Am.8:9; Joel 2:2, 11; Hag.2:7, 8.

But you must fulfil the Commands given by your GOD JESUS through me devotedly and as soon as possible; that is, you (like my older and powerful children) must use all your resources to enlighten as many smaller brothers as possible with the Truth that has been revealed to you40) that they all should know two everlasting men: HEBREW GOD and gentile God, or their GOD under HIS new NAME "JESUS" and God of the gentiles under His new name "Moazim" or "God-spirit". When all the dispersed Jews know these two Gods, then you should send them another two books: Prayer Book and Book from Heaven. Finally, I should tell you, my cordially beloved and reborn children that judging by your words you didn't quite decisively and joyfully put into your hearts the new NAME of your GOD - JESUS. Consequently, you haven't yet completely abandoned HIS enemy Satan41) and deadly talmuds, prayers, sermons and funny theatrical lures in his synagogues. Moreover, you haven't yet started to fulfil the new Commandment of your GOD keeping your ears far from this life-giving Commandment. Don't be angry with me, your rebirth giver, for such a bitter reminder; since I must fulfil GOD'S Will rather than adapt HIS Holy Scriptures in order to please people and the powers that be of the satanic world. So, now you seem to understand that your words about me: "(daba-bdru) ansnbouunb cyux ubyu usb ubasexn sax" sound offensive, humiliating and very bitter to me. For it means that you don't take me, the father of your religion, for your friend but for an egoist42) like you. You're terribly wrong; with that you demonstrate your being deaf to this good Message from GOD43). It is true! Amen.

40) And convert to Yehowists as many gentiles as possible.
41) You didn't even start to abandon him, as it turned out.
42) Or a deceiver and crook.
43) You're unlikely to come to your senses unless stricken with a horrible riot or dark day.

Now that your hearts have turned into stones I, your rebirth giver and Messenger from YEHOWAH, must stop treating you gently as my friends and children but command you insistently that you immediately reply to me44).

Your rebirth giver and the sincerest friend Ilyin.

44) I haven't heard anything from these new children and my friends up till now (for a year), which means that they cannot be taken from Satan even with this evident Truth. So, keep on completing your iniquities, you, degenerates from Israel! See YEHOWAH's Command to HIS Messenger at the beginning of the Book.

My Message to Jews of the New Covenant in Paris

My friends for all eternity and children45) reborn by me, if you had given me that great title not because of idle talk, or to be precise Jewish idle talk, but because you asked your GOD about me: "Our Sweetest GOD YEHOWAH, in truth YOUR Messenger Elijah is the very man about whom you prophesied in Malachi 4:5,6 that YOU'll send him to us46) before the great and dreadful day47) in order to connect our hearts with those of our holy Fathers; that is, make us as cordially faithful and filled with love to YOU like our Fathers were to YOU: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, David, Samuel and all Holy Prophets, so when YOU come to us YOU won't strike all of us with a curse for all eternity48). Since after the Truth revealed to us and to the entire world by Your Messenger we shouldn't be expecting another messenger preaching YOU and YOUR Book from Heaven clearer than YOUR Messenger Elijah, but we should only expect the two Messengers from YOU, who will protect us defeating our enemies with different disasters!" B.H.11:3...13. I hasten to communicate to you the grace that CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH or JESUS has given me; that is, an article entitled "A voice of one crying to this mortal world" that you should attach to the "Invitation to become immortal" and then distribute this unbelievable grace from YEHOWAH as soon as possible: firstly, among all the dispersed Jews who are experiencing the coming of the dreadful day49); secondly, among all people made in HIS Image50), whom Satan has also overtaken and arranges for them to be exterminated with superstition and death like you. It is true that our HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH is the GOD of Mercy and Sun of Truth, and for this reason HE grieves about people made in HIS Image and dying, and wants all of them to know HIM, abandon Satan and join YEHOWAH's fellowship, and become as immortal as Adam and Eve were before they left YEHOWAH and joined Satan51). Besides this I want to remind you that you must not look down on those gentiles who became brothers of your Holy Prophets and friends of YEHOWAH's Angels because HE'll give them a much more significant reward as compared to yours; that is, HE takes Yehowists, who have overcome Satan and all his religions, straight to HIS Heavenly tabernacle52) or for eternal life to HIS Heavenly Throne. Overcomers from Laodicea are invited to sit with HIM on HIS Throne while Jews or Israelites as a whole will be taken to HIS Earthly Kingdom only for 1000 years. Even though HE'll make you long living however not immortal, and HE'll exterminate sinners among you utterly and for all. Try to understand, my children, MANGOD's wonderful Plan for ruling the world and start learning this good and unbelievable revelations from HIM day and night, and not satanic talmuds53). At the same time focus all your resources and effort54) solely on inviting people from all nations and tribes55) to the GOD KING of Kings YEHOWAH as soon as possible. Open wide your hearts to me and stop avoiding me56); since, if YEHOWAH decided to choose me from the gentiles57) for HIS great Mission and for declaring HIS Eternal Truth through me not only to you but to the whole world, so what makes you rebel against HIS Will about me and voice your dislike about sending you (a prophet) an enlightener from gentiles, and not from Jewish Zadokites!

45) Don't forget that you recognized me as the father of your religion.
46) From the North. See newspaper "Razsvet", 1881, #36, page 15, 26.
47) Before the riot against you in Russia.
48) It seems to me that all wealthy Jews and talmudists will be rejected for all eternity and only poor Jews, who graduated from gentile colleges or universities, will be saved while millionaires won't leave Satan; since they have paradise in every place without Jerusalem.
49) The day will last for 7 years.
50) Gen.9:6.
51) Try to listen to these unbelievable words at least for half an hour. Oh my GOD, open Jews their ears! Since they are YOUR children. Was it YOUR will to let them do it on this planet?
52) To the very tented roof, which was temporarily installed for HIM on Mount Sinai.
53) Not even Torah.
54) That is, all your gold worth many millions defrauded from gentiles. Think about it, can the feedback of the English given about you in Son of Motherland, 1882, 136 England, make YEHOWAH, who loves people, happy?
55) Hey, my elder children Rothschilds, YEHOWAH will punish you severely if you don't follow these Commands from HIM. Out of my love for you I want to warn you against this death.
56) There is no point in cheating me because these are not my Works but your and my GOD YEHOWAH'S. So, for being insincere to me you'll die a more terrible death than those 102 Israelites, who were punished for offending Elijah.
57) Be it known to you that I'm a descendant of the Prophet Elijah by my mother.

Don't you believe that our human desires, intentions and plans stand way too far from those of YEHOWAH as Heaven from Earth in this fight against Satan? Come to your senses so that you won't die like Dathan and Abiram!

Do you hear what YEHOWAH says about Jews: In order to avoid striking you with abandoning (or curse)" for all eternity when I come to you; since I can make Israelites of the new Covenant from stones". Recall that he spoke with Moses about all your ancestors when HE also wanted to exterminate them all and raise up new ones of Moses.

Blanch and tremble, my children, with these Words of your GOD! Leave all you have and get only to HIS Works! Arm yourselves with HIS new weapon and follow HIM for the last and decisive58) battle against Satan. That is, wake up from this prolonged delusion with satanic talmuds and synagogues!

Wake up, my cordial friends and children! Give all your life to YEHOWAH or JESUS and labor day and night doing only HIS Works59) and start fulfilling the new Commandment given by HIM and be sure that HE'll reward you with as much the same crown of immortality as HIS faithful friends from gentiles. It is true! Amen.

58) The strongest side will win, won't it?
59) B.H.2:26, 10.

I command you in the NAME of YEHOWAH fall on your faces before the New NAME of your GOD - JESUS after reading this letter, and exclaim loudly Hallelujah to HIM and give HIM Honor, Glory and Gratitude for HIS life-giving revelation to you; send me60) all your names as soon as possible with kiss from those, who abandoned Satan and satanic Jewish crowds, and joined me in my squad of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends or fearless fighters for YEHOWAH and these Commands. Hallelujah! Amen. Your sincere friend Ilyin.

60) With a courier and not by mail.

My Message to Jews of the Covenant in Paris

My cordially beloved children reborn by me with consent of the Holiest HEBEW GOD YEHOWAH or CRUCIFIED GOD of all Holy Prophets JESUS B.H.22:6, 16; 1:17,18, I proved to you with the most precious gift from your GOD YEHOWAH sent through me and in my letters that you didn't make a mistake having recognized me as the father of your religion (Religion Vater) and that I'm the very man about whom YEHOWAH prophesied in Mal. 4:5,6. At the same time I have declared you HIS Commands if you Jews, dispersed and abandoned (for 2000 years) by YEHOWAH in HIS final and the fiercest Fight against Satan, do not abandon Satan; that is, if you don't burn all your satanic talmuds, books, prayers and don't destroy all your terribly fascinating things in synagogues or your satanic superstition with music, singing nonsense, or if you don't change into HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH's or JESUS' Blessed people of the new Covenant, HE will exterminate you utterly for all eternity rather than strike you by extending your dispersion among satanic nations. HE will establish HIS Divine Israelite Kingdom in Palestine on those 10 Israelite tribes hidden in Arsareth and especially on 144,000 Immortal Israelites and on those people, whom you take as renegades from your talmudic faith, or as heretics and godless people61). Today YEHOWAH let me know that despite considering HIS current Good News given through me to be good and life-giving Truth, still you haven't put it fully to your dead hearts (or hearts of stone); that is, you haven't yet got rid of satanic enticements with amusingly funny superstition62). You haven't quite recognized CRUCIFIED JESUS (YESHUA) as the very HEBREW GOD, who had lunch at Abraham's house, wrestled with Jacob and as a person talked to Moses and to all your Holy Fathers, and that you keep getting together in synagogues for amusement and casting your sins into the water starting from the new year wanting to avoid riots raised against you by YEHOWAH63) with fasts and mumbling nonsense instead of following YEHOWAH's Command not to sin and to exactly follow HIS New Commandment64); that is, write the words Liberte, Fraternite, Egalite on your hearts of the new Covenant, and not on your 4 synagogues only65).

61) All Jews educated with gentile sciences at universities and colleges.
62) According to fair comments of gentiles: "With Jewish nonsense."
63) I wonder if my elder and educated (but probably not enlightened) son Rothschild (James) heard the life-giving and comprehensible Truth if he also spent all day long in the synagogue (as juedea netive) without food casting his sins, and not his gold to water and mumbling some satanic nonsense.
64) Freedom, fraternity and equality.
65) As these inscriptions are written in French and not in Hebrew I suppose that you did it solely to mislead the French with their verbiage.

So, after showing your opposition to YEHOWAH and even after getting this precious gift from HIM, what shall I think about you? When will you start to exactly follow all the pleasant Commands given by HIM?

How long shall I wait for you to hug me more tightly than your natural farther?

Try to be judicious, otherwise I'll have to turn away from you according to YEHOWAH's Command (voiced) in HIS B.H.2:9; 3:9; and in no case shall I share with you HIS Book from Heaven with my notes nor send you any Revelations from HIS Plan for ruling the world.

Hey, my reborn children! Don't put out the light that shone to you from the North but keep spreading it faster and as many as possible! Get rid of your (Jewish) mortal human nature and become immortal people like Adam and Eve were before they abandoned YEHOWAH!

Is a pile of gold with miraculously musical synagogues and long and abundant life in Palestine more important to you than immortality? Are you that deaf that you can't guess that if you get to Palestine, or even to the paradise on the Moon, you'll be hated and persecuted even there without YEHOWAH?

I wish you could know how selflessly and devotedly and with borderless love to YEHOWAH many gentiles join HIS Fellowship of Prophets' brothers and Angels' friends (or Fraternite). Even though you're unlikely to surpass them out of jealousy I advise that you at least catch them up in their pursuit of immortality, and not to Palestine. I also advice that you think carefully about the last line through the Prophet Malachi.

Pay your wise attention to me, and to speed up your salvation from death don't take too long with your answer to me to this letter!

I also should tell you that the helper S. given to me by YEHOWAH for passing this pleasant Evangel66) to YEHOWAH-rejected Jews, doesn't dare to kiss me without your permission, nor give Gratitude and Glory to YEHOWAH with me without your permission for this life-giving Truth given by YEHOWAH through me. Of course, he doesn't dare to spread GOD's Truth among his subordinate brothers67) in view of Jewish attitude.

66) Don't frown on this word because it means YEHOWAH'S Good News.
67) Not yet Fraternite nor Egalite. Jer.31:31.

So, you like elder or like proponents of the satanic attitude will be held responsible before YEHOWAH for death of your smaller brothers68), who trust you more than YEHOWAH. That is, you'll be responsible for taking the key to the eternal Evangelical Truth that you don't take yourself, nor you let others open it. It has been like that among Jews throughout all times. And this attitude has destroyed you.

68) And for the current riot against them; since they could have avoided the disaster if you had listened to YEHOWAH and sent Russian gentiles and Jews these conciliatory Messages from HIM.

Why do you frown and not rejoice that I dared to tell you GOD's Truth so fearlessly and sharply even for millionaires since I must follow YEHOWAH's Command despite evil done to me by HIS enemies as it was shown at the beginning of this Book.

Oh! I wish I could bring you back to YEHOWAH!

Hey, my dear children tell me that you've recognized me as the father of your Sinai Religion out of sincere and irrefutable persuasion and then we'll kiss each other with sincere, brotherly love of YEHOWAH, equality, cordial and inseparable friendship and start exclaiming to him Hallelujah together! And falling down on our faces before HIM glorify HIM everywhere according to the commands in my Book of Hymns. Be sensible in what you started and try to finish it with commitment and devotion. Otherwise you'd have better remained unaware of this GOD's Will than disobey HIS Will after learning it. It is true! It is clear even to a savage!

So, I'm looking forward to getting your reply, but now it is like that. Peace be with you, and as Prophets' brother and Angels' friend I give you my CHRIST's blessing and my brotherly kiss. Hallelujah to CHRUCIFIED HEBREW GOD JESUS CHRIST or YEHOWAH! Amen.

I'm the disprover of all 666 christianities and satanic judaism in the Glory of CHRUCIFIED YEHOWAH and in protection of HIS first-born son Israel and your rebirth giver, Elijah.

My Message to senior Schaefer

The highest duke or president, excuse me that I dared to call you by an official title and not as my cordial son as it should be according to GOD's Truth that you know. The reason is that you didn't approve the decision to recognize me as "Father of the Israelite Religion" with your signature, or didn't approve the name "Chosid Nahum" that your board had given me on July 18, 1881. It is not that important. What is really important is that your board, to which all those GOD's Commands have been given, hasn't yet started fulfilling them. Your indifference to YEHOWAH'S Works that are good not only for Jewish people but also for the entire mortal world led me to think that you didn't quite understand HIS Battle Plan that HE is going to use in order to utterly defeat HIS old enemy Satan. For this reason, I should explain this Plan of GOD to you more clearly keeping it as short as possible.

So, I command you, senior President, with the Holiest NAME of my and your GOD YEHOWAH that you immediately do the following:

1. Declare the following secret of the Hebrew GOD in the presence of all members of the board, and other Jews and Yehowists committed to GOD's Works through a sensible translator:

At the end of 6000-year fight between two Everlasting and Immortal Men of equal strength or between the HEBREW GOD and Pagan God, various disagreements, philosophical and theological systems, sermons, sects and talmuds and different secret communities, alliances between kings, riots, disorders, revolts, wars and terrible physical disasters69), high prices on all and exorbitant taxes will occur throughout all countries and nations that believe in one unknown and invisible God the Creator of all. The entire satanic world will find itself perplexed70); that is, no one will know whom to join and what to do, where to find the saving truth in that chaos? YEHOWAH calls this event World Testing Hour71) in the Book from Heaven and covering all nations with darkness in Is. 60:2. At that time the HEBREW GOD or CRUCIFIED GOD of the Holy Prophets JESUS decided to reveal HIS Universal and Life-giving Truth first to Jews out of mercy to all HIS human images72) and deceived by Satan, and Jews must use all their resources and property to spread the Truth among all nations and tribes secretly from Satan.

69) Finally, voices will come out from stones and trees will bleed.
70) Satan himself will fall into thinking.
71) B.H.3:10; 2:22, 23; 6:15...17; 12:12; 16:10...15, 18...21.
72) Gen.9:6.

2. Fall down on your faces before this star

Yehowah is Jesus

And exclaim with delight: GOD of our Holy Prophets JESUS or God of Israel YEHOWAH falling down on our faces before your Holiest NAME we thank YOU with our sincere love to YOU for YOUR good REVELATION, and we promise to spread YOUR Mercy and Life-giving Truth both among Jews and among all gentiles! It is true! Amen.

3. Mister president, then burn fragrant incense on this Holiest NAME on the star.

Yehowah or Jesus - God of gentiles and Jews

4. Now please be seated and listen to further Commands from YEHOWAH with great reverence. In the NAME of CRUCIFIED GOD of the Holy Prophets YEHOWAH, I as HIS Messenger, command that you, leaders of the dispersed Judaic people, do the following:

5. Let the translator read the three books attached in here in the presence of all members of the board in a corresponding order.

6. Read the books seven times, and not once; consequently, that should take a few days.

7. After reading the books, thank YEHOWAH with great delight exclaiming HURRAH, VIVAT! HOSANNAH! And HALLELUAH to YOU our Sweetest GOD YEHOWAH for your mercy to Jews and to all people.

Then each of you hold the star tight to your hearts and kiss the words: YEHOWAH, JESUS, MESSIAH and HEILAND hard three times. After this, congratulate each other on this great DIVINE grace and kiss like friends and then each of you turn in the direction of Mitau city and send me your brotherly air kiss.

8. Once the celebration is over, you must print out and translate these Books as soon as possible into all languages and send numerous copies to all countries and nations73), firstly to all Jews and then command them that they hand out them to gentiles and predominantly to their biblical fellowships; since those fellowships have huge funds, and therefore can help YEHOWAH by sending this Invitation to people to become immortal instead of their bibles.

9. As these DIVINE Works require a lot of funds then invite all Rothschilds and similar wealthy people74) to sacrifice millions to support the great mission for spreading this unbelievably Good News from GOD among all people.

73) Especially to America.
74) Especially American ones.

10. If the vicious spirit of mammon and stingy death rebel against the Command from the GOD of Israel, and they would want to spread HIS Mercy among Jews only, and not among all people, then tell them on behalf of me that they will die with all their gold and mammon like Dathan and Abiram, who rebelled against YEHOWAH in the ancient times.

11. If my message to you brings you to your senses and you'll abandon Satan in all ways and submit to CRUCIFIED YEHOWAH and start fulfilling HIS Works and Commands in the Book from Heaven with joy and enthusiasm, then you'll inevitably come to conclusion that you must put your souls and hearts together with my soul and heart as with your rebirth giver. Therefore, you must fulfil GOD'S Commandment for treating parents; that is, love me and take care of me, in other words, give me more care than to your natural father75).

12. To prove that you made one heart and one soul with me following GOD's Will, you must send me76) a faithful friend of yours who knew YEHOWAH and abandoned the satanic and talmudic Jewry.

75) For this reason, let me tell you, my children, that gentiles abandoned me and I've been going through hard times for 2 months.
76) If you don't feel like taking me with you to Paris.

NB. If you don't reply to my message, then I'll take it as a sign that no Truth from HIM, any riots nor disasters can bring you back to your GOD YEHOWAH. HE'll have to strike you with complete extermination from HIS nation for all eternity crying over you as it was proved to you in these books. I want to encourage you one more time, my beloved children Jews, to strive for immortality from YEHOWAH for all eternity, and not to a Palestinian paradise on Earth that you could enjoy for 1000 years and then disappear. Since bodily eternal life is much more precious than any pleasures on all suns and planets. HE gives the life only to those who will abandon Satan and all his religions and crowds and will renounce all pleasures, amusements, enticements, wealth and honors of satanic people, and who will join YEHOWAH'S fellowship of Angels' friends and Prophets' brothers or Israelites of the new Covenant will love every brother of YEHOWAH as s/he loves himself and will take only CRUCIFIED HEBREW GOD YEHOWAH77) as his GOD and SAVIOR (That is, MESSIAH or as CHRIST), and follow Commands and Works only of this GOD and take different people from Satan and bring them to YEHOWAH selflessly or being ready to die a torturous death.

77 See Book 1, VII-10 and here on the star for more proof that only YEHOWAH is our GOD.

Understand this will of the Living GOD or GOD of Immortality, Unity, Equality, Peace and Love, my children, that HE will appear only to such children again in Person and will lead you out of the mortal Babylon again along the path of suffering like HE led your ancestors out of the Egyptian despotism78).

I call on Heavens and Earth to witness that if you don't fulfil these Commands from HIM, then you'll die and you won't reach Palestine, and only your children will reach it, like all those who left Egypt died in the desert, and even HIS friend Moses didn't enter Palestine79). It is true! Amen.

78) Is.11:11...16 and 12.
79) Even if you happen to reach it without your GOD YEHOWAH, death will inevitably find you there; since HIS faithful servants Arabs will do away with all of you.

As Prophets' brother and Angels' friend I'm sending each of you my blessing from the bottom of my heart and soul and hoping to see you with joy.

Your rebirth giver and friend Elijah.

My message to every Jew

Wake up faster every Jew! Open your eyes closed by Satan without waiting for your Alliance to open them for you. Since I assure you that this satanic crowd consisting of wealthy and ignorant people is unwakeable for all eternity, so YEHOWAH is right saying that it is difficult for a wealthy person to enter HIS equal and non-talmudic Israelite Kingdom of the new Covenant!

Message to educated Jews

Wake yourself up, every Jew, educated with the Universal Wisdom! Open your eyes closed by Satan with satanic theologies without waiting for your Alliance or your rabbi to open them for you; Since I assure you like Holy Nahum Ish Ham Zuh that this satanic crowd consisting of wealthy and ignorant people is unwakeable for all eternity, so YEHOWAH is right saying about them that it is difficult for a wealthy person to enter HIS equal and non-talmudic Israelite Kingdom of the new Covenant.

He who has ears to hear, listen to these words very carefully!